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Letter To Editor

Democracy and Moral Principals

Roberto Grao Gracia
"It is difficult to see how democracy, which is based on the principle of the will of the majority of the citizens, establishes the validity of principles and moral values, without being supported by the convictions of the majority, and without entering or imposing a dogmatism that is essentially strange to democracy as a form of government” (Card. Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI).

Indeed, democracy should only be a simple and new form of government of peoples and nations to ensure changes and alternation in power of rulers, without civil wars or bloodshed. However, it tends, probably unintentionally, to be applied to most public and social affairs, including in that system the approach and the final decision on the public and private morality, as if morality could be established in a majority form, through the mere democratic game.

Of course, the majority of citizens understood as unjust or immoral all behaviors that produce them an obvious injury, such as the theft with or without violence, neighborhood noise and inconvenience, slanders, disgraces and insults of all kinds, pedophilia or minors sexual abuse, sale and drug trafficking, political corruption, etc. But other behaviors that do not carry a prejudice for others, even though they are very immoral, cause them indifference and can adopt them expressly or tacitly as irrelevant or insignificant for social coexistence.

The problem is that there is objectively immoral behaviors that, without prejudice apparently other people at the beginning, instead of favoring social coexistence of citizens, hurts it evidently, because they tend to create or increase social problems that occur in all human coexistence, as the pregnancy of female adolescent, induced abortion, transmission of sexual diseases such as AIDS, widespread divorce, political corruption, etc.

In my opinion the solution is in the democrat politicians that reach the power who should be in first place really democrats and non-sectarian or totalitarian, inclined to impose their political ideas and moral principles, as soon as they reach the power to govern other people, for the greater glory and social influence of their own party. Second, those politicians should have the genuine conviction to serve the common good of all citizens, instead of serving only to those who think like them. They should help people to balance the economic and social inequalities that occur routinely, understand them in their aspirations and seek to persuade them with real demonstrations, without trying to impose their doctrines or ideas through coercion and the enforceability of laws enacted by them.

Thus, through this service, aid, understanding and voluntary conviction, obtained by noble and model politicians in the exercise of power, the majority of citizens would acquire some convictions and moral principles that they would always seek to defend and propagate, even when they not feel individually affected.

Is it a utopia? Perhaps it is, but I think it is a necessary utopia. all democratic citizens should fight and strive to produce it, because otherwise, it is normal that corruption, immorality and social problems that accompany the parties that look their own benefit, impose us "particracy" and those problems increase, personal and social degeneration grow disproportionate and unstoppable and finally significant social upheavals resulting in the delirious tragedy of civil national war or even international war.

Roberto Grao Gracia.

Independent Forum of Opinion


Raymond Durrani writes an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister

Raymond Durrani
Hon. Prime Minister and Parliamentarians:

I was born, raised and partially educated in 'Youngson Abad, Scotland Pakistan. I chose not to make Pakistan my country due to its religious differences. I don't think anyone should object to my choice I made. To all those who accept it, I thank and those who have problem - hum, I am sorry, I cannot help you. If I ever have to come to that part of the continent, I will come as a leader of a nation neglected by its current rulers. By the way, these rulers got what is now their Bread & Butter - was secured by Mr. S. P. Singha, a Christian who happens to be a Speaker of the Punjab Parliament and his 4 Christian MPs who voted to divide than Punjab of India in 1947 after the British government bribed them to vote in favor of Muslim League which was for Pakistan. In early sixties to mid-sixties Mr. Samuel Burke from Martin Pur #371 - who was an Ambassador of Pakistan to Canada negotiated purchase of Nuclear Reactors from Canada to Pakistan resulting in giving Pakistan a status as a Nuclear Power on the world stage. In nutshell, Pakistan should give members of the Christian Nation their due right to be an equal partner which is long overdue. When it came to me to make a choice I voted myself to come to Canada due to my Scottish roots. Neither Canadian Govt. nor Pakistani government spent a single penny on my education. I on the other hand served the people and Govt. of Canada as an officer for almost 30 years which I am very proud of and now loving every moment of my retirement. I continue to serve by volunteering my time for many organizations when needed which I call a blessing. Our 3 Canadian born children are doing fine and we enjoy their company along with 6 grandchildren all located in Ontario. I believe that my coming to Canada was for a reason - which I yet have to find out.

Raymond Durrani

Political Strategist (Power and Influence in Canadian Politics)

People of Novorossiya will not get relief unless publicly question the apathetic policy and attitude of State and people of Russia

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Editor

In view of on-going bloodshed in Novorossiya:-


Assimilation of Novorossiya in Russia has been advocated keeping in view that it will constrain West to support RUSIND [which will solve the problems of Ukraine, NAME and SAARC (especially Indo - AF -PAK region) which are concern of entire mankind] as has been propounded in published letters in Russian media :-

(i)- http://novorossiya.today/way-to-russo-indian-state/ and http://english.pravda.ru/world/asia/03-01-2015/129443-india_human_rights-0/ (ii)- http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/10-12-2014/129261-russia_india-0/ and (iii)- http://novorossiya.today/putins-mistakes-india/

The Ajmer January Seminar which was shifted (due to security reasons in view of US President Obama’s visit to Ajmer on January, 25) to and merged in Delhi February Seminar has now been de-merged from Delhi Seminar and will happen in March, 2015 (at a place yet to be decided).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India

Educating Will Power

Arturo Ram
Dear Editor,

In educational environments it is often said that the Pedagogy of effort is fundamental for learning with effectiveness and being successful in one’s academic life and life in general.

Various research studies concerning education conclude that the “wanting to study” is more important than intelligence when it comes to academic performance. Payot asserts that genius is, above all, a long process of patience: scientific and literary works that honor human talent the most are not at all due to the superiority of intelligence, like it is generally believed, but instead to the superiority of a will power that is admirably owner of itself.

Campaigns against drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, tobacco and violence are promoted from different sectors of society. In all of these campaigns, the youth is taught to say “NO” to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc., but for this to happen it is necessary for these young people to have a strong will power.

This is why it is crucial to educate one’s will power, which in other words means to educate one’s self.

However, what is will power? It could be said that it is the soul’s potential that moves someone to do or not to do something. Will power moves one to do or to achieve the ideals of the youth as well as the objectives that we propose to ourselves in order to improve society and become a well educated individual. Will power also moves us to not fall for or look for drugs, tobacco, and many other vices that jeopardize human beings. We must especially reject the tendency of only doing that which we fancy and like as well as what our body asks us for. Our will power is shaped by not giving into these little things: i.e. doing at every moment what must be done even if it is difficult to do so. “Do what you must, and be in what you do”, as our grandparents used to tell us.

There are two factors that favor and facilitate will power: motivation and illusion. Motivation consists of having reasons or causes or even motives to do something. These reasons or motives will drag us with force to reach our ideals and goals. Illusion is the hope that is caressed by our imagination, which provides us with joy and good spirit in order to make it till the end of our set purposes.

Personal struggles that move forward through small but constant efforts are at the base of educating will power. Will power is not accomplished by carrying out a heroic act at a given moment, but by achieving small wins with consistency one day after another without giving up.

That is how holistic and integral individuals are educated; those who overcome fatigue, frustration, unwillingness, and the thousands of difficulties that life brings about. A strong will power is essential for success in life and it is one of the best decorations of one’s own personality.

Arturo Ram

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Can someone enlighten?

Hem Raj Jain
Dear Sir

Today on Indian TV Channels two news are being shown which are very confusing. In one news, it is shown that Lakhvi (mastermind of 26/11) was released on bail by Pakistani Court (in 26/11 case) saying that there are not sufficient evidences against Lakhvi hence as per Pak court it does not justify further judicial custody of Lakhvi. But India objects to it because India says that it has given enough evidences to Pakistan about complicity of Lakhvi in 26/11. These Indian evidences are allegedly based mainly on telephone (mobile) conversation between terrorist in Mumbai (who were carrying out 26/11) and Lakhvi who was allegedly giving instructions and monitoring 26/11.

In second news it is shown that Subordinate (CBI) Court in India has given clean chit to Amit shah (Presently BJP President and then Home Minister of Gujarat) because telephone calls between Amit Shah and police officers (who carried out fake encounter of Sohrabuddin) were not considered sufficient evidence by this Indian Court.

Is there any difference between two types of phone conversations?

Were conversations between Lakhvi and perpetrators of 26/11 at Mumbai containing talks about actual operation of 26/11?

Were conversations between Amit Shah and Police officers are merely call records between them but does not contain any talk / hint about said fake encounter?

Can someone please enlighten!


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

Bengaluru, (Karnataka) India

Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.
You can send your comments on
E-Mails nazirbhattipcc@aol.com


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Letter To Editor

Democracy and Moral Principals
Raymond Durrani writes an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister
People of Novorossiya will not get relief unless publicly question the apathetic policy and attitude of State and people of Russia
Educating Will Power
Can someone enlighten?
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