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PCC Youth Forum

Mr. David Bhatti from Scotland has suggestion to form Christian Youth Forum from long time. On the demand of many more readers we have decided to establish this forum under Pakistan Christian Congress and named it as;

PCC Youth Forum

Before setting forth the line of actions of the PCC Youth Forum, We wish to put the letter of Mr. David Bhatti for our viewers and concern of Mr. Bhatti for Christian Youth in Pakistan.

Be Enterprising

Hello and how are you?

I have the honour to be chosen to lead you. To tell you the truth, you should be leading me by telling me and others in these pages how old you are, what and where you are studying, what you want to be, what supports you enjoy etc. Until one of you is ready to relieve me, I will do whatever I can to help.

My hope is to share with you what I think are the marks of a successful, happy and rewarding life. To this end, I shall seek to build up with inputs from yourself, a voluntary set of ideals and code of practice for the young people. This will be done by looking at the modern standards of success, to see if we as Christians can completely accept them or partially accept them or can even improve them!

I would like to tell you an actual story that took place in a thriving market town, called Dijkot in Pakistan some fifty five years ago. It is about a twelve years old Christian boy whose Muslim friend had to leave school so that he could start working to support his three sisters and a mother. One of the sisters was lame. The father had died after a prolonged illness. This Christian boy helped his pal as much as he could, but this could not go on. Along with his Muslim pal, they rented a mango tree. Soon, they were starting to sell mangoes. It was a fantastic success, thank God for that.

Christian young people have written to me asking me to help them to get admission in western universities. They think it will be quite an easy think to get a part-time job in the west to help them complete their education or a professional training. There have been wonderful stories about people who achieved their targets going through this route. On the other hand, I know of so many people from India and Pakistan who failed. They ended up doing an ordinary jobs, surrounded by ordinary people. They considered themselves superior to those around them. Their work mates generally regarded them as misery gut. They walked about sore-faced, foul mouthing everybody, but tirelessly praising themselves. What do you think about it? Have you met anybody like this, yet?

You may not have many part-time jobs going in Pakistan where live. Does it not make sense in your situation to seek alternatives to working for others. What about being your own boss? You buy some cheap and sell it at a profit like my Muslim pal and I did. I don't know where you live, but surely if you think hard you will find a way of doing something part-time to earn money . is it a stupid idea or have a success story of your own? Either way, would you like to share your thoughts with us? Thanks. As far me, I have gone back to my childhood work of buying and selling. Tell you about it some other time.

We need not just highly educated theologians, doctors, professors etc. We equally need manual workers, office workers, traders etc. There are going to be many more opportunities for this type of work force [ please see Shaping Up Rural Economy in the Business And Investment].

God bless you all, fill you with His peace and spirit of service. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

David E Bhatti
22 December 2002


Youth Forum:

Warm welcome for Father Betz
By Mehvish Rasheed.

All the welcome of my soul,
Have gathered in my heart to scroll,
People like him, with many skills,
Have the ability to gather in one drill,
Standing by the ways
And is here to help us through our days,
I would like to make a plea
That we all should surround in the,
Love of his deep sea,
Some worst moments are really sad,
Which make you all alone and feel bad,
But after meeting a personality like
Father Betz
I am really glad.

Why is there sadness in the sky?
By Raheel Arif.

Why is there sadness in the sky?
Why is the moonlight so dim and shy?
Are those glorified stars about to die?
Will that emanation of light subside?
Why behind those clouds does the visage of hope hide?
Is the heaven and earth about to collide?
Could the divine revelation be at hand?
Is the Armageddon about to be fought on the holy land?
Will those lives fade away to dust and sand?
But the almighty holds the world so dear
He held this world with deific energy so it would not tear
Would he be able to demolish this creation with no fear?
Would he stand at a distance and watch this world dilapidate?
Certainly his people he would not alienate.
Surely he will give ear to our prayers
Our God is just and fair
Then why is there sadness in the sky?
Why in the stillness of the air melancholies still fly?

First Why?

Technically they join the church from the time of their baptism. So they are full members of the church. We, the elders take an oath to look after them, by setting good example etc. Accordingly, they are a part of today's church as well as of tomorrow.

It follows that should participate in the work of the church as much as is physically possible. We, as elders, must provide them with facilities to grow well in the knowledge of both God and man. This is my understanding of it.

Second What?

As this is a vast subject, parameters have to be drawn up. This is so as we have to devise something for our children growing up in the west, as well as in Pakistan and other eastern countries. Apart from having to accommodate the cultural divide, within the same culture a balance structure needs to be constructed to produce balanced young Christian men and women. For this, I suggest we invite a panel of experts such as clergymen, teachers, social workers, educationalists etc. In the meantime, the following areas should be covered:

A. Learning the Scripture. It is a kind of checklist. It has enabled me to understand many difficult abstract concepts whether legal or philosophical.

B. Prayer: We should be a praying community. Mental knowledge alone fails to achieve the full results. Lord Jesus, disciples and many giant Christians did.

C. Skills & discipline. In this area I recommend boys brigade and girl guides or similar activities for boys and girls respectively. I did not have this chance myself, but have been duly impressed by the difference it made to the professional or business success of those who had this background. They are not easily fooled and are often very resourceful.

D. Music This is a very popular area among the young people. It's also a big industry. Learning Zaboors can give one an advantage.

E. Support a complete man is the one with developed body, mind and soul.

David Bhatti.


Now the PCC youth Forum invites

From age 12 to 21 Christian students to join PCC Youth forum to
Participate in an Essay competition On " Role of Christian Youth in development of Christian society in Pakistan "

1. This essay shall be on 300 words.
2. The writer can select his own choice of subject of development, as education and others
3. The essay shall must reach to PCC youth forum before January 15, 2003
4. The best 10 essays shall be published on these pages of Pakistan Christian Post and the names of successful writers shall be forwarded to the International Youth Forum for participation of these young Christian writers to attend their international conferences.
5. All other essays received before the due date shall be published on PCP website also with the names of the writers.
6. All writers are requested to send their essays via e mail on

We wish to provide healthy discussion for our youth for their positive participation in the future social, religious and political set up of Christian nation in Pakistan.

Nazir S Bhatti
Chief of PCC.
Editor PCP.



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