Hem Raj Jain writes an Open Letter to 1,50,000 Veterans for rehabilitating Kashmiri Pandits


Ref:- Veterans should start thinking of solving Kashmir problem which is humiliating India immensely. It is not only the murder by terrorists in Srinagar on June, 14 of Journalist Shujat Bhukhari which has stunned, outraged and shocked India. Otherwise also the way Pakistan (~ one sixth of India in territory, population, economy etc) is harassing India in Kashmir through proxy war, it is a matter of shame for every Indian (especially serving & veterans of Security Forces) who believes in martial self-respect, honor, and sovereignty of India.
I have been trying since 2002 to solve Kashmir problem by taking hundreds of thousands of displaced Kashmiri Pundits (KPs) along with 2-3 times volunteers to rehabilitate hundreds of thousands of displaced Kashmiri Pundits in Kashmir. In 2012-13, I tried to mobilize Veterans of Security Forces also (as volunteers) for this purpose but I could not succeed (mainly because Military Veterans at that time were thinking – “nothing needs to be done as BJP will come in power and former Army Chief General V.K. Singh will become Minister in Government of India, which will solve Kashmir problem”) .
I believe that the establishment of India by this time (due to lack of clue about solution to Kashmir problem) must have realized their deficiency and I further hope that they are still left with some sense of honor which will motivate them to strive for Kashmir solution.
For this purpose I have contacted some NGOs (as given below) and we will decide which NGO (these or otherwise) will be commissioned for accomplishing this mission. I will be obliged if Veterans of Security Forces advise me as to how to mobilize at-least 1,50,000 (one hundred fifty thousand) such Veterans (out of total 5 hundred thousand volunteers) who will not only be protector-companion of about 2 hundred thousand displaced KPs (who will go to Kashmir for rehabilitation while other KPs will remain in other parts of India) but will also provide on-the-ground security related advice to this NGO. [Here it is pertinent to add that Article 370 will not come in way of these ~ 5 Lakh volunteers going and living in Kashmir with KPs because ~ 2 Lakh KPs (the natives of J&K) can always take them as their guest]
I hope I need not tell that once a soldier is always a soldier and will never tolerate such humiliation of Mother-India by Pakistan and will come forward to solve Kashmir problem (militarily if necessary) through rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits, as mentioned above.
Hem Raj Jain
(Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)
Shakopee, Minnesota, USA
Presently at: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Dear Mrs Laxmi Arya (Laxmingo786@gmail.com, Mo: 9958032895)
President, Shri Society for Helpless Women & Child Charitable Society (SCHWCCS).
New Delhi
--Please refer to our telephonic conversation.
If you are committed & confident that you may competently accomplish the mission of rehabilitating 5 Lakh Kashmir Pandits (KPs) in Kashmir then please let me know so that I can suggest to KHCWT to get this mission accomplished through SCHWCCS instead of launching a new NGO (KPRS), as given below (of-course I will assist you / SCHWCCS in this mission to the best of my ability)
In this mission total 7 hundred thousand people [2,00,000 KPs (mainly women out of 5,00,000 displaced) + 5,00,000 volunteers, mainly women from SC, ST and Muslims] will go in Kashmir. If Rs ~ 150/- is taken as daily expense per person than more than 10 Crore (150 x 7 Lakhs) will be the daily expense which along with other expenses totals ~ 4,000 Crore (Four Thousand Crore per year).
More than 50% of this money will come from foreign countries (by way of donations from mainly NRIs in USA etc.) and rest from India. I am planning to go to USA next month-end where I will (as per US laws) mobilize Kashmiri Pandits (and other Indians) in USA to provide funds and volunteers for this mission.
Hem Raj Jain
June 16, 2018
Kashmiri Hindus Cultural Welfare Trust (KHCWT) (bangalorekashmirbhavan@gmail.com, Ph: 080- 26545533)
Sub:- A separate NGO for getting displaced Kashmiri Pandits rehabilitated, will be needed
I hope you have gone through my previous email (to Mr. Sushil Pandit, given below) which is concerned with the rehabilitation of displaced Kashmir Pandits.
In this regards if a new NGO ('Kashmiri Pandits Rehabilitation Society' the KPRS) is launched then this rehabilitation program can be taken-up in an effective way. I am submitting a rudimentary draft constitution as given below for this KPRS for your consideration.
I request you to call a meeting of KHCWT and others (from Bengaluru and from rest of India or may be even from other countries) to discuss about the launch of this NGO the KPRS.
[Here it is context to add that as you might have gathered from my previous email (to M. Sushil Pandit in which I have given links of newspaper reports about my two visit to Kashmir in 2013 and 2016) that I expect about 2,00,000 (two hundred thousand) displaced KPs to go in Kashmir for rehabilitation and about 5,00,000 (five hundred thousand) volunteers (protector companions etc) of KPRS to go with these displaced KPs, desirous of rehabilitation. In addition to this I expect petition in High Court and then in SCI, if necessary) for a query that when PoK will be retrieved from Pakistan. I further believe that merely serving security forces will not instill confidence in displaced KPs for rehabilitation hence these 5,00,000 volunteers of KPRS will be needed]
You will kindly appreciate that unless we make a time bound effective program for the rehabilitation of displaced KPs, everything else is merely a lip-service.
I will appreciate if first we discuss these matters personally (at the earliest possible) before calling meeting for the launch of KPRS and before finalizing the Constitution of KPRS (in presence of a lawyer)
Hem Raj Jain
June 15, 2018
Dear Mr. Sushil Pandit
--UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in its report released on June 14, 2018 on Kashmir has mentioned at S.No 139 as given below:-
139. Survivors, Kashmiri Pandit community groups and human rights organizations have been calling for independent investigations into the violence against the Pandit community and related displacement. However, no such investigations have been instituted by either the state or central government. In 2017, a Kashmiri Pandit group, ‘Roots in Kashmir’, petitioned the Supreme Court of India, calling for investigations into the killing of Pandits and their “exodus” from the Kashmir Valley. It sought to reopen 215 cases in which over 700 members of the Kashmiri Pandit community were killed in 1989-90. The Supreme Court dismissed the petition on the grounds that “…more than 27 years have passed…. no fruitful purpose would emerge, as evidence is unlikely to be available at this late juncture.” However, in 2017, the Court directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to probe 80 cases of extrajudicial killings committed in Manipur in 1979, reportedly stating that “crimes cannot be overlooked only because of the passage of time”. On 27 October 2017, the Supreme Court rejected a review petition filed by ‘Roots in Kashmir’ urging it to revisit its July 2017 order.
Kashmiri-Pandits (KPs) can still get justice from Supreme Court of India (SCI) if they file another petition in SCI by changing the contents of petition and at the same time by carrying-out some activities on ground.
No body knows better than you that ~ 5 hundred thousand KPs out of Kashmir have already suffered a lot during last 3 decades (condition of KPs in Kashmir is also not good). Hence I hope that you will think seriously about changing the tactics and strategy for getting justice for KPs which is possible only when this problem (a part of Kashmir problem) is considered mainly a martial problem and not merely a civilian problem (as Indian State has been erroneously taking it for the last 7 decades).
I repeat (as I said to you in my previous letter) that I am prepared to come to Delhi or where ever you want to discuss in detail about solving the problems of Kashmiri-Pandits effectively in a time bound program.
Hem Raj Jain
June 15, 2018
Dear Mr. Sushil Pundit
My brief bio-data as author is given at https://www.amazon.com/Betrayal-Americanism-Financial-Economic-Crisis/dp/1615000046
This refers to telephonic conversation I had with you.
It is in context to add that first I tried to solve problem of Kashmiri Pundits in 2002 when I along with team of office bearers of Shiv Sena (my then party) met office bearers of Kashmiri Samiti (President Sunil Shakdar) Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
Then in this regard on the invitation of NGOs in Kashmir I went twice to Shrinagar in 2013 and 2016 as given below:-
Report on my visit to Srinagar (J&K), to help solve Kashmir problem - Scoop News Jammu Kashmir and J&K resolve to NOW control politics of India and Pakistan instead of present vice-versa
But people in J&K (including Kashmiri Pundits) did not take interest in solving these problems. If under your leadership Kashmiri Pundits take interest in solving these problems then I can assist you. I am prepared to come to you to discuss this matter in person.
Hem Raj Jain
April 8. 2018
CONSTITUTION OF ‘KASHMIRI PANDITS REHABILITATION SOCIETY’ Regd. Office:- Kashmir Bhavan, 108, NAC Layout 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka
ARTICLE -1 NAME Name of the society will be ‘Kashmiri Pandits Rehabilitation Society’. This society will be a non-profit NGO a registered society under ‘Societies Registration Act’ and its registered office will be at rented premise at Kashmir Bhavan, 108, NAC Layout 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka and it will also be called KPRS in this constitution.
ARTICLE – 2 OBJECTIVES The objectives of KPRS will be as given below:- (i)- To get displaced Kashmiri Pundits (KPS) [who were constrained to leave Kashmir (in or out of Kashmir and J&K) after late eighties due to terrorism] rehabilitated in Kashmir (ii)- To get evacuee properties of KPs and the properties sold as distress sale back to KPs (displaced or otherwise) and to get adequate compensation where government finds it difficult to return such properties back to displaced KPs (iii)- To get all the possible help, assistance, aid from Governments of India & J&K for the rehabilitation of KPs (iv)- To provide legal and other help and assistance to KPs (displaced or otherwise) in getting justice in criminal cases filed by KPs against terrorists and others who were complicit in expelling KPs during said violent period (iv)- To provide protector companions to the displaced KPs till they feel secured after rehabilitation in Kashmir (v)- To provide transit camps for displaced KPs before they are properly rehabilitated in Kashmir (vi)- To provide all sorts of help and assistance to displaced KPs in order to facilitate their rehabilitation in Kashmir (vii)- To mobilize public opinion by way of demonstrations, seminars, media etc in order to realize the objectives of KPRS (ix)- To mobile funds nationally and internationally (as per law) in order to realize the objectives of KPRS (x)- To recruit volunteers (protector companions etc) from India and from foreign countries (as allowed by law) in order to provide adequate manpower for campaigns of KPRS to rehabilitate displaced KPs.
ARTICLE – 3 MEMBERSHIPS (i)- There will be two categories of membership in KPRS namely ordinary member and active member (ii)- Any Indian citizen of age 18 years and above having faith in the policies and programs of KPRS can become ordinary member of KPRS, as per rules (iii)- Any ordinary member taking active part in various programs and activities of KPRS can be made active member by District Executive, as per rules (iv)- Every member will be required to pay monthly fees of Rs 10 /- . The members on campaign will be exempt from monthly subscription as per rules. (v)- Only active members will be entitled to become office-bearers and executives of KPRS. (vi)- Membership register will be kept at District level
ARTICLE – 4 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE (i)- KPRS will have 7 levels of organizational structure namely i-Nation ii-Region iii- State / Union Territory iv- Division v- District vi- City / Town vii- Primary (ii)- Nation, State / UT, District and City / Town will be according to administration territories declared by governments. Primary level can be any namely village, ward, Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti etc. Big cities and metros can be considered District level, as per rules. Region will be conglomerate of States and Division will be conglomerate of District, as per rules
ARTICLE – 5 OFFICE BEARERS (i)- In organizational election ordinary member will have one vote whereas active member will have 2 or more votes as per rules (ii)- Every level will have executive and office bearers and their numbers will be as per rules. Primary level will have executive with minimum 11 ordinary members. (iii)- Every Executive (except Primary) will be elected by Executive of one lower levels. Every level office bearers will be elected by Executives of same level. (iv)- At every level there will be minimum three office bearers namely President, Secretary and Treasurer and their functions will be what generally is associated with these offices. (v)- Existing office bearers and executives will function till they are replaced by organizational elections every two years. (the first organizational election will take place after three years in June 2021).
ARTICLE – 6 FINANCE (i)- In addition to subscription fees KPRS will get funds (cash or otherwise) from anybody (in any legally permissible way) from India and from foreign countries. (ii)- Funds will be disbursed by National level. (iii)- KPRS will have accounts in nationalized banks (iv)- Money will be withdrawn by two signatures President or Secretary and Treasurer
ARTICLE – 7 CONDUCT OF BUSINESS (i)- All the matters will be decided by majority in Executives. (ii)- Meetings will be called and quorum will be required as per rules (iii)- Every member will be entitled to get copy (as per rule) of minutes of meeting of any level, membership list and of annual return of audited financial account of KPRS
ARTICLE 8 – DISCIPLINE There will be ‘Disciplinary Committees’ at District, State and National levels. Appeal will lie to higher level. Disciplinary action (including expulsion from KPRS) will be taken (as per principles of natural justice) against any member who is found working against the interests of KPRS.
ARTICLE – 9 AMENDMENTS TO CONSTITITION & RULES (i)- Any amendment in the Constitution of KPRS will be made by two third majority of present and voting of National Executive. (ii)- Any new rule or amendment to rules of KPRS will be made by majority of National Executives
ARTICLE - 10 TEMPORARY PROVISIONS (i)- Till next organizational elections in June, 2021 the following members of National executives will remain in office and they will work as per this Constitution (ii)- National President elected by this provisional National Executive will (in order to fill the vacancies) have power to appoint any office bearer or Executive member at any level. 1-Mr. R. K. Matto Chairman KHCWT, Bengaluru 2, 3, 4,

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