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Help my family; A Pakistani Christian asylum seeker appeals

Shakeela Samuel

My name is Shakeela Samuel; we’re from Pakistan I'm currently living in Malaysia with my husband and 3 children. We left Pakistan due to extreme religious persecution, and terrorist attacks on our churches we had to run for our life.

We fled persecution to believe that Malaysia will be a new start and will be sympathetic to our plight. But unfortunately this country doesn’t seem to accept us either.

In Pakistan we were afraid of getting persecuted, of being arrested, of being killed and here in Malaysia I'm afraid for my children, because if you get sick or fall, no one is here to help you. I'm struggling to buy things for my children.

Last Christmas my daughter, who is 22 years old was taken by the local NGO to a doctor and we found out that she has ‘rheumatic fever', we couldn't get the full treatment because we can't afford it, we need your help to get resettled so my daughter can have access to full treatment.

Living here is difficult because due to our origin country people don't want to be friend with us. It is hard to fit in because we don't know the local language sometimes its hard to even get groceries from the shop.

We are living a desperate life & know we can't even go back to Pakistan, here we are dying and there (in Pakistan) we were dying in different ways. I can't see my children suffer anymore.

Because In the past week my husband (Saleem) had a heart attack due to high stress level, constant fear of persecution and long working hours, he spent 4 days in hospital. There are still some tests Doctor has asked us to do, those tests are quite expensive and are only available at few hospitals in the main city, as on our current identity situation we don't have the facilities to get those tests done.

Because getting resettled is the only way my husband can get his full treatment.

It’s getting really hard for my family to survive mentally and physically. It’s hard to fit in due to local language barrier and people don't befriend with us due to our country of origin and instead call us names and try to humiliate us, I hope you understand.

My work is very far, I go to work by bus, sometimes I don't even have the money to take the bus so I've to stay at home. Life for us is like floating on water, we have no hope to return back and we can't be permanent resident in Malaysia either, we don't belong anywhere.

If we got resettled 'we will be 'Reborn'

Please help us, I've been writing to other organisation and churches out there but no one has replied back, my family needs urgent help.

I hope God will use you for our help, I will be waiting for your positive reply thank you and God bless you.


Shakeela Samuel

Freedom of Sexual orientation

Roberto Grao Gracia

Another principle to defend the gender ideology is that the human being can choose his sexual orientation as he wishes with complete freedom to feel himself physical, emotional and sexually attracted by people of the same sex or the opposite sex, which is a fallacy as the top of a pine.

There is true from any point of view to prosecute this circumstance, the truth is that the human being always born with a particular sex to which must identifies and respect if he wants to live antropho-logically wisely without committing the folly of rejecting it or guiding other people of his same sex.

The human beings aren't animals, beasts or angels, we are rational people endowed with intelligence, will and a particular sex to guide our emotions and our desire for having children and making it we behave as we really are and according to what the nature has given us.

When the legislations of the European countries supported in its legal system the freedom of sexual orientation, they are contributing to the destruction of man without knowing it at best or even worst, they intend to give him a freedom that is not real and it will damage, will hurt or will confuse his personality until the person realizes the absurdity that it is and reacts strongly against it.

G.K. Chesterton, the great English writer said that “it begins rejecting God and ends up destroying the man”. It doesn't mean that it is destroyed totally and immediately but we destroy his hope and his illusion of living gradually. Using this statement, it can be said that when we reject the sex we are given by God through the human nature that we receive or we focus the attraction unduly, the rationality of man is destroyed and it is easier to make any kind of immorality with himself or with other people, it makes to see him like an irrational beast.

Roberto Grao Gracia

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

A cancer that degrades the human being

Clemente Ferrer Roselló

After publishing A quiet revolution, Jesus Trillo-Figueroa launches a new book in which he retraces his main arguments against radical feminism and the corrosive gender ideology. This book provides a comprehensive and authoritative guide about all the influences that have received this anti-humanism.

At the same time, the new book expands the overview and it wins intellectual perspective. Since the introduction, we value the effort of Trillo-Figueroa to unravel the sources that nourish the corrosive gender ideology. On the one hand, according to the author this is a new version of the dialectics proposed by Marxism about women in the place of the working class. The historical review of the author and the readings which support his thesis is laudable: from Marcuse or Aldous Huxley to Germain Gree, the conference of Pekin in 1995 Otom Wolfe and his “ I'm Charlotte Simmons”. Moreover, the degrading gender ideology introduces all the aspirations that today seems to have achieved: abortion rights, promotion of homosexuality and bisexuality, divorce “express” and “gay marriage” or artificial insemination.

Trillo-Figueroa advises of the danger resulting from this terrible gender ideology based on two adages: the man mistreats women and the “gender” are a cultural invention that should disappear. In a first stage, the subhuman gender ideology intends to separate the sex from the sexuality, affection, family and reproduction. In a second stage, it denies the existence of sex and it incites to promiscuity since childhood at the same time. Thes result of this degrading ideology process is the cancellation of sexual identy and therefore the dimension of complementarity between a woman and a man.

The books lets to unmask the authors frauds like Margaret Mead or Alfred Kinsey, whose works have been raised to the status of scientific truth for the defenders of the evil gender ideology. In the biographical compendium of the parents of this erroneous doctrine, Trillo-Figueroa highlights the aspects more pathetic so that the book becomes a mockery against all people who have helped to develop this degrading gender ideology.

Clemente Ferrer Roselló

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Issue of Bishops and controversial remarks by Christian Minister in Punjab government

Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

It is humble request to do justice with poorest Christian denomination’ Bishops. Because Minister of human rights affair, Sardar Tahir Khalil Sindu has announced in Punjab Assembly that he only accepts Catholic Bishops. He did not accept any other denominations’ Bishops. He is doing press conference against other Christian Bishops, he is trying to pollute Christian leadership by saying them fake.

The Holy Bible explains about different Churches “Akklisa”. We think that this Christian minister is not reading the Holy Bible and He does not know about Holy words of God, the creator of heaven and earth. The Holy Bible teaches us different Churches “Akklisa”. Minister Tahir Khalik Sindu must read Bible, if he says that he is Christian minister. But we are sorry for political system of Pakistan who appoints these kinds of leaders who do inhuman attitudes with Human rights. Christianity is already suffering so much because of discriminations. This Christian minister creates denominational discrimination.

He said in the Assembly of Pakistan that he only admits catholic organization Bishop. We admit that Catholic are rich in Pakistan. This Minister Tahir Khalil Sindu respects only rich bishops and he will insult poor denominations bishops. Is it human rights? What he was doing for humanity? in the eye of Minister of Human Rights Affairs, Tahir Khalil that human rights are for rich people only in Pakistan because he is minister?

It is main fact to appeal honorable Sir about his working on wrong side from the position to pollute and blame other denomination Christian Leaders purposely with discrimination. We don’t know what he wants to hide; he crossly comes to pollute other denomination Christian leaders. Even he is minister of Human rights affairs. But he did not consider other denomination as Christian. Why he is interfering in religious affairs even he does not know about Bible.

Why he is doing press conferences against Christian leadership of other denominations who are not catholic. What we understand about Human rights is equal for all denominations and sectarian wise of religions all minorities and majority of country. He might learn human rights for rich only. Is he only considering human to catholic denomination to whom he accept as Bishops. There are so many denominations that have Bishop System in their congregations.

It is so sad to hear and read Tahir Khalil Sindu’ press release and statements in Punjab assembly and newspapers and Christian leader has stoop up against Christianity in Pakistan. It happens first time in Pakistan. Is he considering that catholic is only Christian? He must read the Holy Bible that explains different churches in Bible. Politician did not enter in religion and spiritual matter of Christian. It is totally different world, politic is worldly and Spirituality is divine.

It is question to the Government of Pakistan. we expect from Human rights Affairs Minister to create Atmosphere of brotherhood and Nationalism but he is creating atmosphere of discrimination.

Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

On the art of dialogue

Agustin Perez

In our society we have a paradox: on one hand the prevailing individualism that weakens the development and stability of the links between people, including family ties, and on the other the presence of the word dialogue as a ‘solution’ to all evils in public life. Only that in this case it is used as a tactic to defeat the other.

The Dictionary of the Royal Academy defines the word dialogue as: “Conversation between two or more people, which in turn express their ideas or feelings”; and, in another sense: “Discussion or treatment in search of compromise”. Clearly there is a lack of dialogue, whether between public figures, between parents and children, between teachers and students, or between the administration and citizens.

Let us note some features of this art, which sometimes can be difficult, because of the subjectivity and the defense of self-interest:

a) Cultivate Listening: You listen to understand, because without listening there is attitude no dialogue: at most, juxtaposed monologues. Be willing to listen to what the other is saying and as he is saying, ‘what is being said’, ‘how it is being said’, ‘who says it’. Experience shows that we need to exercise the art of listening, which is more than hearing, and that helps us to find the appropriate gesture and word.

b) Clarity in the presentation: use of reason to expose personal judgment, positive sense to generate closeness and encounter with the other; away from any imposition of one’s opinion, and without accepting the imposition of others.

c) Put yourself in the place of another, in one more step of listening, it is seeing the subject of conversation from the point of view of the other. We often hear with the filter of our own point of view, preparing arguments to refute, without paying due attention to the values behind the arguments. In the disputable issues, the ability to concede to the other person. Thinking differently should not prevent dialogue.

d) Review of the approach itself: having heard the other, valued its position, be prepared to modify the criteria itself, if it is deserved: flexibility. Somehow, dialogue is a filter to assess the position and perhaps to reaffirm your own personal criteria: the contributions of others can also be valuable.

e) Humility: in that contribution of ideas that the dialogue is incorporating, it is good to be willing to recognize what has to be corrected, without insisting on the same. It is always difficult to act, coupled with honesty, but it is to provide a clearer view of reality. The same virtue will clearly defend their own positions when necessary.

f) Truthfulness: refers to reality. Clear and frank exposition without twists in an atmosphere of mutual trust, knowing that not all opinions are comparable, and that there are truths that we must learn to transmit. All it presided over by a fair correspondence.

Synonyms of the communication instrument of the dialogue are the terms: conversation, talk, chat, exchange, discussion, interview and debate; although each has its own particular nuances: from friendly conversation to heated discussion. The agreement, compromise or consensus that can result from the dialogue is the result of the ability of dialoguing, on the strength of their arguments and their adjustment to reality. Relativism which suggests that all ideas have equal value, is a mistake to discard; just like ruling out the ‘false consensuses as practiced in politics, the result of a ‘quasi-commercial’ mood. The critical sense will help navigate this stormy sea.

Agustín Pérez

Independent Forum of Opinion; Spain