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Environmental Pressures

Arturo Ramo

It is often said that some parents tend to disengage from their children’s education. This translates into “giving up” or resigning the parent role.

The exercise of a parent’s authority tends to encounter various difficulties, whether it is due to a parent’s personal education (e.g. lack of clear cut criteria, patience, firmness, or serenity), or due to their children’s education (e.g. lack of love and respect for elders). However, nowadays it is notably environmental pressures that tend to have a stronger influence.

The following are examples of factors that influence a parent’s authority in a negative manner: the behavior of other parents; the lack of positive mass media; arbitrariness as the standard; the limited cultural content on television; the movies; Internet; confusion caused by doctrines; the rise of eroticism; the manipulation of advertisements; the confusion between tolerance and the abdication of rights and obligations; etc.

Are all environmental influences negative? Of course not, the mass media can also contribute in building critical thinking and maturity in a person.

On some occasions, environmental media do not seek to distort users, but neither to educate them. One example is advertising, since its main goal is to sell more than one product, and not to sell it in the best way possible. An educator, for example, seeks to spend better and not necessarily spend more. The goals of the consumerist society and those of the educational society are not the same. After watching television commercial ads, parents find it more difficult to create an austere family environment.

On other occasions even, environmental pressures directly go against education. Eroticism and pornography, other than generating abundant income for its promoters, they consciously degrade human values.

Due to these and other environmental pressures, nowadays the exercise of parental authority has become more difficult. This is why it is even more important to reflect upon the education of our children and collaborate with teachers of education centers to carry out the difficult task of educating (Translated by Gianna A. Sanchez Moretti).

Arturo Ramo

Independent Forum of Opinion

Atheistic Manifestation

Isabel Costa

Not long ago some people who call themselves atheists (they do not believe in God) made a demonstration. However, between the phrases that they shouted, they gave to understand clearly that believe in him, because most of the times in their cries they were saying that shit on him. Therefore, they are saying that they believe, because nobody in its right mind attacks someone who does not exist.

What they must disturb a lot is that none of them can prove scientifically that there is no God, and the only solution is to attack the cures. The non-existence of God is impossible to demonstrate. It is much easier to prove its existence than the contrary.

Sometimes it seems that we live in a country where people are poorly educated because they can not respect the positions of others, they are radical as Islamists and then, a small minority goes out to the streets in order to attack those who think differently. Over the years we have democracy, it is time to let people think like they want and we must learn not to insult those who think different.

They also attack the military, but I think that in that case it would be more effective that they go to manifest to the Ministry of Defense, we will see if they convince Ms. Chacon.

Perhaps it would be good to know that the centers of aid to the needy of the church have helped in the savings of the State:

1.004 centers with 51.312 beds: outpatients departments, dispensaries, old people’s home, centers for the disabled and terminally ill Aids patient (The State saves 4 million Euros per hospital per year)

107 hospitals (the State saves 50 million Euros per hospital per year)

Caritas y Manos Unidas expenses (the State saves 198 million Euros, these are donations of Spanish people)

365 Re-education Centers for social outcasts: ex-prostitutes, ex-convict y ex-drug addicts. (The state saves half a million Euros per center)

937 orphanage for 10.835 abandoned children (The State saves 100.000 million Euros per center)

All this is managed by people who work in Caritas, Manos Unidas, etc. they are volunteers and do not receive anything for this work.

Can you tell me what other non-Catholic religious attend such things? Or what political party or union has soups kitchens to help the needy?

There is a saying that says: “actions speak louder than words.” Is there someone who can contract this?

Isabel Costa

Independent Forum of Opinion

Govt fail to control price hike in RAMZAN

ashfaq Sharif

It is very regret and disappointment why Govt authority failed to control the prices specially in holy month of Ramzan to give relief middle and lower income group, as all types of vendors think to earn double profit their born right in the month of Ramzan.

See before holy month of Ramzan prices and During holy month of Ramzan prices every common can judge but Govt is sleeping and not interested to take immediate steps only think when price control committee fix prices which is enough, but see who obey these prices and selling?

Prices high specially in the month of Ramzan are as followings

a. Fruits

b. Vegetable

c. Chicken

d. Meats

e. Oil & ghee

If any traders making foolish the consumers and saying this price hike from back than how one can justify who responsible for this, why you increase your profit in holy month of Ramzan to convert your sins in good deeds, you doing charity – social works – helping needy or perform umra or hajj ( than no value ) in the eyes of God with is black money of double profit, Islam also hate and dis-courage this devil practice.

I must say non-believers of WEST are better than Muslims of Pakistan as they reduce the prices especially in Christmas so not a single poor person can’t deprive from this important festival but in Pakistan trend is to increase the prices since beginning of Raman and reach it peak during Ramzan, shame on such traders and vendors.

When Govt authority will awake and control the prices and those traders who caught over charging must be fined? When start this campaign which is the dream for every Pakistani?

I suggest that KCCI & FPCCI both together work for giving 25 special award “ greedy Ramzan Traders “ to those firms who earned leading profit in Ramzan so the entire nation knew who is the black sheep that rise prices in ramzan. This award such be given on 14th August.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)


Open letter to NIAC: Iran can turn table on USA, Israel, SaAr etc by solving Palestinian & NAME problems

Hem Raj Jain

Thanks for your email to me in response to my given article: You will appreciate that presently Iran is facing most serious problems on three fronts (i)- Iran nuclear deal with USA etc (ii)- Palestine problem due to USA shifting its Embassy to Jerusalem and (iii) Huge bloodshed and loss of lives in NAME region (including Syria). All these three problems can be solved for which Iran should start the process of solution to these problems by first taking peaceful march to Jerusalem as mentioned in my article Or

It goes without saying that if NIAC takes interest rather takes lead in this matter [also by motivating and mobilizing leaders of various fields (like economic, political, social, religious, journalism, academic, NGOs etc) in Iran] then this mission regarding solution of Palestine problem can be accomplished easily, by peaceful march as mentioned in my said article.

I have mentioned in said published article that – “[Volunteers should be taken from all Muslim countries preferably proportional to their population, including from India which has ~ 200 million Muslims, the ~ 11 % of global Muslim population]” - which comes to about one hundred thousand volunteers from India (out of ~ 1 million volunteers from all over the world) for Palestine solution.

But it will be better if double the numbers (about two hundred thousand) volunteers are taken from India for the solution of Palestine and ~ 1million for rehabilitation of displaced in NAME region because (i)- Indians are expert in carrying out peaceful non-violent march (out of their experience of non-violent independence struggle against Britishers and out of their experience of 70 years of secular democracy in India after independence where such peaceful marches are carried out all over India every alternate day by Indians including by Indian Muslims) (ii)- One day India will recover $ ~ 15 Trillion huge State-capital ( which will, sooner than later, make India top-class world power (economic and military) hence participation of Indians (with such enhanced clout) will be a guarantee for the success of this mission.

If NIAC takes interest in this mission and if NIAC thinks that I can be useful in mobilizing ~ 200 million Indian Muslims (for providing ~ two hundred thousand volunteers for Palestine solution and ~ 1 million volunteers for rehabilitation of displaced in NAME) then I am prepared to do so. For this I will have to go to Muslim populated areas all over India (may be such 50 places on the average 2 places in 25 States of India) which I can do. This will not cost much for NIAC because I can travel by train and buses [preferably by car arranged by NIAC (which will save precious time) along with 1 or 2 companions suggested by NIAC, preferably minimum one Sunni and one Shia] and we can stay in Mosques or other Muslim charitable institutions (which can take care of our boarding and lodging at these places).

Once Hindu majority India provides (under the banner of NIAC or otherwise) about two hundred thousand volunteers (Sunni & Shia Muslims, Hindus etc) for Palestine solution and ~ 1 million volunteers for rehabilitation of displaced in NAME then other countries (mostly Muslims) from all over the world will have to come forward to provide remaining volunteers (even more from India if NIAC wants) for this mission. I hope NIAC will consider my proposal and will do the best for the solution of said all the three problems in an effective and peaceful way.

By realizing this mission NIAC & Iran will not only solve said three problems presently being faced by Iran (and also by Palestine and NAME) but will also pave the way for ‘International Political Parties’ (registered at UN) without which (in addition to global currency with proper asset-back) the inevitable, imperative and desirable globalization (due to unprecedented advance in science & technology) is impossible.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Shakopee, Minnesota, USA

Presently at: Bengaluru, Karnatak

The Octave for Christian Unity

Federico Gómez Pardo

Each year the Catholic Church celebrates the Octave for Christian Unity. Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI have devoted many efforts to ecumenism in general, and in particular to the unity of churches who believe that God exists between different persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They also believe that the Son assumed human nature about two thousand years ago by intervening in the humanity history as Jesus Christ.

It would be a mistake to think that such unity can be achieved through a religious syncretism which takes things from all of them, or as a kind of give-and-take where one another yield in important doctrinal issues. In my opinion, this is about we try to be faithful to the gospel message and seek with humility the identification with Christ, where we can be part of one flock with one shepherd.

On the occasion of this octave, the daily newspaper "The Vanguard" interviewed Brother Roger, Prior of Taize (a religious community of ecumenical character) many years ago. He was asked about the unity of different Christian confessions and he responded that it was good to pray for this intention, but we could do something else: "start to live the unity between Catholics". I believe such words are still part of the present.

Lately opinion groups of believers, theologians and priests, with very persistent characters, which frequently oppose to decisions of the hierarchy or to specific points of church teaching have begun to proliferate within the Church. We have a recent sample in the position of various Catalans religious about the new abortion law promoted by the government. Some of these religious are highly relevant and we have already been given extensive information in the Forum Libertas. It is true that bishops also disagree sometimes, but this usually happens in debatable issues. Essentially, they have always shown great unity with the Pope in matters of faith and ethics. I do not think that Jesus Christ's divinity, women’s ordination, church’s democratization, homosexual relations or abortion acceptance in some cases are matters of opinion. I do not think that these discrepancies are good for ecumenism and for the desired unity.

If we are believers seize the Octave for prayer for Christian unity and also for catholic unity. We must try to be very faithful to the Pope’s teachings, whoever he is, and the bishops in communion with him.

Federico Gómez Pardo

Independent Forum of Opinion