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Letter To Editor

IHRC condemn killing of Christians in Peshawar

Aamir Ahsan Khan

Pakistan was formed in 1947 as a secular country whose flag in it embodied the minority who would always be recognized as first class citizens of the state.

The Quaid always spoke of peaceful co-existence and today as I watch the bereaved family of the 75 brutally killed Christian fellow citizens in Peshawar, my heart bleeds with pain and agony in what I view as the most atrocious form of suicidal killing attempts. I only want to raise one question to these killers... You preach your religion at the cost of another's blood, whereas your own much-quoted Book tells you never to harm or attack unless in self-defense. Killing innocent people is not defence and surely not something any spiritual book or authority would endorse.

We may empathize with these fellow citizens who have lost their lives but sooner we again will wrap ourselves in the delusional reality that Pakistan is for everyone: poor or rich, Christian or Muslim and the attacks will keep happening up to the day an date that Pakistan is no more for anyone.

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Kind regards

Aamir Ahsan Khan

Ambassador for Pakistan

International Human Rights Commission. (IHRC)