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Pakistani American Muslims author charged under blasphemy

ISLAMABAD: December 10, 2012. (LEAD) On Sunday, a man accused his uncle of blasphemy. The police registered a case under section 295 C PPC after establishing the legal opinion by experts at police station I-9.
FIR No.466/12, Mr.Shaikh Irfan Arshad gave a complaint application in I-9 Police Station against his real uncle Dr. Aftkhar Ahmad living at Islamabad House No.424 Street No.1 I-8/4 that he had wrote in different his books from which "the writing comments in that paper which clearly could be interpreted as blasphemous about Muhammad" in which he demanded to be registered FIR under section 295 C PPC against Dr. Aftkhar Ahmad ,he is said to be a PhD scholar who has authored several books on different topics.

At first Usman, accompanied by local residents and clerics, surrounded I-9 police station asking the police to lodge an FIR against Dr Iftikhar, but the police said they would not register a case without investigating it. “We have recorded the complaint and have sent it along with photocopies of the written material to our legal branch for their opinion,” said a senior police officer.More than hundred local residents and seminary students blocked 9th Avenue Double Road Signal, suspending traffic for some time. They shouted slogans against Dr. Iftikhar and demanded the police book him for blasphemy.

On Sunday at 4 PM the protestors were told by Police oFficials that the FIR had been lodged against Dr.Iftkhar and he had been arrested, they were also told that some Ulmas must come to recognize the accused and to take one copy of FIR. Mufti Awaise with four other persons came to police Office and after recognizing the accused took the copy of FIR and ended the protest and opened the road for traffic.