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Letter To Editor

Demand of victim family and my refusal

Mushtaq Gill

Dear Colleague and Partner,

Today I got a strange experience in one case of victim family. There is one Christian woman who was forced to convert Islam and then married with Muslim landlord. This family is in my contact regular from the very first day of incident.

I took the case and then registered FIR etc but Christian woman stated in court that she was not abducted and not forced for conversion the meanwhile one other group approach the family and gave them some money as a support.

From last month family is in my contact and they informed that Christian woman wanted to flee from Muslim man home who forcibly converted her. I made them assured that I would stand with them and provide all kind of legal protection and also promised with them that I will shelter the Christian woman in my own home if you feel any fear of any kind of attack etc. They said ok, then they started to plan how the Christian woman should be rescued from Muslim home.

Luckily today, the Christian woman took chance and fled away from Muslim's man home. Family informed me on phone and I told them to take the victim woman in my home, the demanded that if I and my organization(LEAD) take responsibility of all the family living expenses, travelling and rented house in some safe place then they can come to me otherwise they have such offer from one other group.

I simply told them that your demands I apology to fulfill, I can only give legal shelter, the victim family is not satisfied on my offer and they told me that they have another option then me.

This is the first case which at start asks for financial support. I can fight for justice on behalf of others but I am unable to support the victim financially without your support.

In Solidarity,

Sardar Mushtaq Gill

Human Rights Defender

HR friendly ‘United States of Democratic Federal Western Sunni Caliphate’ is the need of the hour

Hem Raj Jain


The Editor

Pakistan Christian Post

Sub:- HR friendly ‘United States of Democratic Federal Western Sunni Caliphate’ is the need of the hour.

Dear Sir

-- This refers to article in PCP “With Allies like Turkey and Saudi Arabia the US doesn’t need Enemies: Erdogan Must Go” by Vojin Joksimovich. No doubt Turkey and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and some countries of Middle East have been hobnobbing with Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc and their affiliates (even with the tacit approval of Obama who allegedly shares the love of the Muslim Brotherhood). But it is neither an ideologically feasible nor coherent & concerted endeavor hence it will lead nowhere in changing the political reality of North Africa and Middle East (NAME) region where millions of Muslims are bleeding and weeping profusely (hence no support for it from Muslims all over the world).

Moreover Russian military intervention since September, 2015 would have brought stability and peace to Syria but Russia has lost the track. Instead of going for election (even without removing Assad which even USA agreed to) under UN peacekeeping force (UNPKF) as generally mentioned at -

Russia (with the ground support of Shia Iran, Iraq, Lebanon of Hezbollah) now seems to be working (with the complicity of USA) to safeguard its military bases in Syria by partitioning Syria where Western Syria will be Shia ruled and remaining Syria may go to Sunnis

Since Russian military intervention in September, 2015 the USA is playing sinister game in Syria. Everyone knows that Russia can not support democracy in Syria for the simple reason that Sunni majority Syria if becomes democracy then sooner that later it will ask Russia to remove all its military bases from Syria. But Russia (which in September, 2015 end intervened militarily in Syria next day after talking to US President Obama) will never tolerate its military bases to be removed from Syria.

By mid 2015 it was clear that Syrian regime was losing ground to Syrian rebels which had put not only Assad regime but military bases of Russia too in the danger of being wiped out from Syria. Hence Christian USA & Christian Russia are now working for the partition of Syria (as suggested by an insider in prominent US newspaper NYT with unnecessary bloodshed of Sunni rebels and civilians by Russia with tacit approval of USA) where western Syria will remain with Shias which will allow military bases of Russia to remain in Syria [Even the timing of this week Syria-Aid London meet is suspect which is a way to accommodate more refugees from Syria in view of increased military attacks by Assad & Russia in Aleppo etc of North-West Syria].

One need not be a Muslim to know the majesty of Islam. Only few months of reading and more importantly practice of basic teachings of Quran Sharif are enough to know it. But present day Muslims have made the Islam (the most powerful and modern religion due to worship of abstract and keeping temporal power under the authority of religion, the people’s power hence nearer to democracy) full of contradictions.

On one hand there are Muslims (so-called Jihadis) who do not bother about their lives and offer martyrdom for the cause of Islam (as they perceive it, mostly wrongly where they kill even civilians including women, children and old people and minorities) on other hand entire Sunni Muslim world (~ 85% of ~ 2 billion global Muslim population) is watching Sunni-nationalism being allowed by Syrian opposition to be humiliated and trampled upon at just concluded / failed Geneva meet (by Christian USA & Russia with the support of short-sighted & fratricidal policies of Shias led by Iran).

Therefore the way USA & Allies have betrayed Syrian opposition (who were supported by West to go for armed rebellion resulting in Syria of ~ 22 millions people over two hundred seventy thousand Syrians killed, ~ 11 millions displaced including ~ 4 millions in other countries as refugee etc.) the Sunni Islam, before depending heavily on USA & its Allies (including Turkey, KSA etc), should rather first rely on its own strength (formidable, if basics of Islam are followed) and should establish HR friendly ‘United States of Democratic Federal Western Sunni Caliphate’ (USDFSC) in the interest of bringing succor to tens of millions of beleaguered Muslims (both Shias and Sunnis) of NAME region [USDFSC in western Sunni world west of Iran and Iraq (upto Baghdad) leaving Eastern half of Sunni majority Muslim countries (beyond geographical barrier of Shia Iran) from Afghanistan to Indonesia and Malaysia].

This HR friendly USDFSC [which is as per basics of Islam which combines State (military) power and religious authority, in other words warrior and saint, in one person, the Caliph] is imperative because :-

(i)- Despite all the efforts of various powers [under western (led by Christians) political model] tens of millions of Muslims are bleeding and weeping profusely in NAME region.

(ii)- Unlike Hindus and Chinese the Muslims are the only economically developing people who are divided in many countries hence are economically and militarily powerless. Developed Christians are predominant military and economic power hence their many countries do not matter. Moreover Christians are not that divided. Powerful Christian USA & Europe are united militarily through NATO and USA goes to any length (even illegally) to support economic interests of European Union [as evident from the case of Ukraine where USA, despite Budapest Memorandum, allowed its dismemberment through a deal (as conceded by insider on US media) where Russia got Crimea and EU got business with Ukraine].

This USDFSC can be formed by dissolving all the armed rebels in NAME (including MB, various Syrian opposition / rebel groups, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shabab, Boko-haram etc and their affiliates like Al-Nusra etc) and by coming under the banner of HR friendly USDFSC (as far war crimes by the members and leaders of these outfits the law can take its own course once peace returns to Syria etc).

The USDFSC should start from Syria where it can declare itself as the legitimate government of Syria which is bound to be supported by overwhelming majority of Sunnis from all over the world who will persuade other countries of the world (first Sunni majority countries) to (A)- Recognize USDFSC as legitimate government of Syria and (B)- To support USDFSC in every way even in waging war (if necessary) in order to bring stability and peace in Syria (through elections under HR friendly constitution with enforceable human rights as per ICCPR of UN with mandatory protocol MP-1 instead of OP-1).


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of Betrayal of Americanism)

Bengaluru, India

42 % of “in vitro” conceived children develop cancer, reveals a study by the University of Lund

Clemente Ferrer

Infants conceived with techniques used in fertility clinics, are four times more likely to have certain birth defects and malformations than children conceived naturally, according to a study by researchers at the University of Lund ( Sweden). By in vitro babies, the risk of childhood cancer is great. Specifically, they have a 42 % chance of having a childhood cancer. Experts say that the figures are evident but they have not yet determined how the disease develops.

Among the defects that have been detected are heart problems, cleft lip, cleft palate and abnormalities in the esophagus or rectum, which normally occur once every 700 births.

Assisted reproductive techniques, such as fertilization " in vitro ", which requires doctors to work with embryos and sperm outside the human body, increased these serious dangers.

"I think it's important to consider the fact that there may be a risk of birth defects", says Jennita Reefhuis , epidemiologist from the Centers for Birth Defects Research and author of a study published in the online journal "Human Reproduction". Reefhuis also said that although her study linked fertility procedures to birth defects, it did not demonstrate nor explained this connection. If the connection is real, it is not known whether the procedures increase the risk of these malformations, or whether infertility itself raises this risk.

On the other hand, Dr. James A. Grifo, director of the fertility clinic at the Medical Center of New York University, said that more research is needed to test these findings, because the study was done with only 281 women who had undergone fertility treatment. Nevertheless, "the results are worrisome but, with a small sample of patients, we need to do a larger study", added Dr. Grifo.

Also, Dr. Alan R. Fleishman, vice president of March of Dimes, said: “I think it's an important study that confirms the direction in which we were concerned, that of an increase in some structural birth defects in children born with assisted reproductive techniques. Women who choose to undergo this fertility treatment should be informed of the risk of birth defects in their children”.

Fertilization "in vitro" could be defined as the taking of male and female gametes and the realization of their union outside the human body to transfer the fertilized embryo into the uterus of the mother to implantation and subsequently birth.

In addition to the risk of malformations in the child already indicated, fertilization "in vitro" goes “against nature” And nature never forgives, it is relentless.

Clemente Ferrer

Independent Forum of Opinion (Spain)

Open letter to Indian Churches

Hem Raj Jain


Your Holiness / Dear Sir / Dear Madam

Indian Churches

Sub:- Indian Christianity can show the way to bring succor to mankind through PARTICIPATORY philanthropy.

-- I am an Indian citizen and a permanent resident (green card holder) of USA hence will be living for more than six months in USA.

I am deeply disturbed by the international disturbances especially emanating from Islamic terrorism originating from North Africa and Middle East (NAME) region and South Asia (Indo-AF-PAK region), which has left millions of people bleeding and weeping profusely.

At the same time communal-ism of Hindus in India (against Muslims, Christians and Sikhs) has also been contributing in this gory state of affairs as mentioned in my open letter to President of India

Apart from violence through terrorism and communal-ism poverty too in these regions is making the lives of majority of the people of these regions miserable.

I believe this sorry state of affairs is for the simple reason that Christianity (known for its human rights friendly values and under obligation to proselytize) has left Islam and Hinduism to do whatever they want, to keep its followers in medieval mindset and there is no competition to Islam and Hinduism worth the name from Christianity.

Presently as the situation is, only the Christianity can instill human rights friendly modern and progressive values in the people of these regions (avoiding conversion in the first stage as it unnecessarily invokes hostilities). This can easily be done if Indian Christianity takes the lead to launch participatory philanthropic institutions (PPI) for health and education in India then it can be expanded in other countries also. [PPI is especially suitable for democracy with capital from charity (like in limited companies / corporations as shareholders) and revenue from fees from beneficiaries on no profit no loss basis].

Here it is in context to add that:-

(1)- Indian Christianity has to kick start these PPI and then people of India from all religions from all over the country (urban and rural) will join it as shareholders of these PPI.

(2)- First the PPI for health should be started which will easily become economically viable by launching Medical-tourism where patients from other countries [economically humble persons from rich western countries (especially from USA) where health care is prohibitively costly] will come to India for treatment / operations etc in these PPI in India.

(3)- These PPI will get contributions (through shares) from all over the world and will be able to open its branches in other countries too.

(4)- For these Indian PPI to-be started by your goodness, I shall be able to assist (through my social service) :-

(i)- In getting monetary contributions (shares) from USA etc for this PPI

(ii)- In removing any legal hurdle (through UN at New York with the help of US Government, US Congressmen etc) so that international character of these PPI (regarding monetary contribution and opening of branches in other countries) is ensured

(iii)- In ensuring (through human rights enforcing mechanism of UN) that these PPIs are not subjected to violence and instead work peacefully (even while proselytizing in second stage) in India and in other countries

(iv)- In getting patients from USA etc through medical-tourism for this PPI

If your goodness is interested in above mentioned then I am prepared to come any where in India to further discuss this matter with your goodness.


Hem Raj Jain

Presently at - Bengaluru, India


CC: - for taking interest in global philanthropy, to :- (i)- US Churches (ii)- US Veterans (iii)- US Academicians (iv)- US Ambassadors (v)- US Media (vi)- Indian media

Open petition to Chief Justice of India about prison escapee Maulana Masood Azahar

Hem Raj Jain


Hon’ble Chief Justice

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi

Sub:- An open petition :-

(i)- To ensure Maulana Masood Azahar (escaped from prison through IC 814 hijack) serves remaining term in Indian prison

(ii)- To ensure Maulana faces fresh charges about IC 814 hijack

(iii)- To question Governments of India & J&K and Pakistan (through its High Commissioner at Delhi) when they came to know about presence of Maulana in Pakistan and punish the guilty for not ensuring Malauna faces justice in India.

Your Honor

-- I am an Indian citizen aged 70 years and humbly submits the following:-

(1)- That in December 1999, Maulana Masood Azahar got himself freed from Kot Bhalwal (J&K) Jail pursuant to demands of hijackers that Government of India (GOI) could exchange him for passengers on the hijacked Indian Airlines flight 814 (IC 814, scheduled from Nepal to Delhi which was hijacked by his terrorist colleagues) that had eventually landed in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

(2)- That as per law any country who found Maulana was supposed to apprehend him and hand over to India in order to (i)- serve remaining term in Kot Bhalwal (J&K, India) prison (ii)- To face fresh charges of being complicit beneficiary of IC 814 hijack (as Maulana did not surrender before Kot Bhalwal Jail authorities after getting separated from hijackers).

(3)- That for the last two days Indian print & electronic media is full of reports (the judicially noticeable facts and otherwise too) that Maulana is in Pakistan and on the request of GOI the authorities in Pakistan are questioning him in relation to January 2, 2016 attack at Pathankot air base.

(4)- That whether Maulana is complicit or not in said Pathankot attack the GOI / Government of J&K and Government of Pakistan (GOP) are under legal obligation to ensure that Maulana comes to India to serve remaining prison term and to face said fresh charges. But the GOI / GOJ&K and GOP have derelicted in discharging their legally mandated duty.

(5)- That as in case of marines of Italy (accused of killing Indian fishermen) the Hon’ble Court has brought Ambassador of Italy under its jurisdiction similarly the Hon’ble Court can bring Pakistan High Commissioner too under its jurisdiction in Maulana related extremely serious criminal matters.

Therefore in view of the above mentioned Your Honor is requested to Kindly take the cognizance of this matter and Kindly :-

(i)- Order GOI to demand from GOP to immediately handover Maulana Masood Azahar to India to serve remaining prison term in Kot Bhalwal (J&K, India) prison and to face said fresh charges about IC 814 hijack.

(ii)- Summon Pakistan High Commissioner at Delhi to inform the Hon’ble Court that when GOP came to know about presence of Maulana in Pakistan and why GOP did not hand over Maulana to India when GOP found Maulana in Pakistan.

(iii)- Summon GOI / GOJ&K to inform the Hon’ble Court that when they came to know about presence of Maulana in Pakistan and when it came to be know that Maulana is in Pakistan why GOI (and GOJ&K through GOI) immediately did not ask GOP to hand over Maulana to India.

(iv)- Punish the derelict & complicit public servants of GOI and GOJ&K and take appropriate legal action against the derelict and complicit authorities of GOP for the offense of not bringing Maulana to justice.

(v)- Any other relief commensurate with facts and circumstances of the case.


Hem Raj Jain


Bengaluru, India

January 15, 2016