Rev. Mark Harding organizing Conference on 'Holy Jihad' on May 10 at Ontario, Canada. PCP Report.


Kitcheners, Canada. In a letter of invitation to participants of this Conference by Rev. Mark Harding writes "My friends, my name is Rev Mark Harding and I am thankful that you may be reading my letter or that someone is reading it to you for me. Can

For it is quite clear by the Islamic teachings themselves that Islam is not the religion of peace that the world has been lead to believe it is. . Allah, the moon god of Islam, is said to be establishing his children for the final Jihad against the world. ....'Holy Jihad'. Islam, according to its own teachings, must become the only religion around the world, a ONE WORLD RELIGION, so to speak. . Persecution in Islamic societies against the Christian Minorities is on an increase again. Ignoring the truth only makes the lie greater". It's for information of our readers that earlier conference on this issue in Canada was strongly opposed by the Canadian Muslims and organizers have postponed the conference. Now it's the second attempt of such type of conference and Rev. Mark Harding have appealed in his invitation letter of large gathering of Christians when Muslim protestor have been gathered in large number to protest in hired bused to the venue of that earlier conference. "My friends, I have a question to ask, will you help me? Could you find a way, to get a busload of people to attend this conference? If not will you come on your own or perhaps bring a few friends? Many Coptic and Pakistani Christians now living in Canada would love to meet you and tell you their stories of how they and their families have been treated in Islamic societies just because of their Christian faith, believe me, these are real stories of horror that our Brothers and Sisters in Christ have had to endure and we all need to hear them. Look, try your best. Ask the church to attend, announce it if you can. IM making an appeal to you. These Brothers and Sisters in Christ need to see that there are more Canadians supporters than they think, who can help defend Christians in their countries so that they will not have to carry the burden of fear for themselves or their families any longer, what they need the most of, is your riendship. And that is why I'm appealing to you to please make an effort to be there. We have some wonderful speakers planed as well for your enjoyment.... John McTernan from the USA, author of many books including "God's Final Warning To Islam". Also another fine Gentleman by the name of Mr. John Jefferson from Egypt who was a Muslim but has found the truth in Jesus our Lord, spent 17 months in an Egyptian prison for it, and now helps other Christians in Canada on how to reach out to our Muslim friends with the Gospel. Plus there will be other speakers from Canada, as well as myself. Friends come and spend some time with Pakistani and Egyptian Canadian Christian families. Many of them have had to endure their nightmares of horror on their own, and I believe it would do their hearts good just to talk to you about themselves, and their stories. This conference will be a real eye opener to you and your friends believe me, and I know a real blessing from God, as we glorify His Holy name at this conference by separating HIS truth ... from the misconceptions and deceptions of ISLAM. Please Plan to be there, one day only, MAY 10th 1:00 p.m. Admission FREE THE AUD in Kitcheners Ontario May 10 starting at 1:00 p.m. For more information please Contact Rev. Mark Harding.

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