If want relief from war, Ukrainians should constrain their government to make public the claimed proofs of Russian missile in Poland> By Hem Raj


Naive Ukrainians should know NATO doesn’t want Ukraine to win the war against Russia (ii)- The Ukrainians in the USA should hold press-conference anywhere in USA and demonstrations in front of Ukraine Embassy / Consulates in USA to ask Zelensky government to make public the claimed proofs of Russian missile in Poland (iii)- The USA can’t resolve Ukraine crisis without dismantling the UN & inviting world to constitute new participatory world body. 

On its website (https://mfa.gov.ua/en/news/dmytro-kuleba-had-telephone-call-mhinister-foreign-affairs-poland-zbigniew-rau ) Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has said that - “Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba spoke to Zbigniew Rau, the Foreign Minister of Poland. Ukraine and Poland will cooperate constructively and openly on the incident caused by Russian missile terror against Ukraine. Our experts are already in Poland. We expect them to swiftly get access to the site in cooperation with Polish law enforcement”.

This gives an impression that a proper joint-investigation (by Poland and Ukraine) will be carried out about this missile attack on Poland. But it will be naive on the part of Ukrainians if they become complacent on this ‘achievement’ which is of-course a welcome and important development but is not enough. The Ukrainians, who have suffered and are still suffering immensely due to Russian invasion, must be knowing that the NATO v/s Russia war (may not be actual but even potential) will bring real relief to them. Hence they should ensure that NATO doesn’t succeed in tampering with the evidence of Russian hand in missile attack on Poland (because NATO will try to do everything to avoid NATO v/s Russia war due to Article 5 of NATO).

The Ukrainians should keep three things in mind:-

(i)- NATO doesn’t want to fight war with Russia for one simple reason. During World War I & II most of the blood & lives for Allied forces were given by Russia / USSR (led by Russia) and colonies like India which provided about two million people including soldiers to the UK in each of World War I & II. Hence now NATO (in the war against Russia) led by the USA is unwilling to give its blood & lives for Ukraine. Hence NATO will try to avoid its war with Russia even by tampering the evidence of Russian missile attack on Poland, during this investigation. 

(ii)- The chances of Zelensky government protecting Russia for missile attack on Poland have increased if the above statement of Foreign Ministry of Ukraine is read carefully where it says  - “on the incident caused by Russian missile terror against Ukraine”. This means the Zelensky government is admitting that it was not Russia which fired missiles on Poland but these were (as is the propaganda of NATO / Poland) Ukrainian forces defending their country against a barrage of Russian strikes, and that the incident appeared to be an accident.

(iii)- Whether Ukrainians like it or not President Zelensky is thoroughly compromised which is evident (as mentioned in my article https://chauthiduniya.com/after-orthodox-christianity-zelensky-too-ditched-ukraine-by-not-invoking-budapest-memorandum-in-us-congressional-address/ ) from the fact that when Zelensky came to the USA to address joint session of Congress he didn’t utter a single word to remind the USA that - “[it is the responsibility of the USA (under ‘Budapest Memorandum of 1994’ which snatched nukes from Ukraine which were effective deterrent against Russia) to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine but now the USA (by merely giving arms, ammunitions and money but not the lives and blood) is expecting Ukraine to fight Russia till last Ukrainian]”. Hence the Zelensky government can easily become complicit with NATO / Poland in eliminating & tampering the evidence of Russian hand in the missile attack on Poland. 

Moreover before deciding any future course of action the Ukrainians should keep three facts about the USA in mind:-

(A)- The Ukraine crisis was created by the West led by the USA in 2013 when it engineered a protest of people allegedly against the pro-Russian policy of the Ukraine government (even the then US-Congressman Dana Rohrabacher on a TV program also questioned these engineered demonstrations and said that in democracy people can change government through vote in the next election bringing change in economic policies). These mischievously supported (by the West led by the USA) protests culminated in a military coup against the elected government which  resulted in the annexation of Crimea by Russia. Then the Ukraine government started harassing Russian speaking / pro-Russian people mainly in Donbass region (Donetsk and Luhansk where it triggered uprising) and even condoned the burning alive & choking of about 50 such people in Odessa. This ultimately resulted in declaring Donetsk and Luhansk as independent countries by Russia on February 21, 2022 (though as a permanent veto-wielding member of the UN, Russia should have sought a different solution). All these mischief done by the West led by the USA was done (and even Ukraine government supported by the West led by the USA was not stopped from mistreating Russian speaking / pro-Russian people) because the West led by the USA thought that it will not be required to give its lives and blood for Ukraine in case situation goes out of hand.


(B)- The role of Prez Biden is relevant to be noted. In 2013-14 though Obama was US President but Biden as VP was directly involved in Ukraine affairs. Again in 2022 when Russia entered Ukraine militarily on February 24 allegedly to help independent countries of Donetsk and Luhansk to preserve their independence, Prez Biden was not off-guard. Rather he had been informing the world that Russia had been amassing a huge military at the Ukraine border and would enter Ukraine any time but Biden the President of the USA, the so-called leader of the free world and the sponsor of the UN did nothing to stop the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


(C )- To be fair to Prez Biden, unlike other democracies, in the constitutional arrangement of the USA hierarchically legislatures come before executives. Otherwise also under ‘1973 War Power Resolution’ (which has power of Act / law because veto of the President was overridden by two third vote in each house of the US-Congress) it is ultimately the responsibility of US-Congress about war. But as usual US-Congress has been getting away from the main blame about whatever has happened so far in Ukraine since 2013.


In such a situation there is one way to avoid betrayal & treachery especially when light has appeared at the end of the tunnel for beleaguered Ukrainians due to the Russian missile on Poland. The Ukraine ministry of defense and foreign ministry said -  “Kyiv was ready to hand over “evidence” of its allegations that Russia was responsible” (as widely reported in the media of Ukraine https://www.kyivpost.com/russias-war/ukraine-requests-immediate-access-to-poland-blast-site.html and https://expres.online/podrobitsi/ne-treba-pidigravati-rosiyskiy-propagandi-kuleba-zaperechiv-shcho-u-polshchi-vpala-raketa-ukrainskoi-ppo ).


The most unfortunate part of it is that NATO is not trying to understand that now the appetite of Russia has increased for more territory and it has become a BULLY.  First Russia merely declared independence of Donbass but later assimilated through its Parliament after so-called referendums (after Crimea) 4 more regions (Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson in Russia) and now it is hammering at the doors of Poland a NATO Country (which will have implications for other former USSR NATO Countries namely Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). Russia has already made its objectives clear when during the Ukraine war Putin (after successfully demolishing the existing global order of the UN through the Ukraine war) said 'he wants to launch a new global order therefore all the former 14 USSR member countries should again join Russia' of course with democracy which now Russia in the last 30 years has mastered. In other words NATO led by the USA is not understanding Putin has started the revival of the USSR, this time not in communism but with democracy (hence the bluff of bully, Russia needs to be called-off). 


Moreover while sacrificing immense lives & blood and bearing so much suffering, the naive Ukrainians should know that NATO is giving money and some arms & ammunition (without cutting-edge technology) to Ukraine but doesn't want Ukraine to win war against Russia for retrieving 5 regions which Russia has assimilated by resolution of its Parliament. Because such a victory of Ukraine will cause unbearable humiliation to Russia and that will certainly lead to nuclear war which NATO obviously doesn't want.


Therefore the Ukrainians, if they want relief from on-going war, should constrain their government to make public (immediately and before results of the said ‘joint-investigation’) the claimed proofs of Russian missile in Poland which will immensely reduce the possibility of tampering of evidence about the Russian hand in the missile attack on Poland (the Ukrainians should not allow their government to take excuse of security reasons for not making these proofs public because nothing will provide better security to Ukraine than potential NATO v/s Russia war).


At the same time the USA should realize that not only the entire world has been shaken by Tuesday's missile attack on Poland (a NATO country) but the USA has also been projected as a powerless country under the present world order of the UN. Therefore the USA should also shake the entire world by immediately dismantling the UN and by asking all the countries to vacate the USA from the premises related to UN work and should declare that the USA will constitute a new world body preferably participatory but certainly not with veto-right to any member country.

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