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Letter To Editor

Why you living in Pakistan? Muslim coworkers say, its not for Christians.

A Pakistani Christian

Dear Sir,

Greeting in the name of Lord and Jesus Christ

I am NS and regular reader of Pakistan Christian Post and I appreciate your effort to high Light Pakistani Christian Problems in Pakistan May God bless you and keep you active to solve Christ Believer Problems.

Sir I am married and Came from Village of Hafizabad to Karachi for job. I and my wife both got job. I am Account Clerk and my wife is receptionist in Pvt Ltd Company. I has one Daughter and i live in Rent House and difficult to live without job .It is burning question for Christian to find job in Pakistan except sweeper .If we find any official job with our ability then difficult to continue job with discriminatory behave.

Sir I am serving in a company but difficult for me to continue my job because I daily I listen different threaten and different songs made by my office colleague. Like this country is not your why are you living here. My wife is also in same condition. We both are in worry kindly find a positive solution for our future live. I hope as a Christian you will not ignore to me and my family as

Best Regards


(Names withheld due to security and privacy)