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Letter To Editor

Spreading extremism in Pakistan

Ganhly Khan

Letter to Editor

Sir, Security forces of Pakistan have failed to eliminate terrorism in the country. The terrorists have gained superiority over security forces. They can hit anywhere at time of their choosing. Government has no writ in Tribal Areas which have attained status of no go area for citizens of Pakistan. Army deployed their have no clear mission. The area is ruled by Talibans. Our rulers are busy in making money. Politicians struggle to get share in government to promote their own interests. Religious leaders act as contractor of Islam and interpret teaching of Islam in a way that suit their personal interest. Establishment is busy to misappropriate funds and fleece poor public. At district level, government officers and their staff pounce on the weak to suck their blood. In mosques every sermon on Friday is ended with blaming rulers as agents of US. They openly show support and sympathies with Taliban. A propaganda campaign is going on against armed forces to lower troops morale. It appears forces responsible for maintenance of peace have knelt down before Taliban. No one can dear to raise voice against their brutal acts. Terrorists live and hide among the people but no one have courage to point out their presence. Police hesitate to arrest them. If police challan them the courts acquit them. They have free hand to take on any one. They have no respect for life. When they give threat to anyone that is taken as final word. No one is safe from them. Under such situation they are going to succeed in their mission. Our present government set up is completely confused and it has no plan to deal with terrorism menace. They in their meetings continue to reiterate their commitment and renew their pledge to kill terrorists on all costs. Practically, the time has shown they have no capability to do so. Can some one give some workable solution? Condemnation of brutal attack on Malala and other girl students must be followed to some practical steps to deal with wide spread terrorism to save the country.

Gangly Khan


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