Malik Iftikhar, s vision about UNO.


First of all I would like to thank UNO for its "unforgettable services" to mankind and historical role being played to establish peace on earth to make this land " Peaceful land" for all the nations of this world. According to my visions this secret

In 1997, people laughed at me during my sermon when told my vision about UNO in the Church of Norwegian School Azam Basti Karachi and since 1997 people called me in fun " Pastor UNO" eventhough I am not a Pastor but only an Evangelist and preaching Gospel among the Christians in various Churches. Among the local people of my area I have lost my real name and being called by this name.

Vision Dec 1999 in this vision An Angel ordered me to write down these things and deliver this message to all the nations, Kings, presidents, prime ministers and all the high officials of this world.

The Vision is:
1. New Jerusalem and New Heaven and New Earth means a new system of the world mentioned in the last book of Holy Bible. UNO is the new system of the world, which was revealed upon PROPHET JOHN 2000 YEARS AGO. And Angel said to me in a vision it is very important message for UNO. UNO is suggested to divide this land Geographically into twelve parts and take twelve thousand members from each part of the world. This division will solve all the major problems of the nations and it would be a second step OT brings peace and prosperity among the nations. Because in future this world would be ruled by 1,44000= One hundred and
fortyfour thousand men.
2. Seven Countries will no more on this land.
3. God is against UN - natural sex. Sex with animals, men`s sex with men, women`s sex with women.
4. 10th planet is already discovered but there are two more planets. Eleventh planet will discover in the mid of this century and there will be a great destruction on earth when eleventh planet will appear.
5. UNO is a foundation of a "Great Kingdom of Peace and Love" UNO is requested kindly reply me as soon as possible.

Malik Iftikhar
Evangelist from Karachi, Pakistan.

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