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Arrest culprits who destroyed Homes of Christians in Korian village. Nazir Bhatti

Lahore: July 31, 2009. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have condemned attack on Christians in village Korian and urged government of Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws which is misused by extremist Muslims to burn ho
‘The second incident of burning Christian homes in one month is challenge for government of Punjab which claims to be custodian of minorities as inherited political party of founder of Pakistan” Said Nazir Bhatti

He added” Christians are peaceful citizen but it may not be termed as our weakness by government because to maintain law and order is responsibility laid on it”

The Muslim culprits are free who burnt down 100 homes of Christians in Bahmani Wala village in Kasur district and FIR is not registered against Muslim attackers of Korian village where chemical are used to destroy 47 homes of Christians.

The police have lodged FIR under section 295 B and C PPC against Amran Masih, Talib Masih and grandson of Talib Masih but there is not any case registered against Muslim attackers who looted valuables, took away Cattle and bunt down 47 homes of Christians.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti urged Punjab government to immediately arrest those who instigated and destroyed Christian properties.

“It is time that President of Pakistan may issue an executive order to repeal blasphemy law to stop further attacks on Christians and arrests” Said Nazir Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti said ‘we are grieved with our Christian brothers of Korian village and assure them to fight for justice”

The Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC urged Christian to unite and join “Black Day” on August 11, 2009, in front of Press Clubs of Towns and Cities through out Pakistan to condemn attacks on life and property of Christian, for equal Basic democratic rights and Repeal of Blasphemy laws.