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Letter To Editor

Former Principal of Edwards College Peshawar has concerns too

David L. Gosling (Dr)

Editor, Pakistan Christian Post

Dear Mr. Bhatti

I should like to endorse the letter which you published by David Sajjid on January 30th about problems associated with Edwardes College, Peshawar, where I was principal until recently. I am pleased to see that some members of the Diocese of Peshawar are challenging their new bishop, Humphrey Peters, over his plans to take total control of the college and no doubt sell parts or all of it for personal gain, as he tried to do with the Mission Hospital.

During my four years as principal of this excellent college I witnessed the rise to power of Humphrey Peters, who was originally appointed as a clerk, and the manner in which he took advantage of the absence of his predecessor for five years, thus enabling him to take control of much of the diocese. His ordination as a deacon in the UK took place behind the back of the Church of Pakistan, and his consecration as bishop of Peshawar eight months later was both contrary to the Church’s bye-laws and illegal, because there was a Stay Order against it which was still in force at the time (I have seen a copy).

Towards the end of my time as principal I discovered a huge embezzlement of 6 crores of rupees in the college funds and notified the Federal Investigation Agency, which arrested two employees of the college, both church members and one of them the bursar, who is still the diocesan treasurer. I also requested the Corps Commander to initiate a Military Intelligence investigation, which he did. These investigations are ongoing, but I firmly believe that the diocesan leaders stole that money from the college, and that they will ruin it if they are allowed any significant control over its affairs.

My predecessor-but-one as principal, Dr Robin Brooke-Smith, has just published a book about his own experiences there called Storm Warning, and in it he describes problems with the Diocese of Peshawar similar to mine.

I would therefore urge all church people to unite against the ambitions of the current corrupt leadership in Peshawar, and to save Edwardes College to enable it to continue to serve the needs of young people throughout the province.

Yours sincerely

David L. Gosling (Dr)

Clare Hall

University of Cambridge