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Letter To Editor

Respected Veteran Colonel M S Krishnamoorthy

Hem Raj Jain

Jai Hind

Kindly refer to your forwarded letter to me of December, 3 in which you very graciously complimented me and had spoken kind words for me to Col. Thakur Singh and Col. Dewan Satish. In this letter your goodness also mentioned that – “[I will call up Hem Raj Jain tomorrow. I have his numbers. You know that at age 93 plus I can be very useful in spite of my age. You want a Chanakya, who is highly religious and devoted to righteous conduct - Chandra Gupta Maurya combine .You want a Krishna (the philosopher guide of warrior king Arjuna in Mahabharat). You may be surprised at this coming from one who is working on the Book ‘RAMAYANA ITS RELEVANCE IN THE 21st CENTURY’. I wish I had been told about this earlier. I would have liked to be a founder member]”.

Also kindly refer to my previous two letters first of December, 8 with subject [“Veteran's NGO for also solving problems of Kashmiri Pundits”] and second of December, 10 with subject [“ReRe: Veteran's NGO for also solving problems of Kashmiri Pundits”]. After writing these two letters any Indian would expect that all the Veterans will come on one platform of ‘Human Rights NGO’ the ‘Veterans Of India’ (HRNGO-VOI) and these Veterans will mobilize Displaced Kashmiri Pundits (DKP) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and will solve the problem of DKP once and for all, by about five hundred thousand members of VOI taking 5,00,000 DKP and 5,00,000 volunteers of VHP (who both will be part of VOI) to Kashmir valley in order to rehabilitate these 5,00,000 DKP (who fled the valley due to terrorism).

Unfortunately the Veterans have not shown any interest for coming on one platform of ‘HRNGO-VOI’ which may be due to:-

(1)- Number of political parties and NGOs already in existence started by some Veterans hence all the Veterans are finding it little difficult to even temporarily forget about these political parties & NGOs and to come on one platform of HRNGO-VOI.

(2)- The Veterans do not seem to realize that this Mission-DKP of VOI will not only go a long way in eradicating terrorism from India but it will also make these Veterans immortal in the annals of the history of Independent India due to this exemplary patriotic service rendered, which will have laudable tremendous national and international ramifications.

(3)- Veterans also do not seem to understand that the activities by Veterans of any other NGO or of political party will put them at the level of so many other political parties and NGO lead by ordinary people and this does not behoove the martial element of India.

(4)- All the younger Veterans may not be having that zeal and sense of mission to work for the betterment of India (as far its security is concerned) what your goodness have even at your 93 years of age.

Therefore I request your goodness to kindly take the lead and to accept the ‘Founder Presidency’ of HRNGO-VOI (and not merely a founder member) and to kindly do the following:-

(i)- Through your other Veteran friends, the ‘Founding Executive Team of VOI’ (FET-VOI) - your goodness may call the meeting, at the earliest, of all the Veterans (the main members of VOI along with other members from DKP and VHP) at Delhi (NCR) for its 'General Body Meeting' to formally launch VOI.

(ii)- Before this ‘General Body Meeting’ your goodness may ask FET-VOI to contact the office bearers of Organizations of DKP (Kashmiri Samiti at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, etc) and of VHP at Delhi before calling this General Body Meeting for launching VOI.

(iii)- Before this ‘General Body Meeting’ your goodness may ask FET-VOI to contact also the well meaning people and their leaders in Kashmir Valley. As your goodness knows that these VOI members and VHP volunteers are merely for the satisfaction of DKP who will be rehabilitated in Kashmir valley but we are banking mainly on the majority of Muslim Kashmiris who want or rather pining to live peacefully and in harmony with their age old neighbors, the Kashmiri Pundits.

If your goodness thinks that I may be of some assistance to your goodness in this matter then kindly let me know, I can immediately come to Delhi (NCR).

I am also thinking to author your biography with title ‘Always a Warrior’ in which the last chapter will be the most illustrious narrating your ‘Founder Presidency’ of HRNGO-VOI in the ‘war against terrorism’. I also request your goodness to kindly grant me the permission to author your biography.


Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Richfield, Minnesota