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Diocese of Peshawar clarifies situation of Edwards College

Rev. Rashid Nazir

To cover up his humiliation the Revd. Dr. David Gosling has launched a false propaganda against the Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan and its institution Edwardes College Peshawar. He also diverts public attention by using the address of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, UK.

Facts behind David Gosling false propaganda:

David Gosling’s services were terminated by the Board of Governors of Edwardes College Peshawar. The Provincial Governor being the Chair of the College Board, called the meeting at the Governor’s House on 13 May 2010. Except for two Diocesan Representatives and the College’s Principal all others were Muslim members including the Provincial Governor and two members of the College’s staff. . The Board unanimously decided to withdraw David’s services with an immediate effect i.e. within twenty four (24) hours, though his six months extension was yet to end on June 30, 2010. This decision of his termination was taken because of his in-competency, in-efficiency, and in-capabilities; even his staff representatives favoured the decision. This was the first time in the history of the College that a Principal was asked to leave his position within twenty four hours. Now, just to cover up his humiliation, he is trying to spread baseless, useless and false rumours against the Diocese of Peshawar and the College. He spoiled the good name of the College and of the Church in the Province of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa. Board of Governors minutes are clear about his termination.

As for huge embezzlement, he always talks about two members of the Church, and is hiding that one member who accepted his crime was in team with the Muslim workers of the Post Office Bank Account where the real embezzlement took place. David avoids mentioning those two Muslim Post Office workers who were directly involved in the embezzlement. Reasons of not mentioning their names are known to David only.

(a) David Gosling talks about perusing criminal proceeding against two members of the College one being the former Bursar of the College who happens to be the Diocesan Treasurer. (i) At the time of FIR (First Information Report) to the Police David never charged or mentioned the name of the Bursar. (ii) When David was summoned by the Anti Corruption Court where he was questioned for more than four hours, he did not utter a single word against the Bursar. (iii) The College authorities did appeal to the High Court but, even from there the Bursar has been acquitted. When the Bursar has been cleared by the Police and all the courts of law, why David is so eager in blaming and circulating letters against him as the Diocesan Treasurer.

(b) David claims that he has new evidence that “in the light following an independent investigation by Military Intelligence which, I initiated following a claim by the prosecuting investigator to our College lawyer that he was being pressurized to diminish the case against the former bursar.” (i) It appears as if David has a full influence over the Military Intelligence in Pakistan. An ordinary Pakistani cannot even see the Military reports how a foreigner has access to their confidentialities. (ii) If the lawyers of the country can bring down Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf the former President from his position, why could not the College lawyer report to police or tell the court that he is being pressurized to diminish the case.

(c) The College Auditors’ report has held David Gosling responsible for the embezzlement, because of his poor managerial and financial skills.

David is a habitual liar; he blames the Church of Pakistan, the local courts, the Military and the local legislative system of Pakistan but does not want to accept that he has ruined the good name of the College and of the Church in Khyber Paktunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

David Gosling could not accept his termination by the Board of Governors. His own short comings, poor management and academic skills, and his total negligence leading to embezzlement. He failed to prove be a competent CEO of one of the prestigious Educational institutions of the country. He feels as if the Diocese is responsible of his termination, where as it is a great shame even for the Diocese who invited him to be the Principal, and in return he has led down the good name of the entire Church of Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa Province and Federally Administrative Tribal Area. Now, to cover-up his embarrassment, and to release his frustration he has launched a false propaganda campaign against the Diocese and the College. He is trying his level best to engage the Church and the Provincial Government in an on-going fight, which all the locals i.e. Muslims and Christians understand well.

Diocese of Peshawar enjoys an excellent reputation in the province through its services irrespective of creed, colour or ethnicity. The Government has donated 40 kanals of land to the Diocese to build a new School in Peshawar, recently the Government gave 300 million pak rupees to Edwardes College, last year gave 7.8 million rupees to improve the computer and science labs in the Diocesan schools, gave 8.5 million rupees to Mission Hospital, Peshawar (Gosling keeps on spreading rumours that Bishop Humphrey Peters has sold the hospital), again the government is going to spend 36.6 million rupees to reconstruct St. Pauls Church and school in Mardan. This is the level of trust the Diocese of Peshawar enjoys in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. What David Gosling contributed towards the Church – just shame and rumours leading to spoil the good name of Christianity especially in Pakistan.

Rev. Rashid Nazir

Diocesan Secretary

Diocese of Peshawar – Church of Pakistan