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Letter To Editor

Crimes of constitutional authorities of government of Rajasthan and government of India are being condoned

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Sir / Madam

It is a matter of shame for the concerned authorities of government of Rajasthan and government of India (who are responsible for running train on Delhi - Mumbai railway route and for maintaining law & order in Rajasthan and for ensuring that Rajasthan government functions as per constitution) that the railway services on this Delhi-Mumbai route (at Pilukapura, Bharatpur) has not been restored so far causing problem and inconvenience to tens of millions of Indians and which is nothing short of anarchy born out of chronic martial deficiency of Indian State

Even President of India, Prime Minister, Lokasabha Speaker and NHRC are condoning the crimes of these constitutional authorities of government of Rajasthan and government of India as explained at


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India

Pensioners and Slippery Slope

Arturo Ramo
This is hard to belief that some politicians promote more the culture of death than the culture of life. They want to regulate through the death of the people as the beginning of life through the abortion as the final of it (law of the dignified death) through the euthanasia with the death of the elderly, pensioners and any other person.

Euthanasia promoters are usually support in extreme cases of dramatic character with a strong emotional burden. However, we must remember that the law can not be developed on extreme cases and should avoid the "Macedonian effect"; I mean make a general rule on the basis of some exceptional or marginal cases.

Besides ideological, ethical and legal debates, it is very important to begin from the experience, I mean from the reality what has happened in countries where assisted suicide (Oregon of the US and Holland) and euthanasia (Holland and Belgium) has already legalized.

What has happened and is happening in these countries? In the daily practice it is very difficult, if not impossible, to control assisted suicide and euthanasia with rules and controls established at the beginning. The reality is that the so-called "slippery slope" is producing because of that euthanasia is spreading from the terminally ill to euthanasia for the chronically ill, from euthanasia for the physical sick to euthanasia for the psychiatric sick and from voluntary euthanasia to involuntary.

Although at the beginning we talk about the terminally sick, then it extends to the chronically sick. Many pensioners who currently suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis or asthma may be preferred objects for applying them dignified death or euthanasia.

Because of the slippery slope, we have passed to contemplate physical illness to psychiatric illness. People suffering from Alzheimer, Parkinson or depression may be threatened by euthanasia or dignified death and die.

The experience in countries that have legalized euthanasia leads us to say that the slippery slope has led us from the voluntary euthanasia to the non-voluntary. It has been proved that up to 25% of euthanasia victims occur in people who had expressed their desire to live, rejecting the dignified death

Some politicians of these nations have expressed their desire to expand the law to minors and people who are unable to express their will.

So pensioners can not be quite in view of the threat that people take their life because of outlined reasons. What to do in view of this danger? I think that we can do two things: the first one is to decide to whom we are going to deny the vote in the next elections, and the second one is to ask God for help and to the saint that we are more devotion that this law could not be approved.

Arturo Ramo

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

India should move UN & P5+1 to bring Pak nukes under UN control lest given to Saudi Arabia

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Editor

Sub:- If Iran can be singled out by UN & P-5 + 1 as irresponsible / unreliable State then why not Pakistan ?

As per prominent national and international media Saudi Arabia (Sa.Ar.) has reportedly held talks with Pakistan for the purchase of nuclear weapons amid the ongoing nuclear negotiations between world powers and Iran, according to a US senior official who spoke with ‘The Sunday Times’. In addition to apprehension about parity with Iran’s nuclear capabilities Sa.Ar. has much more compelling reason to purchase nukes from Pakistan namely Yemen War.Presently Sa.Ar. faces three grave problems which has potential of finishing the ruling dispensation of Sa.Ar.:-

(i)- Absence of parity with its arch sectarian & regional rival Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

(ii)- Highly likely huge humiliation if not outright defeat of Sa.Ar. at the hands of Iran in Yemen War (where both Sa.Ar. and Iran are fighting through jihadi proxies too).

(iii)- Chances of Mecca & Medina getting demolished as explained at

All these problems Sa.Ar. can tackle in a much better way if it purchases nukes which it can easily get from Pakistan given (A)- The influence of Sa.Ar. over Pakistan who’s political leaders (including Military brass former Army Chief Musharraf) have been getting safe sanctuary in Sa.Ar. whenever going got tough for them in Pakistan and (B)- The unsavory past record of Pakistan about nuclear proliferation.

But nukes with Sa.Ar. will be more dangerous for peace in the region and for the security of Israel than nukes with Iran. Therefore India should exploit this situation and should move UN & P5+1 to bring Pak nukes under UN control lest these are given by Pakistan to Sa.Ar. India should do it not so much for altruistic motives but to facilitate the retrieval of POK (militarily or otherwise).

By this time Government of India led by PM Modi must have realized that without removing martial deficiency of Indian State vis-a-vis Pakistan and China, economic progress of India is impossible. Therefore India will have to start removing this martial deficiency and first to start it with Pakistan which is possible only by retrieving POK.

Because nukes with Pakistan are big hurdle for India in its path of retrieving POK (militarily or otherwise) hence India should exploit this opportunity and should move UN & P5+1 to bring Pak nukes under UN control by saying that otherwise these nukes will be given by Pakistan to Sa.Ar.

India can tell the world community that so many countries are having nukes but - “[If Iran can be singled out as irresponsible / unreliable State where UN & P-5 + 1 consider it imperative to bring nuclear capabilities of Iran under the control / supervision of UN & its nuclear authorities, then in the present said situation why not Pakistan ?]”

Hem Raj Jain


Pain For My Church: Respected Officers SDA Church

Elder Javed Sahotra
Greetings I humbly want to give some submissions before your honorable authority, I studied Seventh Day Adventist belief for many years and concluded that Adventist believe is true, and according to holly bible and Adventist Church is the real church of God. Jesus and apostles had preached Adventist believe only. I experienced that it is full organized Church, rules, policies and laws have been made only to glorify the name of Lord our God and for progress of Church, multiplicity of true Adventist membership and spirituality of Church leaders and Pastors and then I became Adventist. I started my life and my family life according to teachings of Jesus Christ but I weep, cry, my heart also weeps with blood tears when I look poor, sick, weak and non-spiritual face of my Adventist Church in Pakistan. Church In charge Pastor do not care scared rules of manual of SDA Church, they do not take interest to deposit total tithe in treasure of God which have been collected from faithful Adventist members. They are not ready to deposit total offerings. Likewise offerings of Christian Festival’s worship they do not deposit in Church local fund. In Pakistan all Churches celebrate these festivals like Christmas and Ester. Here I want to give an example of my Church that is SDA Church Pakpattan. This is the strong Church in Northern Section in Punjab from the begging of this Church, ordained Pastors had been serving in this Church but in 2014 a Gospel Out Reach Worker Majeed Anyat was transferred in Pakpattan, while he coming in Pakpattan this Gospel Out Reach Worker divided membership in two groups one group favorite to this worker and this worker pasted the other group with wall and began to miss use the Church funds collected tithe and offerings of the Church proofs can be placed before you.

I as an Elder of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and Executive member of SSD informed you as well as to the officers of Pakistan union and Section office in Pakistan and also reported to divisional treasurer but no action against this worker has been taken. I personally met to President and Treasurer of section Punjab and gave them only orally many proofs of corruption of Gospel out Reach Worker as I gave one thousand rupees tithe in February 2015 to Majeed Anyat Gospel out Reach Worker but he did not deposit in Punjab section office Lahore. Many Adventist members who give monthly tithe to Majeed Anyat but he does not deposit the same in treasurer office in Punjab section Lahore.

This is the reason Majeed Anyat and his companions are against us because we talk the rules and manual of SDA Church.

I state with regret and sorrow that today on May 15, 2015 after close of preparation worship, Afzal his favorite person to Majeed Anyat started to count the offerings of worship along with Elder Sarfraz Masih “Treasurer of Church” Majeed Anyat ordered to Sarfraz Masih do not count the offering Sarfraz Said I am member of the Church I can count but Majeed Anyat and his companions started make a noise and said go away from the Church because you have no relation with Church, Church is ours. On the call of Majeed Anyat many gathered in Church building and they tried to attack on Sarfraz Masih and other worshipers who were with Sarfraz Masih when we saw the situation then we silently came out from the Church.

Respected Sir the situation of Church is very bad, in near future some occurrence can be took place. Majeed Anyat says all the officers in section office as well as in union are in my favor no officer can inquire from me, no one can come to Pakpattan without my permission.

I have pain for my Church; it is humbly requested to please inquire on merit and save us from some bad occurrence.


Humble Elder Javed Sahotra


Saudis, Muslims and world should be prepared for demolition of Mecca & Medina

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Editor

The prominent media report that Yemeni rebels (Houthis) killed Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis etc in Najran region of Saudi Arabia (S.A) wouldn’t have such serious implications had it not been subsequent to laments coming from Iran where it took exception to S.A.’s claim that it started war in Yemen for the ultimate purpose of defending Mecca and Medina.

The latest of such detailed lament is Sayyed Nasrallah’s speech on April 17 over Yemen ( where he said that :-

“[the topic which is both comic and tragic at a time which was evoked in the past weeks, and for which a call for jihad was made in some Arab and Islamic countries is defending the two Holy Shrines in Mecca and Medina- meaning the Kaaba and Haram Mosque in Mecca, and the Holy Prophet's Shrine in Medina.Who is threatening the two Holy Shrines? Is it the Yemeni people? Is it Ansarullah? Is it the Yemeni army? Today, I will tell you, and I will be frank. I am talking before Allah Al Mighty. Yes, the Holy Shrines in Mecca and Medina are threatened. However, who is threatening them? They are firstly threatened by "Daesh" [so-called "ISIL"]. Months ago, and after the "caliphate state" was declared in Mosul, we have heard that "Daesh" wants to reach the Arabian Peninsula and demolish the Kaaba. That's because in the intellect and claim of "Daesh", the Kaaba is a collection of deaf, black stones which are toured and worshiped instead of Allah. This is inconsistent with absolute monotheism. Well, yes, the Shrine of the Holy Prophet is in danger. That's true. However, who is threatening it? Here, I am telling you where this threat come from. It comes from within Saudi Arabia, and from the Wahhabi intellect and culture]”.

It is not the first time that the demolition of Mecca & Medina is talked about. Throughout the history of Islam many disapproved worshiping a stone which they considered it idol worship and against fundamentals of Islam which believes in worship of abstract (and not of concrete or whatever is visible or perceived by senses).

But it is serious this time for reasons given below:-

(1)- For the first time Shia Houthis are fighting on the territory of S.A. (Najran)

(2)- Other than various governments (S.A. etc) three Jihadi outfits are fighting / will increasingly fight Yemen war (Houthis, Al-Qaeda and ISIS - each having jihadi fighters from many countries).

(3)- unlike Syria and Iraq (where governments are there of Asad and Haider al-Abadi) there is no government in Yemen.

(4)- In present world armies are not needed to demolish Mecca & Medina. Even handful of suicide bombers can do it and which is a very easy and ordinary job for these jihadi outfits.

(5)- In case of crushing defeat of any one (jihadis) they will try to demolish Mecca & Medina not so much in the interest of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat but in order to inflict maximum injuries to their actual and perceived enemy.

(6)- Though Mecca & Medina being on its soil S.A. gets immense wealth from Muslims all over the world who come for pilgrim at Mecca & Medina and S.A. has disproportionately huge influence on other Muslim countries. But hundreds of millions of Muslims are weeping and bleeding (and millions lost their lives and displaced) from Name & Af-Pak region and S.A has not done anything to solve their problem. Hence (after initial shock and emotional outburst) in addition to the issue of worship of an idol / stone at Kaaba (allegedly un-Islamic practice) this factor may be considered a cause of divine justice by remaining Muslims all over the world in case of demolition of Mecca & Medina.

It may lead to huge bloodshed between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims all over the world because which ever jihadi outfit may demolish Mecca & Medina but Sunni will always think that Shia Houthis have demolished their places of worship.

Therefore in order to tackle this initial shock and emotional outburst in case of said highly likely demolition of Mecca & Medina, the S.A., Muslims and world should be prepared for huge disturbances including bloodshed all over the world.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)


Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.
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Letter To Editor

Crimes of constitutional authorities of government of Rajasthan and government of India are being condoned
Pensioners and Slippery Slope
India should move UN & P5+1 to bring Pak nukes under UN control lest given to Saudi Arabia
Pain For My Church: Respected Officers SDA Church
Saudis, Muslims and world should be prepared for demolition of Mecca & Medina
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