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Letter To Editor

Biggest Shia-Muslim around 25 to 30 million gathering at Arbaeen in Iraq

Ashfaq Sharif

Thanks to God after DAESH ISIS face shameful defeat both in Syria and Iraq they wanted to destroy the shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS away 35 KM from Karabala later what happened to them why they ran away and seeking hide in Israel, who wish or instruction they doing this devil act to get what secret reward? Did UNO or EU ever wish who funding or giving arms and training to this MAD DASESH - ISIS - TALBAN.

Last year An estimated 20 million pilgrims arrived at last year's Arbaeen pilgrimage in Karbala this year I expect around 25 to 30 million pilgrims all over the world reaching Iraq for ARBAEEN, those people are lucky one on the earth getting God love and affection plus after death great reward N status.

More interesting to share during Hajj season last year around 3.3 Million people perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia where they failed to provide facility to all hajj that reason many haji face problems due to miss leading or lack of facility available, plus eat food or drink water or juice with own money.

But when U are going from Najaf to Karbala by walk than no penny will be spend people eagerly awaiting to welcome if you eat their food or juice, I am proud of those who are spending more than million in serving the Zairians of Hazrat Imam Hussain AS God return their money with profit which is the secret a few knows.

I remember the period of SADDAM HUSSAIN during 1993 he did not allow Iranian to come to Iraq for Zia rat and due to UNO embargo air transport not reaching Iraq only land way available to reach Iraq, now see enemies of SHIA E ALI how many people attending arbaeen in Iraq without any fear of loss of life due to terror attack by Wahhabi pigs ( DAESH ISIS groups )

Very sad to share Baluchistan Govt did hurdle for Shia Pilgrims and keep them awaiting for un necessary, these people around 30,000 people coming in 550 buses going to Iraq for arbaeen what you proof by stop and giving excuse of lack of staff that reason you can manage all people does you do not aware during arbaeen thousands reaching Iraq for arbaeen which is shameful act and God must take notice with his silent stick very soon as punishment which you people did to creating more hardship and difficulties for shia Zairians in home land.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)