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Letter To Editor

The study at different ages

Arturo Ramo
Dear Editor,

One of the common concerns of parents is that their children are good students and complete their professional studies.

However, it is important to know that the attitudes for the study are different according to the age. Small children have a great desire to learn and a curiosity very wide. In childhood constant questions that guys do their parents and teachers are typical.

Children aged 6-11 years like to stand out in the study, feeling satisfied if they get good grades or any prize at the school. In addition, in this age they tend to develop the skills that facilitate the study, such as the memory, the capacity for observation and the logical intelligence. This is an age very conducive to acquire positive habits of study, like work hard as well as become a reading lover and help other people.

When kids get older and are adolescents things change: intellectual curiosity decreases and they don't worry to suit well before parents and teachers. It sometimes seems that they fall into the laziness and lack of willingness that adversely affects school performance.

Another important change in adolescence is the use of free time. In normal circumstances the leisure time is an opportunity to cultivate hobbies and personal interests, make new friends and improve the cultural level. However, adolescents often make a bad use of it; making the most of it to enjoy an autonomous behavior without the dependence on parents and teachers. This age is an opportunity to affirm themselves their insecure personality and visit friends. Free time is a help to release from the tensions inherent in the age. But we can also make a bad use of it and becomes a permanent idleness where permissive life queen and do not appear neither rules of conduct nor personal self-demanding. These circumstances do not help neither human maturation nor intellectual.

Arturo Ramo

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Helping Students

Arturo Ramo
Educators (whether parents or teachers) help students (whether sons, daughters or pupils) under a necessary condition: the main target of education is the student, and all external help the student can get for him or herself is detrimental. Giving unnecessary help is equivalent to overprotecting the student and exempting him or her from the necessary efforts and exercise of his or her will power, which is the foundation of his or her education.

Educators are the guiding counselors of a student’s education by helping them develop their potential to the maximum possible (i.e. help discover what they already have inside), and overcome their limitations (whether academic or personal), as well as guide them towards their path through the consistency of our own lives, with permanent values and virtues, as well as our authority and example.

The mission of an educator should lead to the effort of giving the good example, understand students, and guide them with caution.

What are the factors that indicate to us when we can and must give them such necessary help? Fundamentally three:

Know the student. Each student is different from those of the same age group and from his or her siblings. Each of them has their own potentials and limitations. Educators must start from what the student already possesses and try to progress from there. Educators should not help a student with what they are capable of doing by themselves, but with what they cannot do by themselves.

Guide the student through words, but most of all through examples, without forgetting the importance of knowing how to listen.

Exercise authority in its facets of power and service, by taking opportunistic decisions, demanding with prudence, and implementing a system of rewards and punishments oriented to the development of a student’s well being.

Arturo Ramo

Independent Forum of Opinion


Suicide end life have no religion & Islam specially condemn by suicide dead

Ashfaq Sharif
I want to draw attention of human beings as my message spread regarding those people specially people from TALBAN who induces and encourage to end life’s by suicide ( they consider this is SHAHEED dead ) but Islam is totally against and condemn if any Muslims believers who end his life through suicide than he remain for hell forever, but surprise and shock those responsible from Talban brain wash the innocent youth and encourage them to end life as shaheed by suicide, which is totally HARRAM ( ill-legal ) dead according to Islamic teaching.

Then why WEST consider those who end life through suicide dead as Muslim but they are worst than ANIMAL and have no religion to follow, those group who busy and eager in this evil hot business must asked from the head of Talban yet how many reach TALBAN heaven due to suicide dead as Islam teaching us those who ended their life by suicide remain in Hell forever.

According to valued quotes

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "…whoever commits suicide with a piece of iron will be punished with the same piece of iron in the Hellfire." (Bukhari)

One of the reasons why committing suicide is a great sin is that man is not authorized to kill himself. Human body is a construction made by Allah. He who has built that structure will pull it down. Man cannot own his body and his soul....

The pain of suicide is forever…

A person, who commits suicide, does so believing it an escape from his crisis so he ends his life willing to bear a moment of pain and may throw himself of a cliff. Yet this hadith shows that he actually brings upon himself that pain not just momentarily but again and again in Hell-fire.

But due to un-educated and brain wash those who conducting suicide dead have no idea what they are doing evil job and after end of life they realized how foolish and mad these suicide but after end of life no one have courage to make return the world second time, neither mercy or forgiveness in God place if you end your precious life by suicide.

Shame on those people who encouraging people and showing them dream 70 HURS awaiting when you die by suicide but real sense he reach hell where very painful and harsh punishment awaiting from God.

Thanking You

(Ashfaq Sharif)


Muslim faithful buying sacrifice animal for what desire?

Ashfaq Sharif
I want to draw attention of all Muslim faithful regarding when they buying sacrifice animal for EID UL AZA than what intention or desire in his mind.

1. Getting God reward and satisfaction

2. Publicity & Display in our family or area

3. Doing all things to let down other as we are more rich and stronger

4. Eating meat own self instead of distribute among needy person

Remember one things when a faithful sacrifice any animal never the meat, skin or value reach to God only your wish or intention why you doing sacrifice animal for getting God affection and reward is the goal or achievement when a Muslim faithful doing such way sacrificing animal and all other evil ways in which showing own status, proudness or superiority totally hated in God place if any buying scarf ice animal spending handsome money which is totally waste of money and energy too.

Kindly get rid of evil in mind for doing sacrifice animal otherwise no reward you expect from God.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)

Karachi, Pakistan

Re: Christian province in south Punjab

S. M. Gill
Dr. Nazir Bhatti,

Chairman, Pakistan Christian Congress

Dear Sir,

Sometime back I read in PCP, PCC demanded separate province for Christians in southwest of Punjab Province within the federation of Pakistan. If I’m not wrong, your good self is trying to have a place of refuge where community will live freely and peacefully in every respect. In my opinion this may not be a viable solution because provinces, new or old are governed by the constitution in force which also covers blasphemy and other Black laws. Therefore, new province will not suffice the need. The real and basic need is to survive honorably through participatory rights in mainstream activities and equal citizenship right. Blasphemy and other black laws injected by Zia have to be repealed or amended to contain punishments for falls allegations. I think in this context pressure from International Human Rights Organizations and UNO are the best forums. It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that you are already struggling on this strategically important issue.

However, in addition to above, there is a potentially important matter relating to economic development of the community and that is, your good offices in Baluchistan should approach government of Baluchistan to allot an area for community’s dwelling somewhere near Gwadar Port. This will obviously help a lot in the long run in improving economic condition so far not available in Punjab. Christians are hardworking community and has true and realistic love of humanity. This quality will provide ample opportunities to survive honorably.

S. M. Gill, Pakistan

Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

Click Here
On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.
You can send your comments on
E-Mails nazirbhattipcc@aol.com


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Letter To Editor

The study at different ages
Helping Students
Suicide end life have no religion & Islam specially condemn by suicide dead
Muslim faithful buying sacrifice animal for what desire?
Re: Christian province in south Punjab
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