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Christian appeal Bishop Ejaz Inayat to safe property of Edward College Peshawar


Dear Editor,

I request through you to Bishop Ejaz Inayat and all our concerned Christian community.

Edwards College Peshawar is a century old prestigious institution owned by the church of Pakistan through Lahore Diocesan Trust Association (LDTA). You have earned much respect for raising voice against the misuse, commercial use and selling of the church property. The Christian community in Peshawar is extremely grateful to you for saving "Mission Hospital Peshawar" from a few greedy people in Diocese of Peshawar (DOP). The same selfish clique under the leadership of new bishop, Humphrey Peters is now trying to take exclusive control of a more profitable institution, Edwards College Peshawar, and all its movable and immovable property.

The Bishop Humphrey, with the help and support of the new principal has cast its net to take over exclusive control of the property of Edwards by approving a Degree Awarding Status Charter from the government. From LDTA the ownership and management of Edwards College Property would be shifted to DOP, declared as so called sponsoring body. The charter will give Humphrey Peters unlimited power as head of the sponsoring body, chancellor of the university, and head of the BoGs with majority of his nominees in the board. The property provisions in the charter would include that Bishop in his position as head of the sponsoring body, chancellor and chair of the board, can sell, transfer and give on lease Edwards college movable and immovable property. In light of the pervasive corruption in Diocese of Peshawar and its plundering of the missionary property; we must do everything in our power to protect Edwards.

Employees and student especially Christian community of Peshawar is very much in distress because of these developments. We request Bishop Ejaz Inayat that as you have saved Mission Hospital Peshawar, please save Edwards College Peshawar.




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