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Muslims convert to Christianity for economic benefits: A testimony

N. Masih

One of our readers writes with Title What Kind of Faith our Muslims friends have? Where there is our Muslims friends have a benefit they become Christian or Convert to other religions. Why they do that?

While I was I Korea many times I got opportunity from the UNO, Seoul Immigration Office and Detention centers to translate for the asylum seekers and prisoner or new arrival at the airports.

First: Many Muslim friends change their religion for the purpose of Marry. When they get marry with Korean woman, many of Pakistan Muslims become Christian or convert to other religions.

After getting the resident or Nationality they force the Christian lady to become Muslim or divorce. After that they become radical Muslims.

But before getting resident of Nationality they go to Church regularly, eat pork as well as drunk.

Second: Many asylum seekers behind the bars in the detention centers. I have many times opportunity to translate for them. They plea from the Government we accept Jesus Christ we are Christian. If we go back to Pakistan our family or other persons can kill us.

What I want to tell me readers; that In Pakistan those are living they are radical kind of Muslims

They hate from the Christians as well as other minorities.

How can we trust our Muslims fellows? In second they change their minds.

As the Holy Quran explains that our faith tells us love, brotherhood.

Our Muslims friends why not follow love and brotherhood.

In Christ Jesus

N. Masih


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