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Letter To Editor

We are Modern and not narrow minded Muslims

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to convey my message and drawn attention towards all Muslims followers from Pakistan that I saw last night a URDU Pakistani drama from local channel in which one couple arrange in his home FRIENDS & their wifes MIX GATHERING ( mini night party ) in which they all have fun first tune music loudly and dance, later serve wine and shame less female those who consider friends wifes have feel shy to cover full body and coming in party wearing selves less dress which showing more and cover less.

I simply ask question all thoughts of Muslims followers and scholars in which Islam music, disco dance, mix gatherings and wine serving consider to be HALAL, those elements promoting wrong things are true enemies of Islam and misleading, guiding the youth generation to choose the wrong path so no one tell us we are back ward or narrow minded Muslims followers.

In WEST they have culture or tradition in which having sex before marriage consider no sin or shame, one can make un-limited dates to check taste of her coming wife and after marriage if he differs or dis-like her than simply divorce and bring new younger wife but these all are shamesless and sinful culture west is adopt and we ( Pakistani want to adopt ) blindly to consider we are not behind and Indian culture and life style more or less copying the WEST.

I asked question from the concern urdu play director and producer keeping what concept you have create a sense of dancing in couple and after wine serving as you are all in habit for doing these in your daily life affairs and you consider as Muslims than you have taken a blunder mistake and spoiling the image and importance of Islam.

Why not copying the Iranian woman how observing Hajab and all parts of lifes Iranian woman are working to shoulder to shoulder to man but in complete Islamic Hijab, Islam not stopping any woman to work or going out side but all works must perform according to Hijab as describe in Islam.

Very regret and dis-appoint our culture have forgotten Islamic principles that reasons do not insist their females ( wifes, sisters or mothers ) to observe Hijab which is not good and completely involve in sin those allowing their females to move in society for purpose without observing Hijab deserve an example punishment from angry GOD before too late why not observe Hijab which is better for all woman to cover entire body and getting good deeds and keep God happy.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

Karachi. Pakistan