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Letter To Editor

Muslim faithful perform Haj for change in LIFE style or own publicity or PLEASURE trip?

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to ask simple question from all those MUSLIMS no matter which sects they belong that performed HAJJ to make a change in life style or pleasure purpose. This year I expect around 2.0 million have performed Haj and very sad even Muslims are living in the worst condition and have no co-operation with other Muslims countries that is why we (Muslims) remain under total control / hold of WEST (USA) especially (Jewish).

Those who are great luckily reach the HOLY place of Saudi Arabia (Makkah and Medina) and get opportunity to washout their entire sin and pray to God to give them courage to start a new life style which is accordingly to Islamic teaching.

I still fail to do not understand why people after performing Hajj tell lies or cheat other only to earn more? Than what a purpose for performing Hajj when their life style remains the same and no change occur.

Please think for those who are needy and poor first preference among your own family and later friends and neighbors. Remember that you will never skip from God question what you did for your needy relative or friends, did you offer any support or help to those who are deserve such help from you.

More painful in our society majority of rich people ignore or avoid the problem of Poor relative or friends. They think they are pain or problem when they solve their problem but Islam tells when a needy person explaining his problem to you and expect some support than consider this is a BLESSING from God. But a few luckily and GOD-FEARING people perform such GOOD work.

Please avoid performing Hajj for making own self popular or famous by the name of Haji. Only rewards from God given to those human beings (Muslims) who performed well and expect reward from God directly nothing else.

Please give courage to all Muslims those who are living not a sincere life style as Islam describe than they will pay the High price in the shape of punishment at the day of not Judgment but their sessions begin when they go to buried first night.

In last I request to all sect religious SCHOLARS to highlight the importance of Hajj and how people can secure full marks from God, when perform Haj for God satisfaction not for own famous or pleasure purpose.

(Ashfaq Sharif)