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Radical Feminism

Arturo Ramo García.

One of the facts that characterize our time is the manipulation of language and the confusion of the concepts. Words are empty of its original meaning and take other new content.

Some of this happens with the original feminism and the radical feminism which has derived from the previous. Christina Hoff Sommers sets that feminism is the belief in the legal and moral equality of the sexes. It is a spontaneous movement of the history that is starred by women and is non-political in nature, but has to do with all the fields of life and pursues the just reinvocation of legal, social and political equality of women and men.

Radical feminism is a political ideology substitute of Marxism in the imaginary theorist of the progressive left. As well as there are rich oppressors and oppressed, also women are imprisoned in an oppressive patriarchal system

The level of radicalism of this feminism can have different degrees of development of Maoist character, from the most basic to the most extreme and radical cases.

From the remains of the radical feminism emerged in the United States the gender ideology, which today involves other feminist movements. The feminist Mª Giovanna Nocelli asserts that "accept the gender ideology is, for the feminism, a form of suicide".

The gender ideology has developed models for the emancipation of women, which expect the egalitarianism between men and women; although in reality it ends up being reduced to "imitate the man."

Arturo Ramo García.

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Despite advantage Trump, Kerry can still ensure Democrats in White House and Congress

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

Sub:- Despite advantage Trump (due to Immigration and Chinese Currency factors), Secretary Kerry can still ensure Democrats in White House and majority in Congress through 2016 elections

-- Chinese currency (its devaluation) which caused stock markets tumble all over the world including in USA has come as windfall to Donald Trump (the front runner GOP aspirant in US Presidential elections 2016 who has been advocating tough policy towards China including tariff on imports from China). Trump was already dominating Presidential campaign due to his Illegal immigrant policy (where he is advocating even deportation of ~ 11 million illegal immigrants mainly from Mexico). These two factors are immensely pro - USA (especially for its working people who form electorally important predominant majority in USA) hence no surprise that Trump is dominating the US political space and seemingly has advantage over all the Presidential aspirants (Democrats, Republicans etc).

Though so far USA (its media, political commentators etc) has not given any attention to Secretary of State John Kerry but he holds the key to white House and majority in Congress in 2016 elections, if he does the following:-

(1)- Due to advance in science & technology especially due to IT revolution globalization is inevitable and one day USA (the leader of free world) had to become global in its political orientation. Not so much the Immigration issue but Chinese currency factor has converted the 2016 US Presidential / Congress election into a global election. And Kerry should realize that nobody (than himself) is in a position to set the agenda for 2016 US Presidential / Congress elections (whether people like it or not US 2016 elections will be decided on US Foreign Policies).

(2)- Still there are 15 months to go before 2016 elections and as incumbent Secretary of State Kerry can change the world political scene in US favor which will immensely benefit democrats in 2016 elections. In this endeavor President Obama will gladly support Kerry because Obama will like to leave a legacy (worth the name) especially when he has nothing (except restoration of diplomatic ties with Cuba) to his credit [which is overbalanced by Obama’s fiasco in Ukraine and in NAME region which brought the menace of ISIS in existence. As far Iran nuclear deal it is unnecessary not for the reasons given by Republicans but for the simple reason that one day global community will have to go for elimination of WMDs including nuclear and present policy, where some countries have some divine right (including India, Pakistan etc) to have Nukes, simply can not continue].

(3)- But for this electoral success of Kerry / Democrats to happen in reality, first and foremost Kerry as US President aspirant will have to neutralize the popularity of Trump about two issues namely Illegal immigrants and China currency [where Trump has impractical and undesirable ultimate solutions (wall on Mexico border and tariff on imports from China) though these Trump policies may be emotionally quite popular with US Electorate]. This Kerry can easily do :-

(i)- If Secretary Kerry announces that US Federal government will immediately start the identification & tracking of illegal immigrants and then will work for their deportation and if Mexico refuses (which certainly will be) to take them back then USA will demand commensurate territory and or exclusive mineral rights from mexico for granting legal status to these ~ 11 million illegal immigrants in USA (with reasonable fine on these illegal immigrants for granting them legal status) as explained at .This Fed policy will be in the interest of not only rule of law in USA but also of human rights of millions of illegal immigrants who are suffering immensely due to absence of any legal status to them in USA. This will immensely endear Kerry to US electorate who care for human rights too.

(ii)- If Secretary Kerry announces that USA will try to launch global currency (preferably Dollar) with proper asset back of precious metal, land & landed properties under the physical and constructive possession of money issuing authority (Global Central Bank with its head office at US soil and branches in other countries). This will solve the problems not only arising out of devaluation of Chinese currency but out of squandering of State-capital (born out of unbridled fiscal deficits causing huge public debts) the cause of many of the economic problems being faced by many countries across the world. Moreover Kerry should realize that without global currency globalization is impossible.

(4)-Once Kerry goes for tackling Chinese currency issue he will realize that without roping in world community in US favor it will not be an easy task for the simple reason that with its largest economy of the world (In PPP terms) and with ~ $ 4 Trillion dollars in reserve China has made many friends (strategic too) all over the world (including Russia through long term petroleum oil & gas contracts after Ukraine crises, Pakistan through economic corridor etc).

(5)- This Kerry can easily do :-

(i)- If Secretary Kerry announces that USA will try to talk to its NATO Allies in order to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine (the moral responsibility of US as leader of free world and legal liability of US too under Budapest Memorandum 1994) by retrieve of Crimea from the clutches of Russia and of Donbass region (Luhansk, Donetsk etc) from Russian supported rebels

(ii)- If Secretary Kerry announces that USA will rope in Hindus and Muslims (~ 40 % of world population) to solve the problem of ISIS and of terrorism in general. The problem of terrorism too is an extremely important issue for US electorate and its effective solution will immensely benefit Kerry / Democrats in 2016 elections. This can easily be done by Kerry if :-

(A)- USA constrain India and Pakistan to come on discussion table for solving Kashmir problem as explained at which may usher into at least unified Indo-Pak (if immediately not into FSDSAARC the Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC countries)

(B)- USA work for launching International Political Parties ( IPP) and instead of Optional Protocol OP-1 the Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR at UN [if not immediately the Participatory Philanthropic Institutions (PPI)] in NAME countries as explained at

(6)- It is hoped and expected that in the interest of (i)- People of USA (ii)- Peaceful, harmonious and prosperous globalization (iii)- Leaving a Obama legacy (worth the name) and (iv)- His party the Democrats - The Secretary of State John Kerry will immediately announce that he is an aspirant for the candidacy to fight 2016 election for US presidency and will announce and work (as mentioned above) for all the programs & policies related to foreign affairs of USA so that not only he can find himself in White

House but Democrats can also get majority in both the Houses of Congress after 2016 elections (for realizing all said programs and policies).

(7)- Here it is in context to add that :-

(i)- These policy announcement can be made by any aspirant (Democrats, Republicans etc) for US President election 2016 but Kerry is in a unique position to work and implement these policies (before 2016 elections) as incumbent Secretary of State and which will immensely boost the authenticity & credibility of Kerry among the voters about said policies and this is bound to make Kerry the most eligible candidate for US Presidency and

(ii)- Kerry need not worry for funds for fighting Presidential election because he will not need that much as most of the publicity of his activities as Secretary about said policies will be done by FED Government (including State Department) and White House. Moreover his Party the Democrats and its candidates for Congress (if want Democrats in White House and with majority in both houses of Congress, which goes without saying) will take care of funds (which will be very less in any case) for Kerry’s Presidential campaign.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)


MQM parliamentarians submit resignations in National Assembly and Sindh Assembly

Ashfaq Sharif

On Account of strong protest against alleged extra-judicial killings of party workers and reservations over minus-Altaf formula, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) parliamentarians submitted their resignations in the National Assembly and Sindh Assembly on Wednesday.

The decision to resign from NA, Senate and provincial assembly seats was taken during MQM Coordination Committee meeting simultaneously held in London and Karachi on late Tuesday night. It means MQM does not want to spend their mandate time, what message MQM want to convey by resignation in which only country stability condition weak and our enemies get advantage and benefits of the situation.

Addressing the National Assembly today, MQM leader Farooq Sattar said that there were hundreds of fake cases registered against the party chief and workers.

He demanded an indiscriminate operation in the city, saying that the government had failed to set up a monitoring committee to check the activities of law enforcement personnel.

Sattar said that an unconstitutional and unannounced ban has been imposed on MQM s political, social and welfare activities. In the National Assembly, Farooq Sattar was the first to submit his resignation to Speaker Ayaz Sadiq along with a document giving reasons for the move.

"We have failed to get justice," he added. No option left expect resign to make awaking call to GOVERNMENT authority, when you will take notice of injustice?

Due to MQM resignation negative impact on KSE, selling pressure witness and many small investors who are earning on daily basis deprive to earn instead of loss own investment, God knows when this dram will end? When KSE market will be stable.

In last I pray to God when Pakistan will be blessed with sincere and devoted leaders who can work for betterment of own country people not being used by any THIRD invisible hand TO weak own country.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)


A bomb blast in the Centre of Bangkok


Dear friends,

We would like to inform you about the new problem facing Pakistani Christians after the recent bomb blast. Pakistani Christians have been afraid as Thailand authorities have been advised to crackdown on all illegal immigration, which includes all asylum seekers and refugees as Thailand has no UN Conventions for asylum. This will affect the large number of Pakistani Christians that make up the largest body of asylum seekers in Thailand - estimated by the UN at 4000.

A bomb blast in the center of Bangkok at 12 noon on Monday, Thailand has been described as the "worst-ever attack" in the country by the presiding Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha. The explosion killed twenty people, many of whom were foreigner s, who were visiting a popular tourist location - Hindu Erawan shrine. In a separate attack in Bangkok, an explosive device was thrown from a pier but caused no injuries.

Our representative Mr. John told us there are many Pakistani Christian asylum seekers facing fear of police after this bombing. The Army and police are together checking illegal people in Bangkok Thailand. They do not have any safety. There was no safety in Pakistan. They fled to find peaceful lives but they are continuing to struggle due to discrimination and persecution.

Mr. Peter Bhatti Chairman ICV said: "This terrorist attack has caused great pain to the people of Thailand. I pray for the victims that God give them patience and a good recovery for all survivors. I hope offenders are caught and brought to justice. But on the other hand many Pakistani Christian asylum seekers are suffering due to the bomb blast. There is high alert and crackdown on all illegal immigrants including all asylum seekers and refugees while Thai Police do not accept the UNHCR asylum seeker certificate.

We pray that this matter will be resolved soon.

International Christian Voice, Canada

Both, the sovereignty & martial credibility of USA should be defended by Donald Trump

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

If Donald Trump wants sure success in US Presidential election then he will have to restore the US sovereignty & credibility first in the neighborhood of USA which (as mentioned at have been comprehensively breached by its neighbors - Mexico (through illegal immigrants) and through its actions in Ukraine by another neighbor Russia (which almost can be seen from the roof of the house of a former Governor of Alaska).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of “Betrayal of Americanism”)

Pennington, NJ, USA