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Situation of Civil Hospital Faisalabad demands attention of government

Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

Most Honorable Prime Minister, Nawar Sharif

Most Honorable DCO Faisalabad

Respected Journalists

Dear Sir,

It is great grief to share with you, how much carelessly patients are treated by DHQ's Staff. It is humble request to visit DHQ where innocent poorest patient had been treated with corruptive manners for getting short amount commission along with their Government' salaries on the tests and dreadful treatment without conscious of loose of life, feeling and emotions for patients and their families, It is terrible attitude with humanity that kills human inner spiritually, morally in realm of corruptive. Every human gives lesson to fellow human with their good and bad attitude.

It is miserable incident that happened in the DHQ (civil Hospital) Faisalabad, Pakistan. Today dated 29 September 2016, one patient Named Safia who was pregrent, she came to Radiology department for X - Rays. But watchman who allows patients "In" and "cut" from X - Rays room. Safia was poor lady, she got permission from Doctor for Free test. But watchman did play corruptive role by cutting her name from paper and wrote another name "Samina” for earning Rs. 200 rupees. He changed her free test report with another paid patient report that had different kind of disease for only Rs. 200 Pakistani Rupees.

Watchman - Ward boy cut name on the same paper and wrote another name Samina. On the same time, watchman - ward boy had been caught up by Chief of Radiology department. It happened before me. Chief of Radiology department had been warning to whole staff of Radiology about the irresponsible corruptive attitude of watchman - ward boy. i personally checked those papers of Safia and Samina. Both have different diseases and different papers. It is painful to read that on basis of X - Rays, Doctor Advice’s patients about medicines for their treatment. It is brutal treatment with innocent poor poeple who came with expectation in Government Hospital.

It is also very sad to know that Radiology Department's Doppler machine is "out of order" for last three days.

Patient had been referred to "Allied Hospital for tests". If they are in the condition of going or not. It is another irresponsible attitude of Hospital authorities. When i asked Doctor of Radiology department, he said that they have lack of Staff. I could not understand about his point about lack of staff, I think that he means that they did hire men without commitment or training on private basis.

In the Emergency department, It had been also observed from another patient case, she was in critical condition, but she had been intentionally discharge because of someone influence after sending her into Ali Ward by advice of professor, after few days she suffered into critical condition, she had been admitted again in DHQ on request of Religious leader Bishop. There is another patient named Muhammad Arshad, he had been discharged from Tariq Ward in stable condition, but today he came back with more serious condition after three days.

Many of patients told that staff (Watchman, ward boy, cleaners and lower profile workers ) gets money for doing nurse's work for example changing bag of Urine and dapper. Even it is written on "Notice Board by Government in wards", if anyone get money for doing their job from patient' care taker, they will be punished or handed over to Police. But it is going on openly.

Poorest community people went to DHQ that it is Government Hospital. All kind of treatment is free for poor people. But It become costly because of staff of Hospital for lower class salaried person, private daily wager - lower sectors even lower class worker of Government. It has been observed that Doctors are doing their duties according to their commitment actively. but It also seemed that doctors are afraid about infectious atmosphere of Hospital. But there are something wrong in management or whatever?, Management had been terrified because of role of staff. Stealing of patient care taker is going in wards. They showed as they are spending their job time.

It is also sad to know that MS of DHQ told that DHQ's two department (liver and heart) are under NGOs “Trust". They cannot get favor for poorest people for their tests and treatment.

May God satisfy innocent human being who expects from Government? May Higher authorities give attention to poorest' causes and problems in sensitive departments and Hospitals.

With Humble heart request

Bureau Chief/Journalist

Pakistan Christian Post

Bishop Dr. FS Bhatti

Surgical strike by India has meaning only if precursor to retrieve of PoJK

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

Sub:- Without becoming genuinely secular by retrieving PoJK and by taking other measures, India can’t remain in peace with Pakistan

--- Indian military deserve congratulation for professional and efficient surgical strike operation (on September, 29 in PoJK in which as per India 40 terrorists and their military handlers were killed but as per Pakistan 2 soldiers killed and 9 injured). At the same time same can’t be said about government of India (GOI) unless it is known whether or not GOI wants this military operation to be a first step towards retrieving India’s territory of PoJK.

Here it is in context to add that (i)- The present unrest in Kashmir [in which since July, 8 after killing of Hizbul Commander Burahan Wani ~ 90 people have been killed, over ten thousand injured ~ 250 eyes injured by pellet guns and curfew / Bandh (Strike) for the last 83 days] and (ii)- The gory and chronic Kashmir problem [which has claimed lives of hundreds of thousands of people (including security forces) from both India and Pakistan] – is the direct result of communal politics of so called secular India.

Hence retrieve of PoJK is not merely about territory or even about people of J&K but it is about ideology of secularism v/s Islamic theocracy of Pakistan. The J&K is the only Muslim majority State in India (even Jammu was Muslim majority before 1947) and it still acceded to Hindu majority India in the hope that better and more powerful ideology the secularism will be practiced in India. But India gave goodbye to secularism and unlike Hindu Goa did not retrieve Muslim PoJK (smaller & theocratic Pakistan tried to retrieve Muslim Kashmir many times in 1947, 1948, 1965, 1971, during Kargil etc). In 1971 also India did not assimilate Muslim Bangladesh though ‘two nations theory’ collapsed which was basis of India’s partition in 1947. Since eighties (after Ayodhya movement of late eighties and Babri Masjid demolition in 1992) whatever fig leaf of secularism India had that was also given up.

It is evident from the fact that minimum following 6 writ petitions need to be filed in Supreme Court by some organization in order to bring Secularism on track in India:-

(A)- Legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of Observer of Supreme Court (B)- Query about retrieve of POK in the interest of removal of AFSPA etc from J&K (C )- Prosecution against guilty found by Sri Krishna Commission about 1992-93 communal riots in Mumbai / Maharashtra (while rightly asking for deportation / action against Dawood Ibrahim etc, the guilty of serial blasts which were direct fallout of said riots) (D)- Identification, tracking and deportation of illegal Hindus and Muslims immigrants, from Bangladesh and Pakistan (E)- Quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) Reservation Policy (F)- Delhi 1984 & Gujarat 2002 riots about section 130 & 131 Cr.P.C.

[Second writ petitions for retrieve of POK can first be filed in J&K High Court].

India should not forget that due to said adverse possession Pakistan has better claim on J&K. Moreover in this age when plebiscite / referendum have become order of the day in western democracies the perpetration of so much cruelties and injustice on Kashmiris (who are demanding plebiscite) is being tolerated by world community only due to one reason. The World in this age of ‘global war against Jihadi terrorism’ wants secular India to win and does not want Jihadis to win which will be the case if Muslim Kashmir separates from India. But India will blunder if it continues to take undue and too much advantage of said prejudices (against Jihadis) and preferences of the world community (for secularism and that too for false secularism of India). Rather India should understand that only genuinely secular India will attract continued support of world community.

GOI has never asked Indian military to take on the military of Pakistan for the retrieve of PoJK and on the contrary has constrained security forces to show ‘bravery’ by training guns at civilians of J&K (especially on Kashmiri Muslims) under the protection of AFSP, SPA etc. Hence if it is the only purpose of GOI to browbeat Pakistan to maintain the status-quo about Kashmir / PoJK then this entire exercise of September, 29 surgical strike will not only be meaningless & unethical but also impractical.

Because continued unrest in Kashmir will help Pakistan in mobilizing world-community against India. Pakistan rightly considers present Kashmir unrest as golden opportunity to snatch Muslim Kashmir from Hindu India (as for the first time Kashmiri society, including women, children old people, is on streets in such large numbers including in rural areas). Hence Pakistan will keep-on provoking India to take military action (limited or major) against Pakistan so that Kashmir issue can be internationalized for early Kashmir solution.

The Jihadis of Pakistan also [who are in addition to governments of India and Pakistan and people of entire J&K (including PoJK) are a forth party in J&K dispute because as per media Islam has laid down the lives of ~ one hundred thousand Jihadis for Kashmir], through terrorist attack in India, may provoke India for aggression against Pak and will also pressurize Pak government to provoke India. In this age of ISIS if Pak Jihadis & Pak government fail to snatch Muslim Kashmir from Hindu India then blood thirsty ISIS will have every chance of entering AF-PAK-Kashmir region. The menace of Jihadis / ISIS can be handled effectively only by starting the process of giving victory to secular forces by retrieving PoJK by India. But unfortunately the behavior and other policies of India give clear indications that retrieve of PoJK is not on the agenda of GOI.

Therefore GOI (like other Union governments of the past 69 years) should stop this political farce and instead should think seriously about retrieve of PoJK and about which should start taking India and world community in confidence.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

After Nehru China has brought Modi on ground (due to mishandling of CPEC)

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor

Sub:- (i)- After Uri as if India with tail-between-legs was not enough, bombshell comes from China (ii)- Open support by China of Pakistan and its Kashmir cause has fundamentally changed geo-politics of SAARC (iii)- India should assure China on CPEC otherwise will face most humiliating defeat / partition (iv)- Now India is left with only one option, to take PoJK even under threat of nukes (v)- As far Baluchistan etc India should ensure their human rights through proper HR mechanism

--- After attack, allegedly by Pakistan sponsored terrorists, at Army-camp at Uri in J&K on September, 18 (in which 20 soldier were killed and equally injured) India (including its government) started talking about punishing Pakistan militarily in a jingoistic manner for 3-4 days. But then India saw that Pakistan was more interested in war than India for the simple reason that then Pakistan could play nuclear card to constrain world-community to find solution of Kashmir problem (especially in view of on-going unrest in Kashmir) so that Indo-Pak hostilities can be eliminated forever.

Hence India went with tail-between-legs and stopped talking about military means to punish Pakistan and started talking about diplomatic and economic measures to teach Pakistan a lesson. But then as if this pusillanimity of India was not enough that suddenly on Saturday bombshell came from China which is a game changer and if India does not go for immediate retrieve of PoJK militarily even under threat of nukes then India will lose entire J&K to Pakistan and some more territories to China as explained below:-

(1)- As per report on September, 24 in a leading English newspaper of Pakistan, in the wake of rising tensions at borders with India, China (through Consul General of China in Lahore Yu Boren) has assured in unequivocal terms its support in case of any foreign aggression and also supported Pakistan’s stance on the Kashmir dispute, according to a press release issued by the Punjab Chief Minister Office. China reportedly further said – “[We’re and will be siding with Pakistan on Kashmir issue. There is no justification for atrocities on unarmed Kashmiris in India held Kashmir and the Kashmir dispute should be solved in accordance with aspirations of the Kashmiris. Referring to the support Beijing has been extending to Islamabad at all international forums, the diplomat reportedly said his country would continue supporting Pakistan through thick and thin]”. Yu reportedly discussed with the chief minister the situation developing in held Kashmir and the progress being made on various projects under CPEC a portion of which involves a part of the disputed region.

(2)- After said declaration of China about support to Pakistan the way PM Modi (in his public speech on Saturday in Kerala) appealed to the people of Pakistan to discipline government and military of Pakistan (especially when entire India was expecting tough response from Modi against the military and terrorists of Pakistan) every perspicacious political observe across the world knew it is unmistakable sign of acceptance of defeat by PM Modi even before war (or military operation in any form) has even started against Pakistan. This is not surprising. As I mentioned at China is offended the way India has been trying to harm the interest of China regarding ‘China Pakistan Economic Corridor’ (CPEC), but China will be offended so deeply that it will go to the extent of providing open support to Pakistan and to its Kashmir cause, was not known.

(3)- This of-course has brought Modi on ground who without understanding basic economic interests of the countries and without giving any importance to geo-political consideration (like former PM Nehru who offended many powerful countries through lecturing the world about non-alignment movement) was behaving like a proverbial bull in the China shop. How Nehru brought most humiliating defeat to India in 1962 Indo-Sino war which ultimately brought Nehru on ground and even broke him completely (politically) is well documented history and needs no repetition. But if PM Modi does not do course correction then India may again face much more humiliating defeat at the hands of Sino-Pak military alliance because:-

(i)- In addition to other military factors which are heavily in favor of Sino-Pak formidable military alliance vis-a-vis India (which any one can tell about) one more factor will be a big problem and liability for India. In utter disregard to secularism Hindu majority India did not retrieve Muslim PoJK and instead of thus solving Kashmir problem left the people of J&K (especially Kashmiri Muslims) at the mercy of hundreds of thousands of military with AFSPA, SPA etc. As per media in addition to military at border and LOC all over India about three to five hundred thousand military is in J&K (mainly in Kashmir valley) which is a major part of ‘spare Indian military’ which is meant to be moved from one place to other as per requirement of the war.

(ii)- But with China joining hands with Pakistan this spare military in valley can without much difficulty be trapped from three sides and de-mobilized (by cutting its access roads, supply of military necessities, food etc especially in a hilly terrain) by Sino-Pak military alliance. This will incapacitate India to send military at various points where ever needed all along border / LOC with China and Pakistan [in a war during which Pakistan will try to take Muslim Kashmir if not remaining J&K and China will beneficially adjust its border / LOC with India and may even try to take its claimed territory of Arunachal Pradesh).

(4)- Even if India tries to avoid Indo-Pak war it cannot. India should understand that now with said Chinese support to Pakistan on Kashmir, Pakistan (through Jihadis) with renewed vigor will prolong Kashmir unrest (going-on for last two and half months) and will also carry-out more terrorist attacks in J&K in order to provoke India to go for some military action against Pakistan so that it can precipitate and internationalize Kashmir issue though Indo-Pak war.

(5)- Therefore India should be pragmatic and mend its way and should assure China about progress of CPEC undisturbed from Indian side in the interest of breaking said Sino-Pak military alliance. India should further declare openly that now India will take PoJK militarily even by giving threat of nukes if needed (in order to constrain world-community to let India take PoJK peacefully).

(6)- As far human rights violation in Baluchistan or in any other part of Pakistan or in any other country, the right approach is to move UN for replacing Optional Protocol OP-1 by Mandatory Protocol MP-1 of ICCPR and by establishing a mechanism for enforcing human rights even on the petition of an aggrieved citizen of member erring country especially when remedy in courts and HR Commissions of erring countries are exhausted [If UN does not do it then India can get it done through SAARC].

Therefore India and its government should realize in what difficult situation it has landed itself into by unnecessarily offending China on CPEC and should do course correction as mentioned above so that the most humiliating imminent scenario for India (including further dismemberment of India by Pakistan) can be avoided.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India

Still not Convinced

Stephen Gill

My letter of Aug. 30 to Mr. Vakily was to ask to clarify ambiguities in his write-up of Aug. 27, 2016 on page B5 where he attempts to prove that Islam is incompatible with terrorism, quoting the views of politicians and Hollywood personalities to support his thesis. When I underlined weaknesses in his thesis, he lists Islamic scholars in his letter of Sept.13. Weakness in his second attempt is easily noticeable. For readers to assess this weakness, I will say a few words about his first and the last scholars. To begin with, both these scholars have ties with terrorist groups and Saudi Arabia.

The first name from the list of Mr. Vakily’s Islamist scholars is Cleric Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, Mr. Vakily’s “scholar of scholars”. Cleric Shaykh is alleged to have asked Muslim nations to aid Palestinian terrorists groups in Gaza militarily.” He “declared that Palestinian terrorists have the right to all kinds of resistance, including the use of weapons”, urging jihad. The story about his involvement is detailed in The Investigative Project on Terrorism of July 12, 2013 by John Rossmonds who affirms that ITP has uncovered evidence to support his story. The Investigative Project on Terrorism, founded in 1995, claims to be a non-profit research project and the world’s most comprehensive data centre on terrorist groups.

The last name from the list of Mr. Vakily’s Islamist scholars is Dr. John Esposito who had ties with a Specially Designed Terrorist Organization. Middle East Forum, an independent tax-exempt non-profit organization from Philadelphia, gives the story of his ties with Sami All-Arian in Sept. 18, 2011 issue. He is referred to as “luxuriate in honors, including those bestowed by Saudi Arabia. As per Wikipedia, Sami- Al Arian “had been arrested as the alleged leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIT)…The PIJ was identified as an international terrorist organization, with cells throughout the world, that supports Jihad and martyrdom”.

It appears that Mr. Vakily holds a different view on terrorism than the view by other faiths, particularly when it comes to beheading of an apostate and stoning women for adultery. The readers of the Standard-Freeholder deserve to know if he has used these ambiguities and weaknesses deliberately and also truth about his thesis on terrorism. Truth sets a person free.

Stephen Gill

No end to grievances of Military-Veterans unless launch their political party

Hem Raj Jain

Sub:- (i)- OROP is only one and minor issue (ii)- Unless martial deficiency of Indian State is removed Indian Military will never get respect and justice (iii)- Launch of national political party by Military-Veterans, the only solution

As happened during 2012 also we have again started getting emails on social media where Military-Veterans are complaining & lamenting that Modi government too has betrayed the armed forces (including in case of OROP) as is evident from one such email circulating such frustration by one of former top brasses of Army as given at:-

The response by Military-Veterans to this article of Veteran Maj Gen. Mrinal Suman is also circulating in social media. What is common is that the grievances of Military-Veterans are same as was in 2012. This time also Military-Veterans do not understand that only when a ruler rules for honor and only when martial deficiency of Indian State is removed, then only their grievances & complaints will be addressed (including about OROP). This in a democracy can be ensured only through a national political party which believes in these fundamental principles of governance and unfortunately no existing political party in India believes in these principles.

This was the reason that in 2012 I tried to launch a political party sponsored by Military-Veterans but I was told by Military-Veterans that they may not go for a political party but for a human-right NGO. Hence I started contacting Military-Veterans in 2012-13 and for this I also went from Bengaluru to M.P., Rajasthan and Delhi and met Military-Veterans. But I got the impression that Military-Veterans were depending heavily on coming of BJP / PM Modi in power and especially of former Army Chief Gen V.K. Singh. Therefore Military-Veterans did not take any interest in launching even said HRNGO [which was supposed to first tackle three major martial problems causing huge bloodshed in India and of Indians namely Kashmir (including rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits), illegal immigrants from Bangladesh & Pakistan and Naxalism from about one third territory of India].

Now again Military-Veterans have started airing their grievances and laments but they will reach nowhere unless they launch an India level political party (this time no HRNGO). This political party will be like any other political party registered at Election Commission of India but will have first priority to remove martial deficiency of India State as mentioned above and in addition will believe in Federal-Secular-Socialist (Joint-capitalism)-Democratic-Republic policies.

The Military-Veterans should understand that due to present unrest in Kashmir the launch of this political party by Military-Veterans will be greeted and supported immensely all over India because present BJP government and all other political parties in India are not up to the mark and are doing nothing for Kashmir solution (which is nothing but retrieve of PoJK, first by talking to Pakistan and if Pak refuses to handover PoJK on table then retrieving PoJK militarily)

It is hoped that Military-Veterans this time (instead of indulging in their favorite pass-time of complaining & lamenting) will take effective step of sponsoring the launch of a national political party.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Bengaluru, India