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Government failed to promote interfaith harmony in Pakistan

Karachi. February 22, 2013. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said in a statement here today that government of Pakistan is not sincere to promote interfaith harmony
because harmony among different religious communities basis on safety and security and equal rights in society which this government have snatched from them.

Nazir Bhatti said that ministry of minorities affairs was focal point of interfaith harmony which this government destroyed for vested interests and imposed another ministry with name of national harmony ministry to replace it.

"You can not promote interfaith harmony with creating a ministry named National Harmony Ministry and importing a Christian from Italia to head it and to call Christians, Hindus, Ahmadiyyia, Sikhs and other religious minorities to be Non-Muslims" said Dr. Nazir Bhatti

PCC Chief said that to call Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and members of other religious minorities to be non-Muslims is unconstitutional and denial to Objective Resolution which is preamble of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan because preamble of constitution calls them with word minorities not non- Muslims.

"You must award due rights to Muslims, Christians, Hindus and other religious communities to promote religious harmony in state with safety and security not by creating a named harmony ministry" said Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti said government have snatched voting right of minorities to elect their own representation in parliament and failed to allocate due seats to other religious communities.

Commenting on remarks of President Asif Ali Zardari in his speech in venue of religious harmony in Islamabad today, PCC Chief Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that whenever PPP comes in power in Pakistan then religious minorities are targeted and violence rises against them.

Nazir Bhatti added that PPP government of ZA Bhutto turned Ahmadi Muslims to be non-Muslims under 4th Amendment in Constitution while PPP government led by Asif Ali Zardari have turned Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all religious communities to be non-Muslims under 18th Amendments in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

PCC chief demanded immediate change Selection system to Elections under Dual Voting Rights that minorities may elect their representation in parliament with their votes.

Nazir Bhatti also demanded adequate security for Shia community in Pakistan and other religious minorities to prevail true interfaith harmony.


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