Jihad, Terrorism & Eunicks<br>By Mr. Asif. UK


The Journalists are supposed to be the eyes, ears and tongue of any society. How healthy or sick a society is, can easily be assessed and analyzed by the performance of its Journalists. Journalism is also the mirror of every society, and therefore re

Like most of you, I also read the horrific and sickening news of attacks on Pakistani Christians by some coward terrorists, who had chosen Christian schools and hospitals as their targets in Pakistan. They obviously didn't have the courage to face the pangs of real Jihad in Afghanistan, and therefore decided to attack defenseless school children, and women who were involved in humanitarian work as nurses. If this were now the level of their Jihad, then it would be better for them to have some bangles in their hands and sit home. Because if facing the American soldiers in Afghanistan is too manly for them, then it is better for them to stay at home and be involved in some productive stuff like cooking and cleaning; which would be probably much more acceptable to their Allah than killing innocent children and women.

I have also read reports in the media that western soldiers in Afghanistan are more afraid of afghan homosexuals, which are proving to be even more dangerous than Al-Qaida & Taliban. These gays Afghans would go around chasing western soldiers, and offer their services free or for money; and thus engaging these soldiers in activities that can be dangerous for their military career. I would like to humbly suggest to these Pakistani terrorists, that there is still an opportunity for them to destroy American and allied soldiers; therefore why not go back to Afghanistan and join their Afghan brethren who are still keeping up the Jihad in an unusual way.

I read Daily Jang regularly, because it is the largest Pakistani newspaper, and gives quite comprehensive news of the events in Pakistan. I was very keen to see that the atrocities against Christians would be forcefully condemned by most of the journalists and columnists in the Daily Jang newspaper. I should say that Hassan Nissar and Nadeem Khursheed are the only two columnists in Daily Jang, who have written against these atrocities. They have showed their remorse on these tragic incidents, and have sympathized with the Christian community in Pakistan. Hamid Meer has kind of tried to put the blame on India and the so-called foreign forces, and has tried to defend lashkar-e-Tayyaba and its leader Hafiz Saeed. Though Mr. Meer started his article with the attack on Christians, but he ends his article with an appeal to the Government for the release of Hafiz Saeed. Though the rest of the columnists are totally silent, as if nothing has happened in their view.

In this situation, a student of Journalism like me is bond to draw some conclusions from this hopeless situation. It seems that the collective conscience of our society is sick on the deathbed, where we are desperately trying to revive it with a lone drip of Hassan Nissar, and an oxygen mask of Nadeem Khursheed. If the journalist were the eye, ears and tongue of a society, then I would say with deep sadness that the overall society of Pakistan is not only blind and deaf, but is dumb as well. I am deeply thankful to people like Hassan Nissar and Nedeem Khursheed for their courage to write for the Pakistani Christians. In this utter darkness, people like them are the only glimpse of hope that we have for a better future for every Pakistani in Pakistan. I pray to God almighty to raise more people like them, who have courage to speak and stand the truth, no matter whatever the cost might be.


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