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Pakistan Waiting for ‘Veterans of India” in Kashmir

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Sir or Madam:

In response to my previous letter with subject line – “Pakistan waiting for ‘Veterans of India’ in Kashmir” quoting (, I have received the following response (assessment) from Veteran Subash Verma (

I think that these questions of an Indian Veteran may interest others too, hence I am hereby sending my response to Sh. Verma’s reply, to your goodness also :-

(1)- Sh. Verma’s Assessment :- “[I have a feeling that you have over-estimated the capability of Veterans]”.

My Response:- I have not at all over-estimated the capabilities of Veterans especially when they will be assisted by younger members of VOI in field activities.

(2)- Assess – “[You cannot even get 1000 together and you are talking about 500,000. Which age group are you looking at? The people below 65 have their families to be sorted out. The people over 65 have too many medical problems to go on such an adventure]”.

Resp – (A)- As I mentioned in the Constitution of ‘Human Rights NGO’ the ‘Veterans of India’ (VOI), which will be registered under Society Act and also at NHRC as ‘Core Group of NGOs’

“[Article (3)- OBJECTIVES:-

(i)- The main objective of VOI is to provide a ‘Human Rights NGO’ through the patriotic people of India (the Veterans) so that VOI can help the Indians suffering from Human Rights violations all over the country.

(ii)- In order to redress the largest violation of human rights in the history of independent India, VOI shall with the help of Indian State (including Governments of India and J&K) , rehabilitate in J&K and especially in Kashmir Valley, the hundreds of thousands of Displaced Kashmiri Pundits (DKP) who were displaced from their native land due to terrorism and

(iii)- While rehabilitating these DKP, VOI with the help of Indian State (including Governments of India and J&K), will restore the lost properties (evacuee & distress sale) of these DKP to them back in addition to getting all the possible help from these Governments in the interests of the rehabilitation of DKP.

Article (4)- MEMBERSHIP:-

(i)- Any Indian citizen male or female retired member of Armed – Forces & para-Military Forces can become member of VOI.

(ii)- Any Indian citizen (only one adult male or female) close family member or close relative or close friend of one serving member of Armed-Forces & para-Military Forces can become member of VOI.

Provided :- who is the close family member or close relative or close friend of serving member of Armed-Forces & para-Military Forces shall be decided exclusively by National Executive.

(iii)- Any civilian Indian citizen (adult male or female) can also become, member of VOI provided their numbers do no exceed one third of total members at Local Level.

Provided :- In J&K, till all the DKP are rehabilitated, this civilian membership may be even 100 %.

(iv)- Every member shall be registered at some Local Level and shall sign in the register kept for this purpose at respective Local Level once a month. Otherwise his / her membership shall be terminated.

Provided :- The member can sign in the register of some other Local Level if he / she out of station due to any reason.

(v)- Every member shall pay membership fee of Rs 10 /- per month irrespective of his voting rights. Otherwise his / her membership shall be terminated.

Article (5)- ACTIVE MEMBERS :-

(i)- Every Local Level shall have active members and their names shall be maintained in a separate register at District Level

(ii)- Active membership shall be taken by filling-up the prescribed Form in which undertaking shall be given that being active member he / she will actively participate in all the political programs of VOI like agitations, demonstrations, public meetings, dharnas, Jail-Bharo etc.

(iii)- Any member from rest of India going in J&K for helping DKP to rehabilitate and any DKP shall be considered active member.

(iv)- Active member shall have two votes as voting right]”

(B)- From above mentioned it is clear that the VOI is basically a HRNGO with restricted membership of the martial element of India where Veterans shall be there to impart their knowledge and wisdom. But other younger members of VOI shall be there to take care of most of the field activities of VOI under guidance of Veterans.

(3)- Assess – “[As far as I can remember, displaced Kashmiris (though sad) are not a priority for the veteran community. What is the benefit for the poor Veterans who are on Pension? What is the motivation for them? ]”.

Resp- The DKP should be the top most priority for the martial element of India (including its Veterans) in view of given below as I mentioned earlier too:-

(i)- India has lost its martial tradition long back. Despite 2 million Indians (including combat element) who participated in World War I & II each, the martial element of India could not raise guns against Britishers for Independence of India

(ii)- Because Independence was achieved through civilian means hence communal elements (civilians) could partition India and in independent India civilians became dominant.

(iii)- Martial element could not get or rather were not allowed by the civilian rulers to get the territory of Kashmir back from Pakistan militarily (though Pakistan tried it in 1947, 1965, 1971during Kargil war and through proxy war) therefore again martial element did not get the respect of Indians.

(iv)- The case of 1962 war does not need any further elaboration that how it damaged the reputation of martial element of India (though main culprit was civilian government).

(v)- The reputation of martial element has not been retrieved fully despite 1971, which technically was an intervention of India in the civil war of Pakistan [here it is pertinent to add that Indian civilian (communal) leadership did not assimilate Bangladesh in India, though the two nation theory (responsible for India’s partition) collapsed in 1971].

(vi)- Similarly Kargil war also can not be termed as war in the proper sense of the term as India was not fighting the might of Pakistan martial establishment the Air Force, Navy and Military (with Tanks etc)

(vii)- In a nut shell presently martial element of India does not command great respect in India.

(viii)- The problem of DKP is mainly due to infiltration from Pakistan hence it is exclusively a failure of military and para – military forces of India.

(ix)- Therefore martial element of India is under obligation to solve the problem of DKP not only for earning the respect of Indians but also to correct the said derelictions of the martial elements related to infiltration.

(x)- Moreover it is not an overstatement that the martial element should do some thing spectacular (like solving the problems of DKP) to even deserve their pensions.


Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Richfield, Minnesota

Presently at Maya Indraprasth, J P Nagar, India