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AIDS Scourge

Clement Ferrer

Edward Green, one of the scientists dedicated to the analysis of AIDS and head of prevention of this disease at Harvard University, said that condoms would "aggravate the problem" in Africa. He evoked that when Aids pandemic pounced on the African continent, the "condom industry" began to use the contagion to make a maneuver of marketing and get more subsidies for the production and delivery of condoms. The business of death had come. The World Health Organization claims that "Condom reduces, but does not eliminate the risk of contracting AIDS. Only abstinence and fidelity between sexual uninfected partners assure it. Countries with the most number of condoms have had the greatest number of AIDS infections.

Clement Ferrer

Independent Forum of Opinion, Spain

Clement Ferrer is PhD in Information Sciences President of the European Institute of Marketing.

MADRID ( Spain )


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