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Letter To Editor

Karachi Christian Cemetery (Gora Kabristan)

Charles A. Wilson
What are the so called leaders of the Christian community doing about the depleted state of affairs of the Karachi Christian Cemetery (Gora Kabristan)? It's a shame that members of our community are failing in their efforts to maintain the Cemetery and a new cemetery needs to be located. Most of my relative's graves cannot be located and there is no regular record of the people who have died since the 1980's till this date. Will some responsible person urgently do something about it for the families of the departed souls who are buried in this cemetery? Thanking you and awaiting an early response.

Charles A. Wilson

Toronto, Canada.

We are all vulnerable

Federico Gómez Pardo
Dear Editor,

The perfection that has come with computers and the progress that this represents is something unimaginable. The reality exceeds the best dreams. However, it has not yet been made??Any computer that is not vulnerable. Any new virus can ruin the work of many days or collapse the functioning of appliances and entire companies.

Plant breeding has done wonders in recent years. It has achieved many varieties of cultivated species of great output. It makes possible that agricultural production increased dramatically. But all is not advantages. These new species are more susceptible to pests and more demanding in climate and fertilizers.

Something similar has happened with animal breeding. For example, there are cash cows with five times higher production than just 50 years ago. But they are very demanding animals in food and susceptible to certain diseases. They are also sensitive to environmental stress.

What about the human species? We have reached some indescribable heights of material welfare. Comfort, public health system, life expectancy, information systems, defense against heat or cold, communications, etc have increased. But as machines, plants and animals, we remain vulnerable to new diseases like AIDS or the "mad cow disease", to air and rail accidents, to a possible nuclear catastrophe or a simple power outage that can put in check an entire country, as we see happening from time to time, or even one single province as in Girona during the last snow storm. These things do not settle easily improving infrastructure because demand increase in developed countries exceeds production increase. Living well has its price.

In the case of plants and animals, geneticists seek and try to preserve the rustic character of many traditional species as a way to defend the new species in front of adverse circumstances. It would not be wrong that men try something similar. This is not about we return to the Stone Age, but we should improve in sobriety and self-sacrifice. The third world has these qualities forced by circumstances. We may recover them voluntarily in order to try to reduce our vulnerability. Could it be the crisis a good opportunity for it?

Federico Gómez Pardo

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)


Dear Editor,

The other day I read a terrible case. I do not know if consider it done because what appears on the Internet is not always true. This was an interview to an Argentine young woman who was serving a sentence for having murdered with a knife her newborn baby. In Argentina the abortion is still illegal and by the tone of the interview it was deducted the following thesis: the young woman had had a relationship with an older man who had abandoned her when she was pregnant. Snowed by these circumstances, she finished doing what she had done and served a serious sentence by this.

Hence it might be inferred that if abortion was legal in Argentina, she would have aborted and had not killed with a knife her son, charging with the imprisonment and emotional penalty of having stabbed him. Then we could infer that decriminalizing the laws that regulate abortion is good because it avoids this kind of situations. If she had lived in Spain, she would have aborted at any of the abortion centers legally established, previous payment.

I do not know if she would be happy but at least she would not be in jail, but on the street. I ask: would the child feel a difference between being killed by his mother with a knife and be cut, drawn and thrown into a container of organic waste? If he could speak he might say that it does not matter because after all in both cases he would be dead. We will never know his opinion, we will never know if he wanted to live. I believe that he does, almost all living beings tend to life and want to live by instinct and by conviction. The only and cruel equality between being killed by your own mother with a knife and being a victim of a legal abortion is that at the end you are dead. Only that in the first case, your mother will pay a very long imprisonment penalty and in the second case anyone will pay nothing because it will be legal. God! How low we have fallen!


Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

The whole truth about Aids

Isabel Costa
In my opinion, it is very important that parents talk to their children about the dangers of using condoms, contraceptives and abortion methods, as the morning-after pill or RU-486.

Today, young people are constantly besieged from the media and schools. They tell them that using condoms will prevent unwanted pregnancies, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Likewise, they are besieged by television programs where it is normal to see infidelity, pornography, explicit sex and all those degrading programs of junk TV.

Health campaigns based on condoms distribution to prevent AIDS led into deception. These conceal information and do not contribute towards prevention, but a greater spread of risk behaviors, since they imply that health authorities are giving their approval to the behaviors and lifestyles that are responsible for the epidemic.

It has long been known that the condom has a relative effectiveness as a contraceptive. Statistics show that this prophylactic failure in 15% of cases as a contraceptive and therefore we can not believe that AIDS virus that is 450 times smaller than sperm can be stopped by the latex barrier as if by magic.

Uganda is the only African country where this problem has decreased because the system of abstinence and faithfulness to one partner was adopted. When sexual promiscuity decreased, the HIV infection rate dropped from a peak of 15% in the early 90's to approximately 4% in 2003."

Would it cost so much to educate young people in this regard? In this very sensitive matter, the numbers prove it.

Isabel Costa

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

New advertising campaigns warning about the false paradises of drug evasión

Clemente Ferrer
'Dance Music for you not to dance' is the slogan of the last campaign of the Spanish Foundation Against Drug Addiction (FAD) to raise awareness of the risks associated with driving under the influence of drugs , for young people aged 16 to 24..

According to the National Department of Traffic (DGS), about 23 % of drivers up to 30 years who died in a traffic accident had consumed drugs.

"Bad night . Tonight may be your turn " is the slogan of another FAD campaign , which seeks to educate the youth against the alkaloids that cause hallucination or distress and can lead to suicide. Out partying until dawn can move in " a bad experience " because these concentrates, " can be your worst enemy. " Drugs have stayed in the fun of teenagers.

Reaching a state of rapture in a few minutes and feel the effect of joy for an hour, is the type of hallucinations that causes "fentanyl" a synthetic drug derived from opium that has set off alarms at the UN, so that the International Narcotics Control Board, in its annual report, devotes a chapter to this concentrate, a " synthetic opioid 80 times more potent than heroin," and that is causing serious damage in the United States and Mexico.

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, also exhibited a painful horizon, whereby drugs are cheaper than ever in all countries of the European Union, a circumstance that has led to a frightening increase in cocaine use, particularly among adolescents. The investigation exposes the rawness of the situation in Europe: each year alkaloids consumption causes more than 8,000 deaths.

Drugs, sex, terror and fanaticism spiral will not succeed in his claim to be havens of escape. Young naive believe the drug will "lead to Heaven" and what it gives to them is their own self-destruction, a physical and mental deterioration that will transform the "paradise" of a moment, in a prolonged and unbearable hell.

Clemente Ferrer

clementeferrer3@gmail.com Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

Independent Forum of Opinion is a group of professionals (graduates in Chemistry, Medicine, Education, Agricultural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Professor Business, university professor, etc.).

Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation By Nazir S Bhatti

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Letter To Editor

Karachi Christian Cemetery (Gora Kabristan)
We are all vulnerable
The whole truth about Aids
New advertising campaigns warning about the false paradises of drug evasión
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