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US Christianity should mobilize American for civilized Gum Laws

Hem Raj Jain


The Editor

Sub:- US Christianity should mobilize Americans for civilized Gun Laws

Ref:- (i)- It will be another great service of Christianity to entire mankind

(ii)- Partisan White House & Congress on their own will not reach at any worthwhile legislation

(iii)- Every adult citizen should be entitled to have licensed gun.

(iv)- Civilians (including Police) should be allowed to use only non lethal tranquilizing rubber bullets.

(v)- These non lethal bullets will also stop smuggling of lethal bullets from Army & Police to the people.

(vi)- Christianity which ushered mankind in other revolution, can do this also.

Dear Sir

It is hoped that in this Christmas period, the US Christianity will devote some time and energy on this worldly matters too in addition to other worldly matters and will spent some of its efforts in mobilizing the Americans (with overwhelming majority of Christians) for constraining the politicians of USA (including in White House and Congress) in enacting proper legislation, as given below, so that the horrible tragedies caused by repeated shoot-outs (latest in a school at Newton, Connecticut after recent in a Gurudwara at Milwaukee, Wisconsin and in a theater at Aurora, Colorado ) which have created unprecedented scare amongst the families of the Americans :-

(1)- First and foremost it needs to be understood that it is highly uncivilized to expect the civilians (including Police) to use the lethal bullets in this age (known for the concerns about human rights).

(2)- Lethal bullets should be allowed only to armed forces and para military forces (like Border Security Forces) who will be strictly ordered to use these lethal bullets on the armed forces of other countries.

(3)- Even civilians of other countries who infiltrate in USA from Mexico etc should also be dealt with non lethal bullets

(4)- These non lethal bullets can be of rubber with chemicals on a needle which will make the shot-person unconscious so that he / she can be handed over to nearest Police Station / Police Officer, so that law can take its own and further course.

(5)- Of-course after introducing non lethal bullets for civilians (including Police) every adult citizen should be entitled to have licensed gun. Because how so ever best may be the law & order situation in the country but there is nothing better a security to the citizens especially to the vulnerable citizens (like women, senior citizens, handicapped etc) than a gun with them for self-defense.

(6)- Rest of the world especially developing countries (including India, the largest democracy of the world) follow most of the practices in USA. Therefore these non - lethal tranquilizing rubber bullets to civilians (including Police) will go a long way in reducing gory violence and gun killing all over the world.

(7)- As it happens in India too, the lethal bullets to civilians are the cause of huge amount of smuggling of lethal bullets from Army & Police to the people all across the world. Therefore these non lethal bullets will also stop smuggling of lethal bullets from Army & Police to the people.

(8)- Therefore in view of the immense transformation of mankind these non lethal bullets will bring-about in the interest of the human rights world over, it is hoped that the US Christianity will take it with the missionary zeal.

(9)- The Christian Western world has brought immensely commendable transformation in the humanity by way of present form of democracy (with universal adult franchise) which has emancipated the women unprecedentedly with welcome changes in the family life of democratic counties (with equal education and professional life to the women too). Hence Christianity is quite capable to bring-about this transformation too, of non - lethal bullets to civilians (including Police) which will go a long way in bringing peace and happiness to the families all over the world.

It is hoped that in this Christmas period the US Christianity will resort to said Missionary spirit. Amen !

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Richfield, Minnesota

Presently at Bangaluru, India


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