EFSAS commentary on “The potentially nocuous impact of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on Jammu & Kashmir”.

 In its recently published commentary, “The potentially nocuous impact of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on Jammu & Kashmir”, EFSAS comments on how the impending withdrawal of the US after 18 long and arduous years in Afghanistan and India’s decision to rescind the


After Kashmir, Pak Generals stare at failure in Afghanistan. By Manzoor Ahmed

 Pakistan is not only stoking violence in Kashmir but also in Afghanistan where it finds its violent and deceitful policy crumbling fast. The Pakistan Army is on the back foot now, first with the failure of its Kashmir policy and now with Afghanistan slipping out of its control, the Generals


PREFACE of the book ‘Religious Liberty, Freedom, Power and the Role of the West' written by Sardar Mushtaq Gill

Why, the writer has decided to write his second book on this topic ‘Religious Liberty, Freedom, Power and the Role of the West’, as the current collective struggle of nations for religious freedom on the initiative of the USA and the West. The writer is an advocate for religious liber


Imran can protect HR of Kashmiris and peace of Indo-Pak through ICJ only if invokes IoA & UN-resolution. By Hem Raj Jain

 Imran will become most deserving candidate for ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ if solves chronic & gory Kashmir problem through plebiscite (ii)- Imran can protect human rights of Kashmiris and peace of Indo-Pak through ICJ only if invokes IoA & UN-resolution which will facilitate ju


Kashmir discussed at the UN Security Council after 50 years. By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

 “The position of the United Nations on this region (Kashmir) is governed by the Charter of the United Nations and applicable Security Council resolutions.” Mr. Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, August 8, 2019.

 India, disregarding what


Ilhan & Rashida, instead of visiting Israel, should solve Palestine problem. By Hem Raj Jain

 ~2% population of USA with” 2% of export money of oil rich Muslim Countries can solve chronic & gory Israel-Palestine problem through peaceful & non-violent way; As per media report at the urging of US Republican President Donald Trump, Israel blocked US Democratic Congresswom


Pakistan’s eminent culpability in the dilution of Article 370 relating to Jammu and Kashmir. EFSAS

 In its recently published commentary, “Pakistan’s eminent culpability in the dilution of Article 370 relating to Jammu and Kashmir”, EFSAS comments on Pakistan’s escalating desperation and child-like frustration at being outplayed by the Indian government through the


Education and Religion: Stephen Gill feature 85

Feature 85 is from the interview with Dr. Anuradha Sharma to be included in Stephen Gill’s forthcoming book My Conversations.  Professor Sharma has contributed research papers to journals and teaches English Literature at a college in Gujrat, India. She has edited A Selection of Stephe


Russia’s strategic hedging in South Asia. EFSAS

In its recently published study paper, “Russia’s strategic hedging in South Asia”, EFSAS comments on Russia’s strategic relations with the countries of South Asia, deliberating upon the various alliances and oppositions converging and diverging across time, illuminating th


Jinnah’s lost Pakistan. By Prof. Anjum James Paul

 Pakistan came into being in the comity of the nations on August 14, 1947 by the efforts of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Parsi, Sikhs etc. The Quaid-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a champion and guardian of human rights and minority rights. After the creation of Pakistan, he immediately took s


Now only Court can bail-out India from J&K crises. By Hem Raj Jain

The Kashmiri leaders are rightly saying that the ill-conceived act of Government of India (GoI) - to amend Article 370, repeal Article 35-A of the Constitution and to convert the State of J&K (having Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh regions) into two Union territories one of Jammu & Kashmir regi


True humanitarianism in universal. By Mekaal Hassan

The Kashmir dispute has once again been brought into the global consciousness. Earlier this month a plane flew over Headingley Stadium in Leeds during the Cricket World Cup, with a banner urging India to “free Kashmir”. Then Donald Trump made his unexpected offer this week to “m


The betrayal of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. EFSAS

In its recently published Commentary, “The betrayal of the people of Jammu & Kashmir”, EFSAS comments on the Indian government’s decision to defang Article 370 of its Constitution, which gave the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) its special status and the consequent auto


Emirati Withdrawal is a Well Calculated Move. By Manish Rai

 Just last month, the United Arab Emirates announced that it will reduce its forces significantly in Yemen. After this announcement Emiratis started pulling out its military hardware and thousands of troops out of Yemen. The UAE is a major coalition partner in the Saudi-led military campaign


Christian Teenage girl gang raped by five Muslim men in Pakistan

Sheikhupura: August 7, 2019. (PCP) British Asian Christian Association has had to move a Christian teenager rape survivor and their family to a safe house and is launching a legal battle to get justice, after the 15-year-old was brutally gang-raped for over 24 hours by 5 men.

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