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Ottawa, Canada: (PCP) Professor Dr. Arvind Choudhury invites submissions for a study on Stephen Gill that will be released by a prominent book publisher, possibly in June 2020. Every contributor will receive a complimentary copy of the book. 

The main message in Stephen Gill’s work is peace, and love, and he has illustrated them both in his works from different perspectives.  He advocates to make the present United Nations more democratic to change it into a world government. 

 One area in which contributors are encouraged to work is Stephen Gill Features which appear regularly in Facebook, and Twitter. Most of these features are interviews which have been collected under “My Conversations” on his website:

 Another area is his presentations of peace, and love also on YouTube.  

 Still another area is concerning his sonnets. Researchers will find his book The Singer of Life in e-form on his site

Still another area that is very controversial is his view that not everyone should be allowed to have children. This view he illustrates in his modern epic Amputee. The book is available in E-form on his site:

The Flame is Stephen Gill’s modern epic on terrorism. Much has been written on The Flame and much remains to be written. 

The researchers who want to explore Stephen Gill’s fiction will find his two novels of Ideas, The Coexistence and The Chhattisgarh, fascinating. Both these novels have similarities, particularly in tone and values though The Coexistence is set in Canada and The Chhattisgarh is set in India. Both are philosophical and are based on ideas, and protagonists of both is Raghu, and both are about live and let live.

           Stephen Gill has produced a large body of literature consisting of poetry, novels, short stories, critical material, interviews, travelogues, monographs, recordings, articles, television appearances, radio talks, introductions, comments etc. He has written poetry also in Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi languages.

Most of Stephen Gill books and 13 books on his books are listed on his site:

Submissions are invited from all over the world. 

The research articles should be in in accordance with MLA Style Sheet. The deadline to receive submissions is the end of March 2020 by email with a small black and white picture and bio of not more than five lines.

  About The Editor

Dr. A.K.Choudhary, a well-known Indian English poet, edits Kohinoor, a global magazine (ISSN0973-6395).  He has authored four collections of poems, in addition to research papers. He heads  the Dept. of English at R.C.College, Majuli, Dist Jorhat, Assam, India-785104.

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