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Dave Windsor comments about Stephen Gill

Dave Windsor

Stephen Gill has been a personal friend of mine for 30 years, give or take. I have always been aware or became more aware of his history, his many books on world peace, his poetry and his many travels to present his works to the pride of hundreds and probably thousands of students who write of him and study his works as a matter of course material in their universities.

This kind, soft spoken man must have an IQ of 140+ in the literary score. Our own histories and bias may inhibit our ability to accept or even interpret his works, even though in English as our own, but believe me, every word, line and phrase shout love and peace. It would be interesting to see these sonnets with their unique style be put to music. It comes to mind (for me anyway) that The Beatles, first major works that turned the world on its head, could hold candles to Stephens 18/100.

Granted more know him out of country than in, yet he is published and maintained in every university across Canada and hundreds around the world, if not all of them.

I write this know to impress upon you an upcoming opportunity for him to present and read some of his latest poems or rather sonnets in Montreal.

Six of them are allowed here. All, as he titled are: Stephenean love sonnets. Each are 18 lines and exactly 100 words (thus 18/100). This as all of his works are unique and powerful statements of love.

Congratulations Stephen and all the best in your upcoming trip to Montreal.

Dave Windsor.


Tamil politicians and media betraying suicide-prone TN Farmers at Jantar-Mantar

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

Tamil Nadu farmers who are protesting for the last 40 days at Jantar-Mantar Delhi demanding that the Centre waive their agricultural loans and provide drought relief funds, on Saturday reportedly drank their own urine as part of their agitation and threatened to eat faeces on Sunday if their demands are not addressed. These farmers had come to the protest site with skulls, which they claimed were those of farmers who committed suicide. As part of their agitation, they have stripped, bitten into mice and snakes, conducted mock funerals and have even been flogged.

But Tamil Nadu especially its politicians and media are apathetic towards the suffering and miseries of TN farmers and have put the entire responsibility of solving this problem on insensitive Government of (GOI) though Tamil Nadu can easily constrain GOI to solve the problems of farmers from Tamil Nadu and other parts of the country. About three hundred thousand farmers in the last two decades have reportedly committed suicide in India due to economic hardship. Though other factors like cash crop, debt, flood, drought etc are considered to be some reasons for farmer’s suicide but main reason is small land holdings up-to meager 1.7 Hectare which renders small farmers vulnerable.

Though the demand of TN farmers that the Centre waive their agricultural loans and provide drought relief funds has gained legitimacy & punch after UP Government announced loan waivers of its farmers and in the present situation such relief for farmers of TN and of other States is reasonable but it will not permanently solve the problem which has assumed menacing proportion.

In order to solve this problem the small and economically nonviable land holdings will have to be purchased by GOI and the farmers, farm labors engaged in and dependent on these farms will have to be absorbed by GOI in these large scale profitable government farms and in other public programs. One such public program can be of constructing profitable residential and commercial building all over India by GOI which can be given on rent to be decided by ‘Rent Commission’. Because Indians engaged in and depended on uneconomical farming are almost half of India’s population it will require immense money to achieve this transformation of Indian economy.

Fortunately it is possible to recover Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore State capital from income tax as mentioned at and part of this money can be utilized for solving the problems of suiciding farmers from TN and other States of India and also to remove poverty from India. But politicians and media of TN are not at all raising this issue.

If politicians and media of Tamil Nadu can highlight this issue [of Rs ~ 1,000 Lakh Crore (part of it) to be used for poor of India] by wide coverage in print and electronic media, public meetings at Jantar-Mantar, Ramlila Maidan both at Delhi and at all the Tehsil / Taluka, District and State headquarters in Tamil Nadu then GOI will be constrained to recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion from ~ 1 million tax evaders and this will not only solve the problem of the farmers of Tamil Nadu (and also of rest of India) very soon but will also solve other problems of India which emanate from lack of funds.

Let us hope that the politicians and media of Tamil Nadu, for change sake, will work in the interest of suffering farmers of TN.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)


Japan and Muslims

Roberto Grao

There are a lot of circumstances given and still giving around terrorist acts we are suffering lately in Europe, including in such circumstances the warped and sectarian reaction from a great part of the left wing, above all in Spain, and about the feeling of guilt they have been able to instill in European society, but I shall confine myself to two of them.

1. We would need another Churchill in Europe so that he warned us and opened our eyes about the Muslim invasion, because they have arrived to conquer, control and subdue Europe, with the help of Islamic countries; in a similar way as he, the great English statesman did it, facing the threat of conquest and subjugation of European countries by Nazi system with its leader A. Hitler at the head, back in the 1940s. We need a statesman with a realistic and future vision to inspire an energetic and decisive reaction of European citizens and sweep away so many lukewarm masons and Christphobic politicians.

2. We should copy Japanese people about not accepting in their country the Islamic propaganda nor Muslims who wanted to live in it, save employees at embassies and the rarest of foreign companies. A draft is attached developing the attitude of Japanese authorities and politicians facing Islam and its terrorist consequence.

Roberto Grao

Independent Forum of Opinion


AIMPLB to discuss providing of 10 million Muslims to US led PKF for Syria

Hem Raj Jain


Mufti Mohammad Ashraf Ali Saheb

Executive Committee Member

All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Bengaluru, India

Sub:- (i)- Open letter (ii)- If undersigned allowed to participate in this meeting it will assist committee members in having a better grasp of the mission.

Thanks for granting me time to meet you in person at 4 PM on April 11, 2017 in response to my following letter to you;

Sub:- India can assist USA in solving Syria problem.

The international law which has permitted USA (without UNSC approval) to carry out missile attack in Syria against the crime of chemical attack on citizens by Prez Assad and his government, the same law as a logical conclusion permits USA (without UNSC approval) to arrest Prez Assad and his government and produce them before International Court for war crime (of using chemical weapons) and simultaneously to fill the vacuum by installing another government in Syria through elections

US military strike of Friday on Syria can be a blessing for Syrians especially (it is assumed that Indian Muslims do not want ISIS and other terrorist organizations to survive in Syria rather they want these terrorists to be eliminated from Syria etc) if Indian Muslims realize their Islamic duty (of helping tens of millions of profusely bleeding and weeping beleaguered Muslims of Syria including their women, children and old people) by offering the service of at least 10 million Indian Muslims (both Sunnis and Shias) through Government of India in ‘US led Peace Keeping Force and Election machinery’ in Syria, as mentioned at:- OR OR

Nothing will be better service of Islam by Indian Muslims ( if they really care for Islam given by Prophet Mohammad through Quran) than volunteering to help ~ 22 million profusely bleeding and weeping beleaguered Muslims of Syria including their women, children and old people (and may be later on the beleaguered Muslims of NAME region).

Moreover this volunteering will not only boost the reputation and political-social-economic clout of Muslims in India (who are getting rough treatment almost like a second class citizen more after ascendancy of Hindutva forces in political scenario of India) but will also bring for Muslims & Islam all over the world a good name (which has been sullied due to ‘Global Radical Islamic Terrorism’ by ISIS etc) as these will be seen as solver of and not the creator of the problems of the magnitude and seriousness as gory Syria problem.


In this meeting following was agreed / said by your goodness:-

(1)- Syria being an oil rich country was living a reasonably comfortable, peaceful and prosperous life before 2011 but the West (mostly European allies led by USA) tried to bring democracy half-heartedly in Syria through ‘Arab Spring’ with the result now Syria is in a gory situation and is suffering immensely. Moreover the international law which has permitted USA (without UNSC approval) to carry out missile attack in Syria last week the same law as a logical conclusion expects USA (even without UNSC approval if Veto is used for UNPKF) to arrest Prez Assad and his government and produce them before International Court for war crime (of using chemical weapons) and simultaneously to fill the vacuum by installing another government in Syria through elections.

(2)- You agreed in principle that Indian Muslims should go (as I suggest in my said letter to you) to Syria not only to bring succor to Syrians but also to boost the moral and confidence of Muslims all over the world (including in India) which has suffered a horrible beating. But you did not agree to carry out demonstration - [under your leadership at Bengaluru (by mostly Muslims) for giving memorandum to Government of India (GOI) for offering ~ 10 million Muslims to ‘US led PKF and Election M/c’ for Syria] - by saying that you are Member of Executive Committee of All India Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) hence it will not be proper for you to do so without directions from AIMPLB.

(3)- But you kindly agreed to write to AIMPLB (attaching my above letter to you) for calling the meeting of Executive Committee to discuss this matter and for giving proper directions. You also said that it will help the cause as members from all over India (from Darul Ulum, prominent religious leaders such as Imams etc, Markazi Jamiat Ahle Hadith Hind, Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Jamiat-e- Ulama-e- Hind, Anjuman Islam etc) are members of Executive Committee of AIMPLB, therefore directions in this matter from AIMPLB will go a long way in mobilizing Muslims from all over India for carrying out said demonstration at District and State headquarters of India.

While again thanking you for kind consideration of this matter I suggest that if you can ask AIMPLB to allow me to participate in the relevant part of the matter in said meeting of Executive Members then it will assist Committee members in having a better grasp of this mission and will facilitate the Executive Members in arriving at proper decision.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

Are we only earth, maybe?

Antonio de Pedro

It appears that only the temporal matters. It seems that we are only guided by the desire to live according to our physiological needs. Where is our spirit? It is as if we were unable to think. And so it is, at least when we accept opinions and promises without checking them, without valuating them previously. There is something as an inclination to get carried away, provided that no effort has to be taken. And this is the most effective way to become formless mass, suitable for being handled by others.

However, to live is already a personal and honest commitment. We are not alone. We have to return whatever parents, teachers and many other fellow men have been made for us, with their well-made work, making our existence more pleasant; we only have to think about everything we take advantage of, such us what we are wearing right now, and so many digital devices usually use, such as mobile phone and so on.

Have we forgotten God in Spain? Are we catholic or not anymore? Have we forgotten that God himself has come down from heaven to save everyone without exception, being always close to everyone to help us? A God who insistently remember us there be heaven and hell, and a terrible and final judgment?

By what right can be banned citizens to remind so many people they love sincerely of these things and communicate to them all?

How little we value life!

Antonio de Pedro

Independent Forum of Opinion