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Abortion Consequences

Clemente Ferrer

When an innocent is killed (euphemistically called "abortion") the first victim is the unborn baby and the second one is the woman. Millions of women have fallen into the trap of abortion and almost all of them are suffering from “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. “This has been evidenced by the most significant abortion institution in the world, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, asserting that: "the incidence of post-abortion trauma in women who had surgical abortions can reach up to 91% of cases."

Young women who abort show the following post-abortion symptoms: anxiety, desperation, delirium, insomnia, inebriation, drug addiction, hopelessness, psychosis ... and suicide.

The Government of Finland stated that young people who had abortions are seven times more likely to try suicide, according to the latest report on a sample of more than 9,000 women ... a terrible and pathetic study. It is believed that nothing happens to young women who have abortions because it is legal, however they become demented. After abortion, 64% of them admit to mental hospitals, according to a research by the University of Baltimore (USA) and "59% suffer severe and permanent mental disorders, "according to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (England).

Another of the serious consequences of abortion that was announced in recent years is the breast cancer. Along with the great increase of female reproductive system cancers, breast cancer has increased dramatically in the last 20 years in all countries where abortion has spread.

Finally, an investigation of the pro-choice professor, Janet Daling, broadcasted by the "Journal of the National Cancer Institute," states that if woman had a family member with breast cancer and aborted after age 30, her risk increased by 270%. Especially when women under age 18 have aborted her first born child.

Dr. Nathanson, a prominent pro-abortion in the United States, including his own son, testifies: “today Humanity regrets of the slavery from the past and soon it will be ashamed of the crime of abortion.

Clemente Ferrer

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Onion & tomato Prices

Ashfaq Sharif

IT IS observed that TOMATO being sold sold at Rs 200 to 250 per kilo in various parts of the country, that reason Govt totally failed to control the prices and give relief to the consumer ends. It is also regrettable for Government and Price control authority when Consumers told Geo News that authorities have failed to keep a check on the prices which vary between Rs150 to Rs250 for tomatoes and Rs80 to Rs100 for onions.

In Karachi (Oct 4, 2017) , tomatoes are being sold between Rs160 to Rs200 per kilo. Onion Rs. 80 per Kilo does Pakistan is not agriculture country or all its crops damage this reason onion and tomato prices shoot up or who black sheep responsible against this price hike in which GOVERNMENT looks totally helpless and no courage to control the prices.

"Increase in prices is a bigger headache for shopkeepers than customers," a vegetable stall owner in Lahore claims. Consumers in Badin also expressed their annoyance at the increasing prices, calling for the local authorities to regulated prices.

It is suggested to do not use TOMATO and Onion for next days wef Oct 5 to 7, 2017 so traders force to reduce the prices in fear of their stock being spoil and black sheep traders got punished too? But it all happen when every citizen plays its role do not use TOMOATO and ONION for next 3 days.

Sorry to say no price control committee working which have power to control the prices of ONION and TOMATO, these traders donot showing the prices in which GOVERNMENT suggested to sale but asking their own prices in which force consumer to buy which is too injustice and mental torture.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)

Karachi 74400, Pakistan

The Dangerous Embryonic Stem Cells

José Antonio Calvo Baena

The headline might be: "now the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine wants to give priority to adult stem cell research." However, this news has not been published. In 2004 another headline like the following was published: "Known Hollywood stars, including Christopher Reeves, support the adoption by referendum to spend 3,000 million dollars of public funds for embryonic stem cell research in order to cure diseases." Responsible people of the Institute have not wanted to publicize the shift given in the research policy. What happened? It happened what critics of the research with human embryos said: through this medium will not get any kind of therapy. Indeed, there has been neither treatment nor cure by using stem cells from embryos. So, they have decided to change and focus more on adult stem cells that give reasons of medium or long-term cure. The financial magazine Investor's Business Daily complains about double standards of the Institute since when they needed funding they talked about embryonic cells but when they referred to the results they did not mention the word embryonic.

We have to go into this interesting news in depth. In March 2009 when the U.S. lifted the limits established for experimentation with embryos, the former director of the National Institute of Health (USA), Bernadine Healey, wrote in a newspaper that she declared obsolete embryonic cells and that those types of cells could also be dangerous since, unlike adult cells harvested from the patient, the embryonic cannot be dominated and also they cannot obtain to convert in the desired tissue. She concludes: “researchers devoted on embryonic cells are those who have politicized science. They have stood in the way of real progress. So, we are glad to see that California researchers again put science in its place.

This is further evidence that science is not free of ideology, and that the search of funding for research is made convincing politicians.

José Antonio Calvo Baena

Independent Forum of Opinion


Christian prisoners in Pakistan have lost their religious freedom and facing the persecution

Rev. Shahbaz

Dear Sir/Madam,\r\n Please could you pray for the Christians prisoners of Pakistan that Christian prisoners have lost their religious freedom and facing the persecution by Mian Farooq Nazir, Inspector General of Prisons Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan that he has stopped the religious syllabus /Bible study and worship services and religious remission for Minorities prisoners and they have not any opportunity to improve their education under rule 215 of the Pakistan Prison Rulers (Jail Manual). And also reference to the Writ Petition No.599 /1994, dated 01-02-1994 in the Lahore High Court Lahore by Maurice Shahbaz, under articles 37 and 38 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, it is the policy of the state to eradicate illiteracy from the country.\r\nI have many occasions written and visited to the Government official and concern authorities to salve the matter, but still no action has been taken. In Pakistan millions of Christians are routinely persecuted, tortured, raped and murdered by a society that does not tolerate them.\r\nI call upon all members of the Christian community globally to speak on behalf of the Christians in Pakistan and to highlight the distressing, dangerous and life-threatening conditions that we all live under. I appeal to you to help us survive this persecution and to speak on our behalf at the highest religious and governmental levels worldwide. I pray that the Almighty Lord make you a part of our mission.\r\nThank you. God bless you.\r\nWith best regards, \r\nRev. Maurice Shahbaz\r\nFounder and Director\r\nPrisons Mission Society

Russian Red and The Right


The Spanish singer, Russian Red, who has the face of a Virgin of Murillo, a special voice and usually act accompanied by her guitar and sing in English; has just come out as “a right-winger.” She sings for many years, but now, those people who praised her undoubted artistic merits, criticize her just because she is a "right-winger."

I don't know if she will be vetoed from now in the Top 40, if the municipalities governed by the left will permit she act (fortunately for her there are far fewer from May 22), or if she will sell fewer records. Anything can happen. People can insult her on the streets as well as Juan Manuel de Prada ("right-winger” writer and columnist), or in a worst-case scenario, she can be attacked as well as Hermann Terchst; especially because despite her sinister and left-winger artistic name (Russian Red), she has an angelic aspect of not having hurt a fly.

I think that the right and the left are more geometry issues than anything else. This much less is about art. There is no literature, no paint, and no film of right-or left-winger. There are only writers, directors or painters of right-or-left winger. Also, there will be doctors of right-or-left winger and it does not influence in the medicine. Thank God, I have never had prejudices against people of the right or the left. People are worth what they are; their political ideas do not matter. But what I say (we have the example of Russian Red) does not happen between many people of the left because they consider the culture and art as something of their own and are prohibited to the "right-winger". Just in case and although Russian Red sing in English, I will buy her records, but not because I am a right-winger, but because I like it.


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