Christian Teacher threatened to death and rape if not converted to Islam in Pakistan


New York:  A Christian Teacher was threatened to death and rape by her Muslim C0-workers in a Coaching Center adjacent to one mosque in I-9 area of Islamabad city. The Mosque running this Coaching Center required one Teacher of Mathematics for which one Christian girl named Arooj Karamat for this job for which was selected and started teaching in May 29, 2020.

Arooj Karamat performed her duties very effectively but after few months her co-workers who were Muslim ladies’ teachers started discussing religion which she avoided.

The comments of Muslim teachers about Christianity were hateful and derogatory but Arooj Karamat never responded to them.

After few months on Job those Muslim teacher started pressing to accept Islam to Arooj Karamat on which she informed her parents who asked her to leave the job.

Talking with Pakistan Christian Post, Arooj Karamat said “I was born on March 30, 1997 in Islamabad (PAKISTAN). I lived in Islamabad with my parents and younger brother; we are only Christian family live in that area”

“Near my house there was a newly opened small academy a kind of coaching center for students named "bright star" which required a teacher for mathematics, so I needed that job to support my family financially and i applied there on, it was near my home after a month, I started facing religious criticism from my co-workers by talking bad about Christianity. There were three female teachers and one male teacher, he taught QURAN (religious studies) to students. One day on "JULY 20, 2020" that man named "MUHMMAD ABUL BASIT" offer me to convert to Islam and be a Muslim if I want to go to heaven and if I want to live a peaceful life, he was a kind of extremist person, he belongs to some religious group who spread Islam”

Arooj Karama added that “I refused to accept Islam then he started cursing me, speaking bad things about Christianity and then threatening me that he will kill me and rape me for denying Islam”

“I left that job and told everything to my family. My family protected me by going outside with me they never left me alone. on "JULY 24, 2020"  my family and I went to market in the afternoon around 4pm. Me and my mother were buying groceries from one shop and my brother and father were at tools shop buying stuff they want , they were 5 minutes away from us , when me and my mother got done with groceries,  we were going towards my brother and father , we were passing by a Mosque when Muhammad Abdul basit came out from front and a white big double cabin pickup truck stopped behind us and  four men with black turbans on the head and white gowns with long beard came out with guns and a rope in their hands they  covered us from all sides, I  started screaming for help and they pushed away my mother and one of them  hit my mother with gun and broke her arm, others were grabbing my arms and legs while Muhammad Abdul basit was trying to tie my hands with rope and forcing me towards car I was shouting for help and my mother was laying on road injured screaming and shouting for help people on road gathered around us  to see what is going on and my brother and father also came there to see what was happening , when they saw us they both fought with them to protect us, my brother and father grab my legs and arms out of car then those men beat my father and brother they beat my father so bad and injured him badly while Muhammad Abdul basit was hitting me with slaps on my head and face, and those four men took out big guns and loaded them, they were about to shoot me but public had gathered by them , it was a big crowd there so they could not shoot me at that time  and went away but were  threatening us loudly that they will come back to kill me” told Arooj Karamat

There is no justice for minorities in Pakistan and Christian, Hindu, Ahmadi women face such incidents of threat to life and convert to Islam.


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