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Dave Windsor comments about Stephen Gill

Dave Windsor

Stephen Gill has been a personal friend of mine for 30 years, give or take. I have always been aware or became more aware of his history, his many books on world peace, his poetry and his many travels to present his works to the pride of hundreds and probably thousands of students who write of him and study his works as a matter of course material in their universities.

This kind, soft spoken man must have an IQ of 140+ in the literary score. Our own histories and bias may inhibit our ability to accept or even interpret his works, even though in English as our own, but believe me, every word, line and phrase shout love and peace. It would be interesting to see these sonnets with their unique style be put to music. It comes to mind (for me anyway) that The Beatles, first major works that turned the world on its head, could hold candles to Stephens 18/100.

Granted more know him out of country than in, yet he is published and maintained in every university across Canada and hundreds around the world, if not all of them.

I write this know to impress upon you an upcoming opportunity for him to present and read some of his latest poems or rather sonnets in Montreal.

Six of them are allowed here. All, as he titled are: Stephenean love sonnets. Each are 18 lines and exactly 100 words (thus 18/100). This as all of his works are unique and powerful statements of love.

Congratulations Stephen and all the best in your upcoming trip to Montreal.

Dave Windsor.



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