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Letter To Editor

Abortion education

Clemente Ferrer

The most expensive program of sex education for young people was applied in Scotland. It was dedicated to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and the increasing surgical abortions. However, after five years, it did not provide better results than the “conventional” programs of instruction. The experiment was applied to young girls of fifteen years and the rates of teenage pregnancy did not reduce. Its executives "admitted the failure", according to the London Telegraph rotary.

The sex education method called “sexual health and safe, happy and responsible relationship” consisted on the initiation of young boys in the use of condoms and the way how young girls arrive to the sexual health center.

After five years, the research results were disastrous. A fifth part of girls that was members of the program had been pregnant and one in every ten had requested surgical termination of pregnancy.

Clemente Ferrer

- Clement Ferrer Roselló, PhD in Information Sciences President of the European Institute of Marketing.