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Tension high after Muslims attack on Christian colony Pahar Ganj in Karachi.

Karachi: February 24, 2010. (PCP) Hundreds of Muslims attacked on Christian colony Pahar Ganj after a petty dispute between Muslim fruit vendor and Christian customer here today in port city of Karachi.
The Christian customer picked one fruit item and checked it which was not like by Muslim vendor and he attacked Christian and started beating him. As Muslim vendor was on main entrance of residential area of more than 1,500 homes of Christians known as Pahar Ganj, some Christians approached and wanted to diffuse situation which angered Muslim vendor and he yelled “Muslims brothers come and let us teach lesson to Bangis”

Word “Bangi” is used for Christians as hate to their religion in Sindh province of Pakistan while “Churra” in Punjab province and NWFP.

Pahar Ganj is situated in Central Distinct of Karachi with more than 5 thousand registered voters while there are 3 million Christians in Karachi metropolitan city.

The Muslim mob vandalized St. Mary’s Church, of Church of Pakistan , attacked shops and burnt down motorcycles.

The Pathan community surrounds Pahar Ganj, Christian colony and hate among Pushtons settled here in Karachi is always remained on religious grounds.

According to fides, Fr Edward Joseph, Pastor of St Patrick's Cathedral in Karachi said: "The people were very frightened, but now all is calm. Certainly, in the city the climate is rather tense, especially the conflict between Sunni and Shiite Muslims that has reached the point of extreme violence. Sometimes, religious minorities like Christians are victims of this simmering tension, which is at the point of explosion for petty reasons. After the riots on Sunday, police took control of the situation and now patrol the streets of the neighborhood. Even the churches are protected by guards"