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Mineral water: GST

Ashfaq Sharif

Govt decide to charge GST on Mineral water display price and there is no uniform water price available for 19 gallons water than interesting how company will display it retail prices as company selling in different prices depends upon customers’ area and demand.

More interesting to share that in the last budget, a penalty of Rs 50,000 was proposed for business and trade not declaring/printing retail price on their products. But I did not see the prices for 19 gallons water in which all MINERAL water company prices are differ each other and what amount they are paying GST only company knows.

What amount of fine will be introduce for BREAD & CAKE company if they failed to display customer retail prices and yet I have not seen any bread / cake company display their retail customer prices, when FBR awake and take notice.

There are many MINERAL water company in Karachi but every company claiming they are given the best water but how customer know their product quality is good, How to judge them to justify their claim.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Ashfaq Sharif


Sex Change!

Roberto Grao

Gender ideology is characterized to threaten against the human nature. Indeed, through the misuse of freedom it is claimed that the human being can change his sexual identity as he pleases, regardless of the sex he had when he was born.

Under the tenets of this ideology is claimed that the sex can be changed voluntarily which is false completely, as a friend of mine told “rotten lie”. It is false since by many medical and surgical treatments received it isn't achieved, only the appearance of the opposite sex because we can't stop being a man anatomical and physiologically speaking. If you were born with a male sex, the only thing you can get is your genitals amputees and you won't be able to become a father.

The same happens with the woman, who were born with the natural attributes of a woman with a small quantity of males genitals organs and she won't be able to become a mother and she turns into a man appparently.

In both cases if they carry out their purposes they will become hybrid people who are not really neither one thing nor the other, something like when a horse pairs with a donkey or vice versa, a mule is given birth without the ability to father.

It is a pity that some people decide to take that pernicious way of trying to change sex because the result will be, in addition to the inability to beget a son, a personal suffering that entails a new situation and the physiological problems that will suffer while he/she is alive because of the medical treatments that must be underwent voluntarily.

This article has the inttention of defending the human nature, it is not malleable voluntarily and trying to prevent those people from changing their sex, deceiving themselves or being deceived by others who with their ideology intend to extend that attitude contrary to the human nature received or given by God to every human when we are born.

Roberto Grao

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Badruddin can be game changer for SAARC provided shows allegiance to rule-of-law

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- Badruddin instead should demand deportation of both Hindu and Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators (ii)- Hindu majority India’s foolishness in accepting Hindus has emboldened Islamic Communal forces in Bangladesh and Pakistan (iii) Muslims are still ~ 15 % in India but Hindus reduced by ~ 20 % in Bang & Pak (iv)- India has every right to assimilate Bangladesh and Pakistan back when minorities are so endangered. (v)- SAARC is extremely beneficial to Indian Muslims

--- This refers to an interview by Badruddin Ajmal the President of Assam’s All India United Democratic front (AIUDF) published on May 27, 2016 in ‘The Times of India’ in which Badruddin seems to be unnecessarily worried about Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators who may be harassed in the process of identification, tracking and deportation of Bangladeshi infiltrators (mostly Muslims as wrongly assumed by Badaruddin). This confusion of Badruddin is mainly due to two reasons:-

(1)- (i)- People in India (including Badruddin) do not consider Hindus (who have come from Bangladesh to India) as illegal immigrants because they are considered asylum seekers (or its legitimate citizens in only country of their religion, India) against persecution by communal Bangladesh. Therefore government of India also gives figure of ~ 20 million Bangladeshi illegal immigrants as explained below:-

“[As per media report of March 10, 2016 – NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India will launch a drive this year to deport more than 20 million illegal immigrants from Bangladesh because they pose a serious security threat, the home ministry said on Tuesday. The decision was taken at an internal security meeting of state police chiefs, senior state bureaucrats and federal security officials who agreed to conduct the drive between April and June. "The presence of a large number of illegal foreign immigrants, particularly from Bangladesh, poses a serious threat to the internal security and needs to be tackled with utmost urgency and seriousness that it deserves," a statement from the ministry said. The home ministry statement did not give details of why illegal immigrants from its eastern neighbor were considered a security threat. Indian security agencies have in the past accused illegal Bangladeshi immigrants -- most of them Muslims -- of committing crimes, and say some of them work for Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency]”.

(ii)- In this figure of ~ 20 million Bangladeshi infiltrators Hindus are very less in percentage but Hindus are in reality much more than EVEN this figure of ~ 20 million Bngladeshi infiltrators because a report of 2015 given at:

mentions as - “[A bitter fact in today’s Bangladesh is that the Hindu population is dying out. The narrative that describes the vanishing Hindu minority, which once comprised 31% of the population in 1947 and dwindled to a meager 9% by 2002, reflects this sad reality. At the time of India’s partition in 1947, Hindus comprised just under one in three East Pakistanis. When East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971, they were under one in five; thirty years later less than one in ten; and according to some estimates, less than 8% today. Utilizing demographic studies and other methods, Professor Sachi Dastidar of the State University of New York calculates that well over 49 million Hindus are missing today]”.

(2)- Like many other confused Indians Badruddin is also under the wrong impression that the 1947 partition of India is final. Badruddin also does not understand that Pakistan and Bangladesh (West and East Pakistan) which came in existence on religious basis especially NOW (in view of global war against Jihadi terrorism) can lose their raison-d'ętre and can again be assimilated back in India especially when religious minorities are so endangered in Bang & Pak. This persecution is evident from the fact that in addition to reports of persecution and harassment of Christians in these countries Hindus have been reduced by whopping ~ 20 % in both Bangladesh and Pakistan whereas Muslims were ~ 15 % in 1947 and are still ~ 15 % in India (though of-course world-community will certainly expect India to improve its record on secularism).

Therefore instead of getting unnecessarily worried about Muslim Bangladeshi infiltrators in Assam (or in rest of India) Badruddin should show allegiance to rule-of-law and should demand that India should deport all the Bangladeshi infiltrators (which may be even ~ 40 million in numbers) without discriminating between Hindus and Muslims. This will be a game changer for Assam / India / SAARC as it will ultimately usher into realization of ‘United States of Federal, Secular, Socialist, Democratic SAARC’ as generally explained at:-

At his matured age Badruddin must be knowing that in ‘USFSSDSAARC’ Hindu Muslim ratio will be merely ~ 1.5 :1 as compared to present ~ 5.5:1 in divided India and this will be the biggest guarantee for the protection of human rights (as per ICCPR of UN) of all the Muslims of India (and including of those all whom Badruddin cares)


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

Do the waves have an interested message?


An ancient author claims that the possibility of a lie be believed is based on that truth is always told since a statement in the mouth of a liar will never be believed.

Our philosopher couldn't contemplate the phenomenon of mass media and its engagement with the advertising techniques. If messages are repeated with the enough intensity and with the right intensity of voice, it is likely that a large number of people be convinced by the message; at least it is expected by the broadcaster. If the scream technique is joined to it and if there is an enough number of media who repeat those messages in a docile manner, the chances are very high that such messages are admitted without any critical sense by people; and it is better if they have an aggressive tone against the opponents in the political dispute: ˇgo to the stake with them!.

Observation tells us that we rarely see reality in a direct way as we come across the reality through images, through printed letter from the communicators, from politicians, from opinion makers mixed with other sounds and people don't interpret them few times. If it happens with real facts, we must imagine how we get political messages.

It produces astonishment to hear the speeches of some participants in television or radio debates since without specialized training, they propose final solutions to the problems of the country that pontificate over the measures that will be taken to solve all the problems or criticizing the taken measures by the government without having more data than their passion against the government to whom is addressed their diatribes.

Also it is proved that in many debates where participate alleged “first sword”, their versions of a same situation can be very different, and even conflicting. But what catches the attention particularly is that one of the communicators has a tendency, an option what we might call an ideological line, or we can see the events of only one way, surely legitimate but it must be valued objectively.

It seems to be missing in our society and particularly in our politicians, the true instinct that guides all their actions. On the other hand, hypocrisy and lie acquire their relevance so that it makes man changes his mind. Surprising to see that in many cases don't seem to exist any truth that can be share by all political parties. No wonder that in polls the level of credibility of politicians are in tatters.

Our society rather citizens, we are losing the critical sense: it is discernment and judgment, to go beyond the obvious. The television, noise, rush have helped to decrease attention. And many times we do not realize that we are hearing agreed voices in a same message, made intentionally, which is transferred to the public stage creating headlines and they are repeated one after the other to try that the amount replaces the truth.

Reality is always complex obviously which can be analyzed from different angles and giving nuances to its contrasts is not always easy but we must pay attention in order not to be confused, developing that critical sense.


Independent Forum of Opinion

Private School hungry to earn more profit

Ashfaq Sharif

I want to draw the attention towards EDUCATION DEPT of SIND why remain helpless or speechless when they knew those school have practice to 2 months fee, besides all learning material cost charged in advance when receiving 2 months school fees.

I am giving example of paying my SON school fee for 2 months: Asking parents to pay Feb – Mar 2016 fee in Feb 2016 and Apr – May 2016 fee during APRIL 2016 now worried how to manage JUN – JUL 2016 fees specially those who have LOW income OR salaried CLASS. WHEN I am working in private organization I never received 2 months salaried which is not possible yet than school should claim fee every month before the end of month ( 25th to 30th ) It means every parents have to arrange single month fee every.

Besides from this year they become MORE HUNGRY and selling school bags with the books and copies in which they are earning a lot from this year they starting selling SCHOOL BAGS AND force parents to buy it.

If the school want to sale own bags than how 3 different class students who are normally coming in private van knew what his SCHOOL BAG is? If the color and size of bags are UNIFORM.

I STRONG dis-courage school for stopping to charge 2 MONTHS school vacation fees which is consider burden especially for the salaried and low income group how to manage. But concern EDUCATION DEPT has NO courage to stop this excess torture parents are going to face every year.

When receiving fee school 2 months in advance than why not giving their staff salaries 2 months same time but I am confident that salaries to their staff and teachers school giving May 2016 salary (during the maximum of 5th of Jun 2016) it means those additional money received in the head of fee must be keeping in bank accounts to earn more and more profits.

Very regret in KARACHI every school want to earn more profit no matter which is halal OR haram BUT never consider or remain sincere to promote best education to their students only making HEAVY bag it does not mean the school education is higher or they are taking a reasonable fee.

Make a law which should enforce those private school charging 2 months summer vacation fee must EDUCATION DEPT fine minimum 1 Million ( 10 Lacs from every school)

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

Ashfaq Sharif