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Letter To Editor

Karzai should seek military assistance from India for installing secular democracy

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Sir / Madam

Sub:- After over a decade in power, Karzai is under obligation to shape Afghanistan as ‘Father of the nation’.

Ref:- (i)- Before talking big against USA & Allies, Karzai should know its meaning and implications

(ii)- Hullaballoo on ‘drone-attacks’ and ‘private security firms’ is meaningless, when USA & Allies are expected to completely leave Afghanistan

(iii)- Karzai wouldn’t succeed without coming-out of obsession with Islamic-fundamentalism and Loya-Jirga,

(iv)- Karzai will succeed if solves Afghanistan problem through ‘Secular Democratic Globalization’ - which only will solve gory ‘Arab-spring’ too.

(v)- Talk of politically involving USA & Allies, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan India etc in post 2014 Afghanistan, is absurd

(vi)- Still better if this Indian Military ‘Peace Keeping Force’ (and Election Commission staff) assistance is taken through UN

(vii)- Western-Christians have every moral and legal right to bring entire mankind through ‘Western-Jehad’ into the fold of ‘secular democracy with rule of law’

(viii)- April election in Afghanistan should take place under ‘Secular Constitution’ and ‘Peace Keeping Force’

(ix)- India should also understand that in gory Afghanistan, it can’t expect any meaningful role unless commits itself militarily.

Dear Sir / Madam


In view of US troops withdrawal from Afghanistan by 2014 and no agreement reached so far between USA and Afghanistan on ‘Bilateral Security Agreement’, the talks doing round of politically involving USA & Allies, Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan India etc in post 2014 Afghanistan, is absurd and contrary to the concept (how so ever limited) of sovereignty and independence of Afghanistan. Therefore, Karzai should seek military assistance from India in order to install secular democracy in Afghanistan which will enable Karzai to play a role (which after over a decade in power, Karzai is under obligation) as ‘Father of the nation’ of Afghanistan without bothering about partisan politics, as given below:-

(1)- The published interview given by Karzai to a French newspaper Le Monde is clear evidence that Karzai seems to be politically a confused person. Before talking big against USA & Allies, Karzai neither understands its meaning and implications (especially when he himself admits that there are extremists all over Afghanistan) nor is he clear that why there is so much hullaballoo on drone-attacks and private security firms especially if USA & Allies are expected to completely leave Afghanistan by 2014.

(2)- Drone-attacks (in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan etc.) are happening only in those countries where US Military is physically present or permitted (formally or by implication ) to intervene so by respective governments. Moreover in this age of globalization the investments in Afghanistan will not depend on US Government (as in India too). Hence Karzai need not bother about future FDIs or FIIs in Afghanistan in case US Military completely leaves Afghanistan.

(3)- But the main problem of Karzai is that like in other Muslim countries he is also obsessed with Islamic-fundamentalism (mainly due to the fact that that like politicians in other Muslim countries - out of irrational submission to even some outdated and oppressive Islamic practices - Karzai is also finding it difficult to practice secular democracy in a Muslim majority country) . Moreover as a confused politician, who wants to sail in two boats, Karzai is also obsessed with Loya – Jirga because during his over a decade rule he failed to develop constitutional - institutional - legal frame-work of democratic process which will replace the essential & desirable functions of medieval Jirga. Therefore if Karzai wants to succeed then he should come-out of obsession with Islamic-fundamentalism and Loya-Jirga and instead should boldly go for political model of ‘Secular Democratic Globalization’ (SDG).

(4)- Though this SDG only can solve gory ‘Arab-spring’ too, but USA & Allies (and other veto wielding countries like Russia and China) are not prepared to adopt it in bleeding NAME countries because they don’t want to give up their veto privilege (in favor of voting rights to all as per formula based on various contributions) and don’t want to take the responsibility of ensuring elections in troubled countries under secular constitution and under UN Peace Keeping Force (that is why there is so much bloodshed and sufferings in NAME). But this SDG model has tremendous chances of success in Afghanistan for the simple reason that it will one day in near future will be applied in NAME countries (under pressure from the people of Muslim NAME countries while seeing its success in Muslim Afghanistan) in order to make ‘Arab – spring’ successful and that too without any bloodshed.

(5)- Some people fear that Afghanistan is complex country hence difficult to bring under modern political order. As far complexity of Afghanistan nation, every country has complexity. Britishers could administratively manage India of huge complexities and diversities and even today India of 1.25 Billion is being managed by (in addition to other laws) the four major laws namely IPC, CrPC, CPC and Evidence Act given to India by Britishers. Therefore there is no reason why present India (with vast experience of managing a large nation of complexities and diversities) should be daunted by the complexities of Afghanistan (In India different groups are facing problem because of reservations to these SC, ST, Backwards etc).

(6)- Whether people like it or not every powerful government or religion or civilization has practiced ‘Jehad’ in the past and will continue to practice Jehad in future (may be by different name and by different means depending upon type and extent of violence / coercion it uses). The insistence of Western-Christian-Civilization (USA & Allies, who are most powerful today economically and militarily due to unprecedented advance in modern science & technology by them) on ‘Secular Democratic Globalization’ (which has resulted in gory ‘Arab – spring' too) is also a Jehad may be with different name (‘Western-Jehad’). Therefore tribals of Afghanistan too do not have any special or divine right to remain in their traditional way of life. Rather on the contrary the powerful people on earth (Western-Christians) have every moral and legal right to bring the entire mankind including the tribes of Afghanistan through ‘Western-Jehad’ into the fold of ‘secular democracy with rule of law’ (preferably through UN).

(7)- Therefore it will be better if this ‘Peace Keeping Force’ (and staff to assist Election Commission of Afghanistan) assistance is taken through UN. But if UN does not agree then Karzai should go ahead for April election in Afghanistan under ‘Secular Constitution’ (may be chosen by Afghanistan from the constitution of the countries, which are presently practicing democracy) and ‘Peace Keeping Force’ provided by India. Here India should also understand that in gory Afghanistan, it can’t expect any meaningful role unless commits itself militarily.

(8)- Another fear is expressed about failure of even USSR & USA to modernize Afghanistan. Two great powers USSR and USA left / are leaving Afghanistan because they went over there with imperialistic mindset whereas India will go over there with the purpose of ultimately ushering into ‘Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC Countries’ (due to unresolved gory Kashmir problem etc. the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written and Afghanistan is also the part of SAARC)

(9)- Moreover if there is one country which can help install secular democracy in Afghanistan then it is India because India believes in adopting progressive and modern concepts of life. Despite being economically humble country India has been practicing secularism, democracy with universal adult franchise, women liberation, welfare State, Globalization, rule of law etc (may be with some minor glitches) with distinction since its independence in 1947 and that too in this part of the world (South Asia where no other countries has practiced these).

It is hoped that Karzai will play the role of ‘Father of the nation of Afghanistan’ and will bring secular democracy to Afghanistan in which Karzai will not mind if through April 2014 election even such political parties come to power (at center and in provinces, under genuinely federal arrangement) which may not be according to Karzai’s present political taste.


Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Presently at:USA

Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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