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Letter To Editor

Re: Christian province in south Punjab

S. M. Gill
Dr. Nazir Bhatti,

Chairman, Pakistan Christian Congress

Dear Sir,

Sometime back I read in PCP, PCC demanded separate province for Christians in southwest of Punjab Province within the federation of Pakistan. If I’m not wrong, your good self is trying to have a place of refuge where community will live freely and peacefully in every respect. In my opinion this may not be a viable solution because provinces, new or old are governed by the constitution in force which also covers blasphemy and other Black laws. Therefore, new province will not suffice the need. The real and basic need is to survive honorably through participatory rights in mainstream activities and equal citizenship right. Blasphemy and other black laws injected by Zia have to be repealed or amended to contain punishments for falls allegations. I think in this context pressure from International Human Rights Organizations and UNO are the best forums. It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that you are already struggling on this strategically important issue.

However, in addition to above, there is a potentially important matter relating to economic development of the community and that is, your good offices in Baluchistan should approach government of Baluchistan to allot an area for community’s dwelling somewhere near Gwadar Port. This will obviously help a lot in the long run in improving economic condition so far not available in Punjab. Christians are hardworking community and has true and realistic love of humanity. This quality will provide ample opportunities to survive honorably.

S. M. Gill, Pakistan

Reasoned Respectability

Arturo Ramo García.
Dear Editor,

Lately it has come into fashion education without authority in teaching methods and is proving to be a real failure. It was confirmed by the same people who promoted it.

Love, example and words are not enough to educate, but it is necessary to exert the authority and always explain the reasons that lead us to advise and order a certain behavior. Therefore, authority cannot be based on phrases such as: "I am your Father, do as I command" or "when you are older you will understand". This has to be based on the reasoning, demonstration, and respect. Parents and teachers who have to order pupils need to have authority and be respected. Due to it is very difficult educate without respect, educators who do not have the authority will have to learn.

It is well known that fear have never formed the personality of guys. The continuous use of punishment, anger and constant threat produce rebelliousness of children, inhibition of initiatives and weakens the personality.

The mission of educators is to enrich and do not destroy the personality of each child, fostering creativity, opening the intelligence and helping them to be free.

When we have to order something, it is better to use short sentences than long harangues. It is preferable to say: "that jersey", "the dishes", because the guy can say: "what happens with the jersey? Oh, yes! I know hang it on the hanger. Now I clear it". In this way we are giving him the opportunity to exercise his own initiative and intelligence.

Some parents complain that their children do not listen them and the reason is that they speak too much. A boy said: "When my mother is in the second sentence, I have already forgotten the first".

The child needs authority and somehow he requested it but it is hard to admit it. A boy said: "my parents do not want me and do not worry' me because they let me do whatever I want."

Some educators maintain constant concession attitudes by own convenience or fear of losing the appreciation of the guys. This will be very harmful to the students because they will grow up without appropriate conduct patterns and habits to always do what they have to do with own voluntary.

Arturo Ramo García.

Independent Forum of Opinion


Independent Forum of Opinion is a group of professionals (graduates in Chemistry, Medicine, Education, Agricultural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Professor Business, university professor, etc

Education According to Socrates

Arturo Ramo
Dear Editor,

Previously, we discussed what the concept of education was for Roman philosopher Seneca was; education for him was fundamentally having an honest life. This time around, let us discuss the concept of a “good life” according to Greek philosopher Socrates, whose thoughts were well known four centuries before Seneca’s.

First of all, one must distinguish between a “life that is good”, which is the search for perfection and truth, and the “good life”, which searches commodity, pleasure and riches.

Professor Polo would point out that Socrates opted for a life that is good, thus sacrificing the good life. He sacrificed well being up to the extreme of dying while defending truth without compromises. Socrates’ choice for a life that is good is biographical, in other words, it incarnated within his own existence. The attractiveness of his character is huge, precisely because he is an authentic man that abides by his existential compromise with truth until the very end.

From Socrates we learn about coherence: he taught about what he lived by, and preferred to die instead of relinquishing his convictions. A life that is good is based on virtue and law. For the Greeks, a happy life can only be achieved in the polis, where both individual and social virtues are developed. However, in the city, other than talking and coexisting, what is right is both searched for and realized.

For Aristotle, security must be placed in nomos, in the agreement among free humans that search for a life that is good; which does not consist in richness.

Humans have always had the temptation for idolatry: to become a god of material goods, to enjoy a life full of commodities. However, the accumulation of material goods does not seize the thirst for them, if not, it increases it. The more one has, the more one needs, and the more one wants to have. In today’s society, advertising bases itself upon lust (the disordered appetite for life’s sensible pleasures) in order to favor consumerism.

A life that is good and a culture that is genuine aim to cultivate: intelligence (to learn to think); will power (to learn to want what is good); and affectivity (to learn to love others and develop good sentiments towards others).

On the other hand, the good life and subculture consist of being guided by the instincts, wishes, appetites, and emotions that someone may have at a given instant. This is nothing but a predisposition to animal life (Translated by Gianna Sanchez Moretti).

Arturo Ramo

Independent Forum of Opinion


Property Bubble

Roberto Grao Gracia
Dear Editor:

What has been called "property bubble", that is the disproportionate and continued increase in the prices of houses and all buildings that were built until the year 2008. It was not an exclusively Spanish problem but the western world, including the USA and Europe.

We ask about economic mess causes that reached levels of annual percentage growth rate of 16% and up to 20 % or more, and we did not finish to understand and accept that things had to be as well. Some economists have discovered that the decisive factor was that the financial institutions were behind this. They granted mortgage loans to many buyers without any guarantee of payment by insufficient income or even lack of work, and with buildings ratings above their market value, trusting in the unstoppable increase of prices. The case was to make a lot of mortgage operations, although they lacked warranty, and even "securitize" many of these operations in packages, selling them to other speculative financial institutions with appetizing interest. Hence the name of bubble as something artificial and fragile, full of air and always ready to disappear.

While the bubble is maintained, all or most of those who involved in the transactions make a packet. They exponentially increased their income, including the savers who preferred to invest in the purchase of homes, in search of increased profitability. More and more housing and buildings were projected, without looking at the needs of the market. But as we can see in the middle or end of the year 2008, the bubble broke and many financial institutions went down the drain, bankruptcy and economic ruin confirming once more the old popular saying that "if you are too greedy you end up with nothing reed breaks the sack." It was necessary to help these entities with subsidies and loans to family and personal economy would not suffer irreversibly, causing panic among those who usually have money in the Bank (the vast majority of taxpayers).

Now, the worst consequence of the great crisis was suffered by the borrowers of the mortgages who due to they could not pay were seized and dispossessed of their housing and what is more serious, were sentenced to pay in the present or in the future with their own property and professional income. In my opinion here lies the great injustice of the Spanish mortgage system that requires that the borrower respond the loan, not only with the housing acquired, but with their own assets and income. I remember that on top of everything else a few years ago, moneylender entities require the signature of two responsible guarantors (usually the parents) of the repayment of the loan, if case the borrower couldn't make it, a requirement that was deleted some time ago.

Well, in Anglo-Saxon countries, like the United Kingdom and the USA, does not happen it. The responsibility of non-payment is limited to seize the house, without the borrower being affected in its property, and then putting on sale at public auction the property to the loan, conforming to charge the amount of the sale, offsetting the unpaid amount. If recovery from the auction exceeds the unpaid portion of the loan, the difference is given to the borrower. This is the right and not the system we have in Spain, the greater injustice to the borrower, the greater security for financial institutions lenders. They will argue that in this case the interest of the loan will be significantly higher than they are recovering. Well, "Every man for himself."

Roberto Grao Gracia

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Judgment of A Judge

Roberto Grao Gracia
Dear Editor:

On August 4, 2010, the judge Vaughn Walker of the State of California (USA), who declared himself homosexual, passed a sentence declaring unconstitutional proposition 8 that consist in the prohibition on same-sex marriage in the U.S. Constitution. This proposition was approved by a referendum held on November 5, 2008. It was claiming that the ban of gay marriage violates the right to non-discrimination established in the 14th Amendment to the U.S Constitution. Basically, the arguments of Judge Walker are the following:

Although it is true that there is a sentence of 1972 of the Supreme Court that declares that prohibit homosexual marriages did not violate the Constitution, the "social status" about marriage has changed a lot over the nearly 40 years since then. As a result, we cannot "blindly" apply the approach set out in that sentence.

As everyone recognizes, marriage is a fundamental right.

Gay marriage is not a "new right" that could be granted or not, but it is "a new way of exercising that right" already existing to marriage.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees a non-discriminatory treatment to all citizens, so we can not deny homosexuals the access to marriage for the simple fact of being homosexual.

Finally, the argument of most political significance: regarding to the fact that Proposition 8 (ban) was approved by the citizens of California, Judge Walker ruled that

Fundamental rights can not be subject neither a vote nor can depend on the outcome of an election.

Examining the arguments alleged by Judge Walker, some of his claims may contradict such as: what is and who determines the "social consideration"? Why apply a criterion recognized by a court and not legally modified over time? Do this is to do it blindly? Is it not rather an example of consistency with the previous jurisprudence? Who is the judge to substantiate a judgment in the subjective criterion of a possible and changing social consideration that another judge could consider differently and contradictory?

He said that gay marriage "is a new way of exercising that right." Here we should turn that nation's constitutions identify clearly what is marriage in order to avoid misunderstandings and random interpretations of judges and courts dependent on social considerations more or less invented. Thus, the problem of how the fundamental rights are defined is posed. In my opinion, there are two ways to define basic human rights such as marriage: 1) it is accepted what God says through his son Jesus Christ: Have you not read from the beginning the Creator "made them male and female"? and said, "For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?"(Matthew, 19, 4-5) and 2) or a group of illustrious citizens gathered in assembly would have to determine it. They would say more or less what we all know and the history of the peoples has always confirmed: "Marriage is the marital union between the man and woman to love each other, have descendants and help each other along the life." Then this definition was endorsed by the rest of the citizens. Every marriage should be able to fulfill these three fundamental conditions: love each other, have children and help each other to the vicissitudes and adversities of life.

Because the allegation that it is a new way of exercising that right could take us very far or even to the absurd or aberrant, as for example, that was required as a new way to exercise the right to marriage, do it between a man with several women or several men, or vice versa; or even it would possible the marriage with animals of the same or different sex, such as "new forms of exercise that right" to marriage.

Let's see the latest and most important of the allegations: "fundamental rights can not be subject neither vote nor may depend on the outcome of a vote."

This is a real fallacy because these rights were required in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, agreed and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 217, A, III of December 10, 1948 by vote of its member countries, in a democracy, because in it, rightly or wrongly, nothing escapes to the will of the majorities. Another thing is that some of those rights afforded by popular elections are morally fair or not, or are not sufficiently determined or specified to prevent false or arbitrary interpretations.

Mr. Judge Walker makes a mistake or tries to "look after one's own interests", defending with exquisiteness, legal and evidently false, his own existential stance in this matter.

Roberto Grao Gracia

Independent Forum of Opinion


Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.
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