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Letter To Editor

Judgment of A Judge

Roberto Grao Gracia
Dear Editor:

On August 4, 2010, the judge Vaughn Walker of the State of California (USA), who declared himself homosexual, passed a sentence declaring unconstitutional proposition 8 that consist in the prohibition on same-sex marriage in the U.S. Constitution. This proposition was approved by a referendum held on November 5, 2008. It was claiming that the ban of gay marriage violates the right to non-discrimination established in the 14th Amendment to the U.S Constitution. Basically, the arguments of Judge Walker are the following:

Although it is true that there is a sentence of 1972 of the Supreme Court that declares that prohibit homosexual marriages did not violate the Constitution, the "social status" about marriage has changed a lot over the nearly 40 years since then. As a result, we cannot "blindly" apply the approach set out in that sentence.

As everyone recognizes, marriage is a fundamental right.

Gay marriage is not a "new right" that could be granted or not, but it is "a new way of exercising that right" already existing to marriage.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees a non-discriminatory treatment to all citizens, so we can not deny homosexuals the access to marriage for the simple fact of being homosexual.

Finally, the argument of most political significance: regarding to the fact that Proposition 8 (ban) was approved by the citizens of California, Judge Walker ruled that

Fundamental rights can not be subject neither a vote nor can depend on the outcome of an election.

Examining the arguments alleged by Judge Walker, some of his claims may contradict such as: what is and who determines the "social consideration"? Why apply a criterion recognized by a court and not legally modified over time? Do this is to do it blindly? Is it not rather an example of consistency with the previous jurisprudence? Who is the judge to substantiate a judgment in the subjective criterion of a possible and changing social consideration that another judge could consider differently and contradictory?

He said that gay marriage "is a new way of exercising that right." Here we should turn that nation's constitutions identify clearly what is marriage in order to avoid misunderstandings and random interpretations of judges and courts dependent on social considerations more or less invented. Thus, the problem of how the fundamental rights are defined is posed. In my opinion, there are two ways to define basic human rights such as marriage: 1) it is accepted what God says through his son Jesus Christ: Have you not read from the beginning the Creator "made them male and female"? and said, "For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh?"(Matthew, 19, 4-5) and 2) or a group of illustrious citizens gathered in assembly would have to determine it. They would say more or less what we all know and the history of the peoples has always confirmed: "Marriage is the marital union between the man and woman to love each other, have descendants and help each other along the life." Then this definition was endorsed by the rest of the citizens. Every marriage should be able to fulfill these three fundamental conditions: love each other, have children and help each other to the vicissitudes and adversities of life.

Because the allegation that it is a new way of exercising that right could take us very far or even to the absurd or aberrant, as for example, that was required as a new way to exercise the right to marriage, do it between a man with several women or several men, or vice versa; or even it would possible the marriage with animals of the same or different sex, such as "new forms of exercise that right" to marriage.

Let's see the latest and most important of the allegations: "fundamental rights can not be subject neither vote nor may depend on the outcome of a vote."

This is a real fallacy because these rights were required in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, agreed and proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly, in its resolution 217, A, III of December 10, 1948 by vote of its member countries, in a democracy, because in it, rightly or wrongly, nothing escapes to the will of the majorities. Another thing is that some of those rights afforded by popular elections are morally fair or not, or are not sufficiently determined or specified to prevent false or arbitrary interpretations.

Mr. Judge Walker makes a mistake or tries to "look after one's own interests", defending with exquisiteness, legal and evidently false, his own existential stance in this matter.

Roberto Grao Gracia

Independent Forum of Opinion


Failed Abortion

José Antonio Calvo
Dear Editor,

In 2000, 19-years-old Gianna Jessen explained her life to a of U.S. congressmen group: "my biological mother was 17 years old and was 7 and half months pregnant when she decided to abort me by the process of saline injection. I am the person that she aborted. I lived instead of dying. My mother was at the clinic and doctors programmed the abortion at 9 in the morning. Fortunately, the abortionist was not in the clinic when I was born at 6 am on April 6 1977. I hurried. I am sure that if he had been there, I wouldn't be here today because his job is to end life and not save it. Some people say that I am a "failed abortion; the result of a badly done job."

This is the summary of her life. But this would not be a complete story if we do not know the life of her mother. A journalist finds her and got the interview. Her name is Tina and told her that a member of her family tried to rape her as a child. When she was 10 her parents divorced. In adolescence and young adulthood she felt a sense of abandonment and lack of affection that caused her depression and anxiety. She suffered from compulsive overeating disorder and weighed 145 kg. She became depressed again but this time she have decided to not to eat and weighed 55 kg. In these circumstances she met a young man and fell in love of him. He left her pregnant and disappeared. She wanted to have the child, to the point of becoming vegetarian to ensure child's health. But her "friends" and "family" advised her to abort. And the main instigator of abortions in the US arrived: Planned Parenthood. We assume the other part of the history, until we relates it with the start of the story...

José Antonio Calvo

Independent Forum of Opinion


After Protestant now Catholic Church properties on sale in Pakistan

reader PCP

Is anyone there? Who can save Christian’s (Catholic) Property in Pakistan (Karachi). Those properties which were given to Catholic Community for welfare’s work in the society. There were orphan girl’s hostel, charity home of Mother Teresa, Dominican house, and some other convents. But now day by day our own people are selling these properties illegally and other nation’s people are taking over illegally. We do not know that where are our Catholic or Christian leaders? And why they are quiet? Can anyone awake our Catholic or Christian leaders? The area where it is happening is (Catholic Colony). I am looking for all Pakistani Christian’s Groups, Moments, and Leagues.

Please share and spread this message as much as you can.

For more detail and information please visit [In charge St. Joseph’s Society for the physically & Mentally Handicated Catholic Colony no. 1, M. A. Jinnah road Karachi. Pakistan.

Low Birth Rate and Crisis

Isabel Costa
I remember that in late 60s a Neo Malthusian theory came into fashion. According to this, if the population growth had continued the pace of recent years, it would have caused a phenomenon that in those years it was considered terrifying: before the year 2000 hundreds of millions of people would have died of hunger because of lack of resources.

These theories widely disseminated by leftist sectors became fashionable by proposing once again the catastrophic prophecies of P.R. Ehrlich. This argued that the world population growth rate was too high and we had to stop it, otherwise before the year 2000 tens of millions of people would die of hunger especially in Asia, China and India.

The reality is that they not only have not died of hunger, but they have begun to be richer than us holding up our economy.

In the 80s, the developed world blocked the population growth from 4.5 % to a progressive fall to 0% in Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan. A zero population growth does not mean having no children, but means having two children per couple, which is the replacement rate. However, it causes the freezing of the population increase and produces a very important change: there are fewer young people entering in the productivity world and there are more people that come out of the world of work by old age.

This situation is causing on the one hand a lower productivity and on the other hand a detail of the development cycle: fixed costs increase and seriously threat the retirement pensions of people who can no longer produce. At the same time the possibility of eliminating that part of population by euthanasia is considered.

This increase in fixed costs also makes very difficult to reduce taxes because they inevitably increase these costs. In view of this situation debit growth strategies have been adopted, especially getting into debt families and creating a dramatic economic crisis.

As E. Gotti concludes in one of his writings: many years ago we thought that if we had not children, we would be richer, we would be better. However, the opposite has occurred: we have become poorer and we will be bad for a long time if we do not deflate this borrowing system and if we do not allow birth at least to conceived children.

Isabel Costa

Independent Forum of Opinion

Huesca, Spain

Profession and Elections

"It is true that vocations help man to develop. But it is equally necessary to develop vocations."(A. SAINT-EXUPERY. Wind, Sand and Stars)

The choice of profession is a future project. It is important to know what you want and have courage to look for it. Man's capacity is limited. Doing something effectively requires focusing on something concrete until acquire operative habits. We are not generally effective. We have efficiency into a particular field. Profession requires specialization: it is necessary to be expert in something to be efficient and successful.

There are a lot of professions, but we must choose only one. The right choice that is made in its initiation (profession and workplace) is critical to the performance of professional life. It is understood not only from an economic viewpoint but also from the satisfaction or personal development. The social development degree of the individual also influences in the choice of work. In a society that needs increasing levels of knowledge and cultural preparation, if the family does not prevent that need, it will limit the opportunities of its components.

Every profession has proper characteristics that we need to know to check their adaptation with personal skills. If we execute activities within the field of own qualities, it will be most likely to succeed professionally. Individual choice of a job is determined by many factors: education, vocational training, personal dedication, consistency in effort, demand for generic activities or specific jobs within each period of life and the condition to mobility of work, not only companies but also for the city.

The success in work is connected with character and individual abilities: adaptation between skills and tasks. If we have abilities for work, the performance, in proportion to the effort, will be greater than if we had not those skills. Personal interest in the daily work also plays an important role, because if interest does not exist, even having skills to do it, nothing will be started. Sometimes the interest and enthusiasm are more important than the skills for professional performance.


Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.
You can send your comments on
E-Mails nazirbhattipcc@aol.com


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Judgment of A Judge
Failed Abortion
After Protestant now Catholic Church properties on sale in Pakistan
Low Birth Rate and Crisis
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