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APCC condemn police investigation against Rev Soomro on false pretext of minority Minster S k Tressler and Salamat Khokhar.

Karachi. June 6. (Correspondent) Chairman, All Pakistan Council of Churches Karachi, Rt.Rev.Bishop Inayat Masih Bhatti, ARE Presbyterian Church of Pakistan Sr.Vice Chairman, Rt.Rev.Sardar Masih, Methodist Church of Pakistan, Voice Chairman, Rev.Lal
Many times I Rt.Rev.Bishop Inayat Masih Bhatti Chairman All Pakistan Council of Churches Asked about his Ministry in Pakistan but he failed to prove to prove such congregation with its teachings.

APCC declared that Nobody knows about his ministry in Pakistan because He is not Pastor of Any Ordain Ministry and having any local church but

3-He has no local Church even support of one of the Federal Minister Col.(R) S.K.Tressler.

Although the said Col (R) S.K Tressler is Federal Minister and he has to support the Community of the Christians and to safeguard the interest of Christians and to rescue the rights of Christians, but contrary to his position, he has committed a gross misconduct by forwarding application of so-called Rev.Salamat Khokher to the Mehmmoodabad Police for registration of F I R against Pastor Khalid Mansoor Soomro, without any investigation and enquiring into its real facts and figures.

Besides, Pastor Khalid Mansoor Soomro is well known among the Christian Churches because of His Ministry among the Christian.

Not only this but the said Col.(R) S.K.Tressler in collusion with Salamat Khokher Has got lodged the false FIRs against innocent Christians, who could not rescue themselves from these notorious persons. If these types of reasons are available in our ministry no body is safe in the Christian Community and at any time and at any place these Col.(R) S.K.Tressler and Salamat Khokher again will subject any Christian to blackmailing and illegal harassment

Further more he used Col.(R) S.K.Tressler to Report (F.I.R) against Pastor Khalid Mansoor Soomro.

Through Col. (R) S.K.Tressler Federal Minister of Minority Affairs Government of Pakistan Islamabad for this action the whole Christian Community is against Mr.Salamat Khokher and Col. (R) S.K.Tressler.