First priority is to fight ISIS and wipe them out from their last Strongholds. Manish Rai interviews Mustafa Bali of SDF

Mr Mustafa Bali is the official Spokesperson of SDF and Director at Media Centre of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). SDF is second biggest territory holder in Syria after President Bashar Al Assad government as of now SDF still controls 25 to 30% of Syria. In an exclusive interview with Manish Rai, E


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan talks on Islam and Peacebuilding

Q: Religion can be a blessing. But it can also become a curse, if it turns into fanaticism and disrespect for others. I appreciate your efforts in trying to present an understanding of Islam so that it is a blessing in people’s lives. I’d love to hear more about how are presenting Islam so as to hig


Syria Won’t Return to Dictatorship Post War- PYD

Mr Salih Muslim is the current co-chairman of The Democratic Union Party or PYD. The PYD is one of the most dominate player in Syria currently this is mostly because of its control over most effective and formidable Kurdish militia YPG/YPJ, significant popular support, and its effective organization


Shobha Shukla interviews Dr. KS Sachdeva on sideline of 9th National Conference of AIDS Society of India

"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies" are the immortal words of Saint Mother Teresa, which sum up what Dr Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva asserts to hasten the pace of progress for a disease-free India. Dr KS Sachdeva has healed thousands of patients in a tertiary level


Trust and Openness: Essential Ingredients of Inter-Faith Dialogue: Interview with Dr. Loyd Allen

“Dialogue requires some level of trust and openness. Only living representatives of one faith in direct contact with living representatives of another can accomplish this” says Dr. Loyd Allen (McAfee School of Theology, Mercer University, Atlanta, USA) to Victor Edwin SJ, who teaches at Vidyajyoti,


Pakistani Christian: Life is Unbearable as an Asylum Seeker in Thailand

This interview was facilitated by the British Pakistani Christian Association, and was written by Donna Edmunds for the publication Breitbart. It has been reproduced with full with permission. The victim and her family are part supported by the BPCA however Kathriya is also earning a very small livi


Why this 91 year old Islamic Scholar Refuses to Stop Working for Peace?

Internationally-renowned Islamic scholar based in New Delhi, 91 year-old Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has been working for decades to promote peace and dialogue between Muslims and others and is still actively engaged in the cause. In this interview, he explains why:
Q: Even after so many years, you con


Federal System Can Keep Syria United: Manish Rai conduct interview of Saimend Hajo

Siamend Hajo, President of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria and member of the Foreign Relation Office of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) gave exclusive interview to Manish Rai, Editor of geo-political news agency ViewsAround. In the interview Mr Hajo strongly stressed for the demand


Assad in no mood to Negotiate: Syrian National Coalition

Mr Hashim Marwah is the current Vice-President of National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces. Mr Marwah is a founding member of the Syrian National Council and the Syrian Coalition and holds a PhD in Comparative Law. In an exclusive interview with ViewsAround (VA) Editor Mr Manish


Rubina Feroze Bhatti says “I have devoted my life to create more peaceful Pakistan” in an Interview

Rubina Feroze Bhatti stands in frontline of leaders and human right activists due to her campaign for equal democratic rights for minorities and women who are targets of gender-based violence in Pakistan.
Pakistan Christian Post requested her for an interview for its readers that Christian in gener


BBC Urdu interview Professor Anjum James Paul on his demand to address all sorts of biases against non-Muslims from textbooks.

In an Interview to the broadcasting of BBC Sairbeen on August 3, 2015 Professor Anjum James Paul, Chairman Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association (PMTA) demands government to address all sorts of biases against non-Muslims from textbooks and to make arrangements of the religious education of non


A Short Interview of Jassi Lailpuria who is first Sikh Pop Singer of Pakistan: Interview conducted by Farhan Wilayat Butt

This time, we met Jassi Lailpuria who is the first singer and musician from Pakistani Sikh community. It was such a pleasure meeting him at his residence and we really enjoyed asking him so many questions related to his personal and professional life. Let me share some of the discussion right here f


Dr. Mimpal Singh, first ever Sikh MBBS Doctor of Pakistan. Interview conducted by Farhan Wilayat Butt

Today, we met with a great personality who is one of the brightest examples of religious diversity in Pakistan with perfect harmony. We believe that not only his relevant religious community should have lots of proud on him but it is our strongest belief that entire Pakistani nation should be proud


Maulana Wahiduddin Khan in a conversation on his new book, The Age of Peace

Q: You have already written a lot, including several books, on Islam and peace. Why did you feel the need for yet another book on the subject—The Age of Peace?
A: Yes, it is true that I have written many articles and books on the subject of peace, but this book is different in some significant ways


An interview with His Excellency Joao Paulo Sabido Costa, Charge’d Affairs En Pied, Portugal. By Shamim Masih

Pakistan and Portugal has good relations in textiles sector, but we should focus on diversifying our cooperation to achieve mutually beneficial results. During the interview he said that Portugal is quite strong in high technology and exporting high value technology products. Pakistan should also en

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