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After Protestant now Catholic Church properties on sale in Pakistan

reader PCP


Is anyone there? Who can save Christianís (Catholic) Property in Pakistan (Karachi). Those properties which were given to Catholic Community for welfareís work in the society. There were orphan girlís hostel, charity home of Mother Teresa, Dominican house, and some other convents. But now day by day our own people are selling these properties illegally and other nationís people are taking over illegally. We do not know that where are our Catholic or Christian leaders? And why they are quiet? Can anyone awake our Catholic or Christian leaders? The area where it is happening is (Catholic Colony). I am looking for all Pakistani Christianís Groups, Moments, and Leagues.

Please share and spread this message as much as you can.

For more detail and information please visit [In charge St. Josephís Society for the physically & Mentally Handicated Catholic Colony no. 1, M. A. Jinnah road Karachi. Pakistan.


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