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Stop Shia "Zaireen" killing in Quetta

Ashfaq Sharif

I totally condemn, regret and dis-appointment to heard news regarding 20 Shia's Zaireen Pilgrims were Shaheed and more than 25 other injured by remote control bomb planted in car by TRUE Yazedi followers are Taliban and likeminded people. Which Islam Talban want to introduce in which frequent killing of innocents of human beings from Shia and Sunni sect by conducting target killing, bomb blast and suicide bomb attack which Islam you Talban want to introduce?

But Islam is religion of peace and care all human being life no matter belongs to any sect or race, the famous quote by our Prophet Mohd PUBH " FROM ONE MUSLIM HAND & TONGUE ANOTHER HIS SAFED". But justify where is Talban stand and did they follow the true Islam and Prophet Mohd (PUBH ) teaching?

What problem or pain when any going for Zairat to Iran or Iraq, when coming from Quetta than become target but shame on Govt of Quetta not yet attrest the real culprits who responsible for killing many shia-e-Ali, Why you killing Shia because they love and faith in Ahl-e-Bait.

What Yazedi killers want to proof if Pakistani Govt not arresting and giving shelter cum protection than you people think who will give help when come across to God or you people are more powerful refuse God angle do not capture your soul and you are suppose to remain in the world till kill all Shia-e-Ali which is only a dream and every success in your mission. Pray to God to destroy this all evil network along their followers & master minded.

Talban and their likeminded group not killing Shia which might be begin say 20 years back before no image or Talban concept in Pakistan, late Zia-ul-Haq promote Talban people to settle in Pakistan after the end of Russia & Afghanistan WAR. If anyone read Islamic history than realized how cruel rulers like

1.Bin Abbas

2.Bin Ummiah

3.Shah of Iran

4.Sadam Hussain of Iraq

Did all efforts to killing Shia and that time countless innocent Shia were killed but surprise and more painful where the above cruel rulers grave including YAZEDI NO body knew but in fact Shia-e-Ali not restricted to a single country but find all around the world which is more painful and hurting to Wahabi and Yazedi followers, even we are trying and killing but no one fear or afraid with us.

The largest people gathering at Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S. at Aushra are 150 Million come from all around the world but at Hajj only pilgrims not more than 35 Millions which means 3 to 4 times more pilgrims coming to Karbala, Iraq.

I am 100% assurance and faith that no one in this world has courage or money to eliminate Shia-e-Ali that reasons behind dua of Hazrat Fatima Zahra S.A, I quote 4 (four) reference if anyone doubt they please check and re-confirm where the facts lying.

Why Govt of Pakistan totally ignoring, it look Shia's killing by Talban pre-plan that reason not taking any serious notice where the real culprits hideout and who is providing arms, training, shelter and no fear of punishment if luckily ever they arrest? This is Islamic state where no religious freedom to SHIA-E-ALI to exercise.

Centre or Baluchistan Govt must announce compensation of 1 Million all those who Shaheed and injured 0.3 Million without any fail or delay?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )



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