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Pakistani Courts declares Sadiq Daniel as illegal and void: PCP Report

Karachi. May 22. A local Court of Karachi observed in its order that since Sadiq Daniel became bishop overnight by rigging the elections of the Bishop of Karachi (dated 14-02-02) and no finality has been reached in the litigation pending adjudication
It is note worthy that Sadiq Daniel transferred, suspended and terminated the services of Rev. Naimat Nirdosh of St. Andrew’s Church, Kashmir Colony, Karachi. He also transferred and suspended Rev. Naseem Manasee from St. Thomas’ Church, AzamBasti, and Karachi.

In both the cases following the planned practice Sadiq Daniel went to the Court to get Stay Order against the above-mentioned Priests.

In both the cases the Honorable Courts in separate judgments upheld the sentence of the Reverends Naimat Nirdosh and Naseem Manasee where by they refused to accept Sadiq Daniel as the legal and constitutional Bishop of Karachi. The Courts in the same orders have turned down the applications of Sadiq Daniel and his so-called Diocesan Secretary and appointees.