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Are U going DANCE party today

Ashfaq Sharif

I got sms inviting me DANCE PARTY in Karachi today ( Jan 18, 14 ) in which each person pass Rs.2500 which is too shameful and regret as Pakistan is Islamic Republic State than those elements promoting & encouraging anti Islam activities such as CONCERT DANCE ARE true friends Devil in our country. We are alive which country culture by conducting DANCE PARTY?

What a elite class get satisfaction when moving against the Islam always result will be adverse, if you think following WEST you are doing dancing, listening music or attend Music concert or drinking WINE than you are expel from Islam BOUNDRIES (LIMIT) and no ONE CAN understand and believe that you are true followers of Prophet Mohd (PBUH).

SIMPLY understand devil & Islam both teaching never co-exist either you become TRUE followers of DEVIL or Islam choice is yours no one here to force you to obey the right or wrong path as all human beings BLESSED with wisdom than he can determine where is light and darkness, Understand today ( till you alive ) all PERFORMANCE time, after U died (than your accountability session begins) that time no wealth, no influence or relation will help U only unless you carrying GOOD DEED with you which is currency works after the died and acceptable in GOD judgment day.

I must address those who fever to become richest person than remember one thing after you died all questioned will asked from U how to you arrange these wealth by legal or ill-legal sources and you are answerable & punishable for earning wrong way, on other hands if your heirs using your wealth in SINS than question is asked from U for which you are punishable even you do not involve in this sin.

SIMPLE secret to alive in million hearts after U die do some welfare works as such build HOSPITAL, School, Helping widows & Orphans, support needy students for his education or support marriage any poor or orphans than you must be remembered in GOD good books plus receiving good deeds after your died.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )


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