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Letter To Editor

Student dies at Edwardes College, Peshawar

David L. Gosling (Dr)

Hamza Khan, a first-year student, killed himself following receipt of a letter from the Principal terminating him for shortage of attendance at lectures. He was given no chance to explain or make up his attendance between now and the summer exams, as has always been the custom. The college is trying to avoid responsibility by claiming that Hamza quarrelled with his parents, girlfriend etc., but basically this is what happens when you convert an educational institution into a business run by a chief executive who sits in another country giving orders by Skype.

A Google search for Pakistan Christian Post will reveal a letter dated 30.01.13 from David Sajjid of Peshawar Diocese about plans by the Bishop of Peshawar to take control of Edwardes College from the Board and the Governor, and sell it and other properties owned by the Lahore Diocesan Trust Association. Mr Sajjid’s letter is supported by a letter from me about the embezzlement of 6 crores of rupees from college funds for which the diocesan treasurer/college bursar was arrested.

Those who care about Edwardes College should contact the new Governor, Engineer Shaukatullah, who took office three days ago, and request him to take control of the situation.

David L. Gosling (Dr)

University of Cambridge