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Taliban attacks costing economy $5 billion a year

Ashfaq Sharif

The question is whose interest and wish to support and train Taliban in order o make frequent attacks in our country loss of $5 billion a year in lost investment, finance secretary said, adding that Islamabad is keeping open the option of another IMF programme for giving aid in order to get rid of TALBAN.

Why not make law strict and enforce those elements no matter belongs to any group of party caught supporting terrorism activities should give example punishment but due to lack of LAW & ORDER yet not example punishment is given to any who supporting TALBAN in order to weak our Pakistan these are true enemies of Pakistan should be exposed.

These TALBAN are BLIND and true follower OF anti-Islam religion that is why choose the wrong path of end life by suicide way, more interesting Islam dis-courage and condemn the life ending by suicide way and the person who ending his life by suicide remain in hell forever but these TALBAN giving misleading information regarding 70 HURS awaiting when any one die by suicide which is giving wrong image and destroying the Islam image in WEST.

How our country get rid of these un-educated and MAD TALBAN pray to God to destroy their entire network and well-wishers and supporters of these TALBAN to save our country from terrorism so our country LAW and ORDER SITUATION BECOME improve so foreign investor become fearless while investing in Pakistan, that reason no INTERNATIONAL cricket is playing in Pakistan.

TALBAN much happy to spend their live in darkness that is why always keep away from EDUCATION and always busy how to destroy the school/college and what is the secret behind it, whom they learn these madness and entire nation is paying the cost, no one save from them.

More Bad News Militias ISIS who are fighting in SYRIA perhaps TALBAN produce, Inshahallah with the help of RUSSIA, IRAN, HIZBULLOAH AND SYRIAN army ISIS will not face memorable defeat but destroy their entire network than their well-wishers dream will end.

PAKISTAN is peace loving country never encourage or promote terrorism that is why fight against TALBAN to crush and destroy them inshahallah PAK ARMY will success in their mission soon.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)


Pakistani Christian Asylum seeker woman appeals Pope Francis

Teena Khan


I am a Pakistani Christian woman living in Bangkok since 3 years with my family as Asylum seeker. There are also hundreds of other Christian victim families from Pakistan who have applied for Asylum but unfortunately we are not getting any response from UNHCR. The visas of almost all the families have been expired due on which Thai immigration and police arrest the families who are in jails.

It has become very difficult for us to survive and to make two ends meet our daily needs of life because they not have work permits. We are just stuck up in our rooms and cannot move frequently outside to buy groceries.

We escaped from Islamic Republic of Pakistan because of safety of life while here in Bangkok we are still living as oppressed nation. We requested lot of times to UNHCR, to please, take pity upon us and give us the shelter and settlement plan.

There is large number of families awaiting for the interview call from UNHCR as well many waiting for result from more than 2 years.

I wish to bring in your notice that some years back there happened a mishap when one girl named as MALALA YOUSAF from Pakistan was shot by terrorist while Govt. of Pakistan took immediate action for her treatment and that girl was shifted to USA for security and treatment purposes. She is also human being like us but she is being treated like Celebrity because she belongs to rich Pakistani family; we are poor but are we not Pakistanis?

Government of Pakistan not cared for us when our lot of Christian families were murdered, their houses were burnt, male and female were arrested in Pakistan. Why we are not treated as a human being in Pakistan?

We ran away from Pakistan to save our life with the hope that UNHCR at Bangkok Thailand will help us ....but sorry here in Bangkok, we are also facing substandard treatment. There is no response from UNHCR, lot of peoples are sick they don’t have money to buy medicine. Few have been died but UNHCR don’t care and don’t bother to look after Pakistani Christian asylum seekers.

We humbly request to you kind honor to please take an action that UNHCR at Bangkok, Thailand, may expedite process of suffering asylum seekers and bail out who have been sent to jail. We hope that with your immediate notice asylum seekers will be provided food, shelter and residence.

Pakistani Christian asylum seekers waiting blessing of our Holy Father Pope Francis.

Yours sincerely

Teena khan

Bangkok Thailand.

USA should not leave it to debilitated India to stop the juggernaut of un-democratic & unnecessarily violent Marxism

Hem Raj Jain

-- If India does not take the problems of farming community seriously as explained at:

Then Marxism has every chance to take-over India for the simple reason that so far Naxalism was confined to tribes & tribal areas. Once farming community (which, as compared to tribes, is not only much more integrated in the socio-economico-politico-religious life of Hindu majority India but provides most of the fighting force to security establishment of India including for its military) start supporting Marxism (not as violent as Naxalism but by State owned & sponsored agriculture, housing projects, medical programs etc as explained) then nobody will be able to stop the juggernaut of such Marxism in India.

This will have tremendous & serious implications for the security & strategic matters of India. So far Naxalism is confined to areas which does not share border with Pakistan but once Marxism / Naxalism finds place in bordering States like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and J&K then with Pakistan already on the path of becoming another province of China (due to Sino-Pak economic corridor and related projects with huge investment by communist / Marxist China in Pakistan) it will create unprecedented security challenge for external & internal security establishment of India.

People do not understand that caste system (which has been further strengthened by ill-conceived reservation system) ridden India bothers mainly about so-called upper castes and human rights of farmers (who generally do not come from 'upper castes') are not considered worth the efforts by Indian State.

Therefore USA (the leader of free-world) should not leave this matter to Indian establishment only (otherwise also long back Indians have lost will & verve to protect the vital interests of their motherland) and instead should think of launching a mechanism of global HR-NGO registered at United Nations (with members from India too) which will work for protecting the human rights of farming community (farmers & farm laborers) in India as explained in my letter and by other measures too.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Edina - MN, USA.

With merely $ 100 Billion loan to govt, USA can solve myriad problems of rural India

Hem Raj Jain

Dear Sir / Madam

-- In addition to launching HR-NGO in India as explained at

USA should also persuade India to take loan of ~ $ 100 Billion and itself should give or persuade IMF/ World Bank / China etc to give this loan to government (of Union and or States of India) for purchasing farm lands from farmers (which have become unproductive due to small & marginal land holdings).

This ~ $ 100 Billion will be enough, as explained below, to purchase 75% of small & marginal agricultural land by government which can be cultivated in large farms by government. This will not only be productive & profitable to enable government to repay this loan in ~ 20 years but will also have labor laws (including statutory minimum wages etc) for farm laborers (which will have salutary effect on remaining two third of total productive farmland too, to be left with private persons):-

As per the Agriculture Census 2010-11, out of ~ 3.3 Million Square Kilometer or 330 Million Hectares of total land area of India the agricultural land is ~ 160 Million Hectares. The total number of operational holdings in the country are ~ 140 Million and average size of operational holding is 1.5 Hectares. The small and marginal holdings taken together (below 2 Hectare) constituted ~ 85 % and the operated area at 45 % which is ~ 72 Million Hectares. - [The semi medium & medium holdings taken together (2 to 10 Hectares) constituted ~ 14 % and the operated area at 45 % and the large holdings (10 & above 10 Hectares) constituted ~ 1 % and the operated area at 10 %.]

Assuming ~ 75% of small and marginal farmers will be interested in selling their farmland it comes to ~ 55 Million Hectares (one third of total farmland in India) which can easily be purchased by government on average (for irrigated and non-irrigated land) at the rate of Rupees one hundred thousand per Hectare which will cost ~ 5.5 Trillion (Lakh Crore) Rupees.

Where cost is more than 1 Lakh per Hectare for irrigated land it can be given in installments and another ~ 1.1 Trillion Rupees as input cost (Rs. Twenty Thousand per Hectare) for first crop will take total cost to Rupees ~ 6.6 Trillion or ~ 100 Billion U.S. Dollars.

Arranging this loan of merely ~ 100 Billion Dollars for India is a very ordinary task for USA which as a leader of free world USA should carry out in the interest of protecting human-rights-friendly secular democratic political system in India.


Hem Raj Jain

(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

Edina - MN, USA.

Dairy milk prices Rs.95 per Ltr in KARACHI

Ashfaq Sharif

Very regret and dis-appointment GOVT not sincere to take action against those DAIRY mafia WHO RESPONSIBLE to raise the milk prices by Rs. 10 per Ltr now being sold Rs.94 but earlier Govt fixed control rate for milk prices to sale per Ltr Rs.70 which is old JOKE with the own people that time milk being sold Rs.84 per Ltr.

But Petrol prices Govt further reduce this month it means Milk is costly than PETROL in country like Pakistan which is consider 3rd largest milk producer in world than benefits goes to whose invisible hands if consumer not getting more benefits.

This is advance gift to entire nation by MILK MAFIA in the shape of raise milk prices and force people to buy on higher rates which is too injustice and torture, Honestly speaking that MILK SELLER does not add water in milk to increase quantity and profit margin than why suddenly raises Rs.10 per Ltr does not satisfied with the current profit margin and want more profits to become richer no matter which comes to un-authorize raise but they are more happy with seeing wealth is coming but do not forget to spend Rs.500 for doctor treatment without any diseases / or problem ( if you are earning by abnormal profits ).

I must say Karachi is heaven for business traders who increase prices according to their wishes and enforce quickly but always Govt remain helpless and no courage to stop increase in prices and restrict traders to follow Govt approved rates issued by COMMISSIONER of Karachi.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)