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Letter To Editor

A Birds Eye View on the Reality

Salmoon Shamaun
I would like bestow blessings to your good self. Below are the few lines related current situation of the Christians of Pakistan.

I ask to All Pakistanis now, where is the Human values gone, Where is the Humanity in this Mother Land of Pakistan. Not many people knows this country is surviving through the heart felt sacred prayers of the People of God living in this country, We are rightly called the Holy Nation and Royal Denomination according to the Bible.

The blood of the persecuted Christian yelling from the soil of Pakistan, I believe one day come the blood of the Christians martyrs bring colors in the nation.

Few people knows today, our Christian leaders of the past at the time of partition of India and Pakistan, gave his sacred and sincere votes in favor of Pakistan, so in that way the British Empire, separate the land and Pakistan came into being in 14,August 1947. This is the original and true history which not ever published in texts books syllabuses and in not ever brought in print media.

Christians have a special part in every life’s sector, especially in Medical and Education, Our Teachers of the Past taught Pakistani nation and gave medical treatment always in this country, Nobody regards ever of this special services of the Christian People.

Education Institutes and Medical Institutes are the Identical Marks of the Christianity here in this region ever, it Glorify the Name of Jesus Christ. Christian really proud about that.

So Sad today, Pakistan ignore the Services of the Christian People of Pakistan, But the Christian Nation the People of Jesus Christ, would never ever forget to Pray for the safety and development of the Mother Country. Amen.

God bless Pakistan and Protect Pakistani Christians. Amen

Salmoon Shamaun Pk.

Study Problems

Arturo Ramo García
Dear Editor,

The media and public opinion talk about the serious problem of the failure at school of students and the low results in the international assessment tests.

Nowadays students face several problems in the study and need the help of parents and teachers to overcome them. We can highlight the lack of interest to any subject, the lack of a place to study, the lack of a schedule, and the absence of study techniques.

One problem is the lack of interest in any subject; I mean that they do not found meaning to what they are studying. They often ask: what is this for? What gives me again? When students do not like a subject or do not find meaning, it is difficult to apply their force of will and study hardly. That is why parents and teachers have to look for reasons to see the positive and enriching side of the subject and all cultural content.

Another problem for the study is the lack of a positive climate or place to concentrate, understand the subjects, reflect and memorize the contents. To do all of this, a suitable place, full silence and if possible the examples of other students are needed. It seems that these conditions are found in libraries and study rooms of universities, university colleges and cultural centers. Likewise, parents must put all the means to the students will be able to find a positive place of study in their own room, avoiding any type of noise, such as telephones, radio and mainly without television.

Some students do not know organize their work and lack a flexible schedule of study. It is important to set an hour to begin to study and put all the will power to do it. It is also good to make a list of tasks with lessons to study, exercises of homework or exam preparation. Once you have made the list, the paragraphs are sorted and work begins.

Finally, the lack of some study techniques is often a major problem to achieve good performance. Although each student has his personal way of study, it is advisable dominate some general forms of study. The usual steps are the reading comprehension, the analysis of the text looking for the main ideas (underlined text), the organization of them (with an outline or summary) and the memorizing of all the content. We can found effective study skills at schools and Internet.

All the effort of parents, teachers and students to solve the abovementioned problems will be very positive to eradicate the scourge of failure at school and obtain the personal and professional success that everybody want.

Arturo Ramo García

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

When Pakistan will remain away from the takeover from Jihadis?

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Editor

How long a country like Pakistan (where a Christian couple was burnt alive this week by Muslim crowd on the pretext that those Christian husband and wife committed blasphemy against Islam) will remain away from the take-over by Jihadis like ISIS / Al -Queda (with the support of Jihadis of Pakistan), is any body's guess.

If world community has still not woken up to this fundamentalist's threat to a nuclear country, where ISIS etc will get extra motivated at the possibility of PAK nukes falling in their hands, then there can only be one explanation that mankind is suffering from suicidal tendencies.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, India

Two Cities

Dear Editor:

It seems that in our world have originated two opposite thoughts with resonance to Saint Augustine. Many people are attracted to the Catholic Church in view of the image of unity in doctrine and the moral authority of its teachings. However, we see that Catholics fall into the infidelity, are absorbed by moral relativism and leave the religious practice. The outside noise can override the inner silence that faith needs to grow.

The respect for human life from conception to death; the dignity of the person; the central character of the family or the sanctity of marriage and the solidarity are determining factors for that dilemma. In this game we must not forget the pressure exerted by the media content, as on their programs as on advertising, which contributes to the loss of moral or the strength of family values, perhaps without the person is aware of its influence.

In many cases it seems that the faith has ceased to have the support of the reading doctrine of the Sacred Scripture. Pope John Paul II in his letter "At the beginning of the new millennium", is still saying that "it would be a contradiction to settle for a mediocre life, lived according to a minimalist ethic and a superficial religiosity". The childhood experience of walking on the edge of the pavement shows us how the road disappear but in the case of the faith is not a game.

In that letter, the Pope John Paul II continues warning that according to this practice would not be mediocre Christians, but "Christians with risk" which "would be the insidious risk that their faith will gradually erode, and perhaps they will surrender to the seduction of the substitutes, even welcoming alternative religious proposals and tolerating extravagant forms of superstition."

The personal experience will show examples of these situations that would surely not have been produced from one moment to another. For example, the fall in the temptation of evil or the election of an inappropriate behavior model is not something sudden, it happens little by little. First, there is something insignificant, then injected of moral relativism, is transformed into something that move us away from the first way, displacing the old habits in other new that makes us a different person.

The ability to act with principles that ensure the dignity of the person has deteriorated. For example, we have shortly gone from the respect for human life to widespread abortion, research of embryonic stem-cell artificially fertilized and then sacrificed and euthanasia. We have made that marriage is the contract less consistent; to be able to be broken by the mere will of any of the parties. A Copernican revolution that some people may find themselves vulnerable to the misconception that it is an inexorable change of the development of the times.

Perhaps, the replacement of the personal ambition for the collectivism, of the truth for the relativism is the more relevant transformation in our times. We have been instilled that beliefs are to be relegated to the personal and intimate field. As a result of this people retract to express or transmit to others their convictions, and worse when such transmission is omitted in the family. In this breeding ground of the loss of identity, the unbelief carries its roots. If we have something in the heart it has to be transmitted. The inaction shows our weakness of faith.

The crossroads that leads us to the two cities is complex since it repeated from one stretch to another and indicators may not be sufficiently explicit. For this reason, we must take the risk in the best decision, knowing that the risk of loosing grows when we are not awake and drowse by siren sons: what is close enough to touch to the light is hidden and deletes in the twilight.


Independent Forum of Opinion


Imam’s invite to Nawaz not Modi, has profound implications due to ISIS factor and Pakistan internationalizing Kashmir

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Editor,

Sub:- (i)- Imam exercised freedom of expression by inviting Nawaz but not Modi (ii)- Imam has become most important voice for harassed Indian Muslims (iii)- Thus highlighted victimization of Indian Muslims will strengthen ISIS supporters (iv)- Nawaz can further internationalize Kashmir by visiting India on Imam’s invitation and meeting separatists (v)- Separatists in J&K will exercise influence for Nawaz to visit India and meet them (vi)- Hardliners in Pakistan will pressurize Nawaz to visit India (vii)- India underestimated power of Islam and paid price through partition (viii)- Only solution for India is to go global by joining coalition forces with Indian boots on ground in NAME against ISIS.

This is an age of IPL where cricketers from all the cricket playing countries come to play in India and Indians enjoy and appreciate the game of talented cricketers irrespective of their nationality. Similarity in this age of Globalization the politics of talented politicians should also be appreciated without identity of religion, class, castes, language region, nation etc.

If there was one fantastic political master stroke in post Independent India then it was by BJP (and its Sangh Parivar) when it raised Ram Janmbhoomi - Babri Masjid controversy (resulting in demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992 and attended riots including 2002 Gujarat massacre in which mostly thousands of innocents Muslims lost their lives) and which has brought BJP on its own majority in Government of India (GOI) headed by PM Modi and in power in many States . Now the second political master stroke has been dealt by Imam Bukhari of Jama - Masjid, Delhi by inviting Pak PM Nawaz but not Indian PM Modi at his son’s anointment as Deputy Imam and which has a potential of equally profound implications for Indian subcontinent as given below, IF NAWAZ COMES TO INDIA in November end on this invitation :-

(1)- Imam Bukhari exercised constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression by inviting Nawaz but not Modi. This is a very simple but most powerful way of expressing Imam’s displeasure and grievance against Modi whom Imam and many Indian Muslims still consider (notwithstanding law enforcing mechanism of Indian State’s position) responsible for 2002 Gujarat massacre and for neglecting Muslim interests by GOI under Modi’s leadership.

(2)- To the surprise and chagrin of most of Hindus and Muslim poster boys (who are in various political parties and also appear in media etc for the purpose of giving an impression that everything is more or less satisfactory for Muslims in India), Imam with this master stroke has now become the most important voice (in addition to many other small voices) for ~ 200 millions harassed Indian Muslims.

(3)- India (especially Hindus) should not forget that ISIS came in existence because governments of Sunni Muslim countries of the region (Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt etc) could not get justice to Sunni Muslims of Syria and Iraq. Sunnis are 85 % of global Muslim population and same in Indian subcontinent too. Though ISIS committed blunder in Iraq and Syria by indulging in brutalities on civilians and in war crimes (otherwise by this time ISIS would have taken entire non-Ayatollah Sunni Muslim world by ideological, religious and spiritual storm). But Al-Queda which is trying to present a moderate alternative to ISIS will not succeed in Indian sub-continent unless it establish its credentials in military matters (like of ISIS). Therefore any human rights friendly ISIS like group (with enviable military credentials as of ISIS) can still gulp Afghanistan (after US withdrawal), half (if not full) Pakistan (except Punjab and may be Sindh, in first stage) and POK and can establish ‘Islamic State of New Khorasan’ (ISNK) in this region. Therefore this highlighted victimization of Indian Muslims through Imam Bukhari will strengthen ISIS supporters in Indian subcontinent, also due to the fact that ~ 1,000 socio - religious - political leaders have reportedly been invited by Imam Bukhari on this occasion also from foreign countries including from important Muslim countries too.

(4)- It is not important that - [ though most of the problems faced by Indian Muslims (as explained in Sachchar-Committee-report etc) can be solved by filing such and other writ petitions by Muslims in Supreme Court of India (SCI) for (i)- Restoring the status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (ii)- Getting justice to victims of Gujarat 2002 massacre through writ related to Section 130 & 131 CrPc (iii)- Getting reservation laws (which are discriminatory against Muslims) repealed under Article 13 & 14 of Constitution - But Muslims are not moving SCI because they do not want to solve their problems for the reasons best known to them only (may be due to some hidden agenda of Islam which want to destroy democracy & secularism in India or even Indian State)] -What is important is the popular perception which this Imam's master stroke will create all over the world where Indian Muslims will be seen as victimized people (and in politics what mostly matters is perception and not so much the facts)

(5)- For Pakistan - [which is already trying very hard to internationalize Kashmir issue, especially after India cancelled August, 25 Indo - Pak Foreign Secretaries talks on the pretext that Pak High Commissioner, despite India’s objections, met Kashmiri separatists before these talks] - this controversy created by Imam, is a windfall. PM Nawaz can further internationalize Kashmir issue by visiting India on Imam’s invitation and by meeting Kashmiri separatists at Delhi.

(6)- If GOI puts hurdle in this Nawaz visit Pakistan will welcome it because it will be all the more better for Pakistan propaganda and for the internationalization of Kashmir issue by Pakistan. The BJP may try to clip the wings of Imam Bukhari by asking some Muslims to file case against him in court challenging his Imamiyat of Jama Masjid Delhi - [This case will be based generally on arguments which Asaduddin Owaisi President of ‘All India Majalis-e-ittehadul Muslimeen’ presented on TV channel on Thursday before Bukhari the younger brother of Imam Bukhari where Owaisi said that Jama Masjid New Delhi is Waqf property and Bukhari is occupying its Imamiyat illegally] - but it will not only take time to dislodge Imam Bukhari from Jama Masjid Delhi through court order but also such court case will add further fuel to the fire which is being presently spread by Imam Bukhari.

(7)- India’s interpretation of PM Nawaz not meeting separatists in May, 2014 (when he came during oath taking ceremony of PM Modi) is legally untenable because it was a goodwill gesture of Nawaz in his personal capacity (but Kashmir is not a personal issue of Nawaz). It was neither informed to people of Pakistan nor to people of India that Nawaz has agreed for not meeting Kashmiri separatists due to Pak acceptance of entire J&K as integral part of India (hence separatists has no locus-standi, as per India). Because this Indian stand was not discussed in India and Pakistan at all the forums (in media too including in international media) before Nawaz came to Delhi in May, 2014 - this Indian stand is untenable as per international law (especially given the fact that Pakistan tried to take Kashmir militarily in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc and as per media reports Islam has laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims for Kashmir)

(8)- Separatists in J&K will obviously like Nawaz to visit India on Imam’s invitation and meet them at Delhi especially in view that it is election period in J&K and such meeting of Kashmiri separatists with Nawaz during this election period will have immense impact on the election results in J&K (also in view of the fact that people’s representatives of J&K through Legislative Council passed resolution on August, 29 urging GOI to resume talks with Pakistan). Even Imam Bukhari challenged (during TV interview on Thursday) - will India never talk to Pakistan ?

(9)- It will be a miracle if Indian Kashmiri separatists (APHC etc) do not work assiduously (through their links in Pakistan) to bring pressure on Nawaz to visit India on this invitation of Imam. But most important will be the role of hardliners (in political parties, military, ISI, Jihadis, NGOs of Hafiz Saeed etc) in Pakistan in this entire matter who will pressurize Nawaz very hard to visit India on this invitation of Imam.

(10)- Indians especially Hindus are pathetically incapable of understanding the influence on Muslims of Islam (which unlike other religions believes in controlling temporal power of State and politics). India grossly underestimated the power of Islam and paid heavy price through partition of India in 1947. It is clear to any perspicacious observer that presently India is again underestimating Islam. Whether Indians like it or not but the only solution left for India, as I mentioned in my earlier letters, is to go global by joining coalition forces with mainly Indian boots on ground in NAME against ISIS by taking commitment from USA & its Allies that they will work for :-

(i)- Replacing veto system to voting system in UNSC based on formula commensurate with contribution of men, material and money by each member to UN and record of member’s human rights (ii)- Replacing Optional Protocol OP-1 of ICCPR with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 so that UN may intervene even militarily through UNPKF in case of serious violation of human rights in erring member countries and (iii)- Launching the mechanism of ‘International Political Parties’ (IPP) registered at UNEC.

Your truly

Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, India

Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.
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A Birds Eye View on the Reality
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When Pakistan will remain away from the takeover from Jihadis?
Two Cities
Imam’s invite to Nawaz not Modi, has profound implications due to ISIS factor and Pakistan internationalizing Kashmir
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