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An Indian Christian have concerns for Pakistani and other around globe

Tomy Varghese

Praise the Lord,

I am a Christian who is distressed by the wide spread persecution of fellow Christians all over the world, even in so called Christian countries.

I would like to know what concrete steps are being taken by various Christian organisations, including yours to prevent these atrocities.

Are you only reporting these incidents or taking some steps to prevent the oppression ?

Is there any Christian country or world leader who is willing to stand up for fellow Christians who are suffering religious presecution ?

From my understanding, no prominent western political leader reacts to the atrocities commited on Christians. They would rather be 'politically correct' (?)

However, the same leaders do not hesitate to condemn the random death of muslim civilians in Iraq/Syria or Afghanistan.

The Christians will continue to suffer till the time we have a strong political force to stand up for our rights. It is an sad irony that the largest religious group in the world has reached this state of affairs.

There is sustained malicious propaganda from various anti-christian media, especially BBC, and zero or feeble response from the church or Christian organisations.

It is time we take up a firm stand. Our faith and way of living is in danger.

And most blame should go to Christians who have failed to respond in time.

Tomy Varghese

Kerala, India


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