Lip service by US-Lawmakers for peace in Gaza will fool no one. US-citizens and their religions should use opportunity to become human rights friendly at least in election year 2024. By Hem Raj Jain

 Even in secular countries religion is the custodian of the values of their contemporary society (ii)- Hence the religions in the USA are mainly to be blamed for genocide of Palestinians (including of Children) in Gaza. 

The US-Lawmakers have expressed the policy of the USA wh


If Prez Biden Doesn’t intervene urgently in on-going Iran-Pak militarya conflict, Pakistan may try to establish Sunni-Islamic-Global-Order by even engineering Shia-Sunni global war. By Hem Raj Jain

 Iran should have gone to International Court of JUstice instead of carrying out attack on Pakistani territory (ii)- Pakistan has 9 motivations and favorable factors for trying to establish Sunni-Islamic-Global-Order even by engineering Shia-Sunni global war (iii)-  Pakistan can ra


If Army Chief believes Pakistan carrying out terrorism in J&K then why Indian military is not in Pakistan to eliminate “India specific Pak terrorist infra-structure”. By Hem Raj Jain

Pakistan promotes terrorism by alleged act of commission whereas India is doing so by act of omission (ii)-  India doesn’t seem to care about life & blood lost by soldiers and civilians in J&K in terrorism by allegedly Pak sponsored terrorists (iii)- The leader of free wor


For world peace Prez BIden should know S.Jaishankar is factually wrong. Rather peace in SAARC largely threatened by India by not carrying-out mandatory plebiscite. By Hem Raj Jain

For world peace Prez BIden should start  taking keen interest in resolving the Kashmir problem (ii)- Kashmir problem is not essentially & exclusively the result of ‘cross border terrorism’ policies of Pakistan.but  mainly because India has not carried out manda


USA should constrain Israel to move ICJ for directing Turkey etc to hand over Hamas terrorists to Israel before allowing Israel to kill Hamas terrorists inTurkey etc. By Hem Raj Jain

Prez Biden is making it difficult for about 5.0 million Asian Indians (electoral constituency mainly of his party) in the USA and especially in their native country India (ii)- For change's sake Prez Biden should start taking the International laws seriously.  

For change&


Western Christian world bites the dust in Ukraine. Nobody expected US-boots on ground but by not ensuring military resources to UKraine Prez BIden is paving the way for Russian victory in Ukraine. By Hem Raj Jain

Americans only hope Prez BIden  doesn’t succeed in totally demolishing the global respect & clout of the USA during remaining one year of his tenure in White House.

It is a matter of time that Putin achieves resounding victory in UKraine war (as reported at https://w


Prez Biden’s leniency towards killing by govts in foreign countries may someday lead to another Kashogi this time on US-soil even of US-citizens by India. By Hem Raj Jain

India is  allowing ‘Tibet government in exile’ on its soil but China has not tried to kill any supporter of ‘independent Tibet’ in (even an enemy country) India then why should India try to kill separatists and their supporters in friendly countries like the USA


For averting feared nuclear -war the administration of Christian majority USA should know -"[merely verbal assault against Genocide of Muslim Palestinians by Jewish Israel, not enough. By Hem Raj Jain

Biden Administration is pursuing a dual policy of “running with the hare and hunting with the hound” (ii)- The day Muslim Ummah of USA motivated by global (including and specially from India) Muslim Ummah & MBS takes interest in providing succor to beleaguered Muslim Palestinians


MBS ought to know - ‘Peace-march for rehabilitation of Palestinians’ with one State solution is only way forward hence should lead peace-march by launching PRRO. By Hem Raj Jain

Despite  Riyad  meet the Muslim Ummah  remains as confused, ineffective and insensitive as ever. (ii)- Muslim world has left Palestinians to die and bleed without any effective solution given by Riyad meet (iii)- Instead of indulging in optics, MBS (Mohammed bin Salm


Prez Biden is right in saying "if Americans become bold enough can establish new & better world order" but he should know "without commissioning US-Christianity it is impossible". By Hem Raj Jain

If Prez Biden expects something from Americans then he should first listen to Americans (ii)- In this age of democracy the new world order will be politically viable only when it will be people oriented and not government oriented as was the UN (iii)- Secularism doesn’t mean religion has be


EFSAS STUDY PAPER: EU-India Relations | Bilateral Dynamics in an Evolving Global Order

 Today, both the European Union (EU) and India face an international environment characterized by growing volatility and intensifying geopolitical and geoeconomic competition. The EU is faced with essential questions concerning the nature and future of the Union in the face of Russia’s


Islam faces extinction if OIC fails to stop Israeli attack on Palestinian civilians despite UNGA resolution. Pakistan / Imran may play important role in armed Jihad. By Hem Raj Jain

The religion (Islam) started  by Prophet Muhammad wouldn’t go down so easily without offering deadly fight (ii)- Pakistan will be crucial in militant Jihad against Israel (iii)- To bounce back politically, Imran Khan can exploit such militant Jihad by Muslim Ummah against Israel&n


Increasing Bangladesh's connectivity with the globe. By Anup Sinha

With the tagline "Connecting dreams to reality," Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 7 October formally opened Terminal 3 of the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HISA).

"Because it is situated between air routes from the East and the West, I think Banglades


Before criticizing caste census PM Modi should keep Hindutva ideology & larger interest of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) in mind. By Hem Raj Jain

Rather HIndutva forces should be happy if opposition  during coming elections without reservation in the Private sector invoke “caste based census / reservation in govt sector (ii)- Hindutva forces should be happy because Caste of Hindu order based elections / politics will streng


Saudis can’t provide leadership to Sunni-Ummah without working for Global Islamic order first supported by 700 million Muslims of extended-SAARC. By Hem Raj Jain

When the largest religion Christianity is not interested in establishing and running rule based global order, the Saudis through the second largest religion Islam can do it (ii)- Saudis shouldn't use Islam merely for cheap politics as Imran did. (iii)- SAARC has two nuclear countries hence wi

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