Priest faces extreme roles. By Shamim Masih


The spike in attacks against Christian’s community makes Pakistan one of the most world’s dangerous counties for religious minorities. Pastor Hanook David and his family were assaulted by some extremists in the mid night.
According to the details, a Christian priest, David and his family were sleeping in the courtyard of his house in the village Bethlehem chuck No. 2, Okara city in Province Punjab. During the midnight; five men; reportedly jumped into his house with weapons. The attackers tormented the family members, snatched the valuable material and locked them in washroom.
Bethlehem is a Christian village in district Okara, with more than eighty Christian families, work as laborer or peasants. The young villagers guard the houses during the night, luckily on the same day, the guard force watched few unknown people in the streets and heard the sob and rushed towards the pastor’s house. They gathered around the house and asked them to surrender. In the meanwhile; the villagers also wake up and called the police officials. After the few hours exercise, the villagers were able to hand them to the police. The priest told on the telephone that although the police arrested them for a while but set them free after a while. It would not be the first time the local police in Pakistan concocted a story to aid a Muslim attacker. The case was registered FIR 138/14 in Chochak police station, but the Investigation Officer (IO) Mohammad Murtaza and SHO Haji Saif al Rehman reportedly demanded bribe to precede the case.
Sohail Johnson, chairman Sharing Life Ministries Pakistan (SLMP) went there with his team and looking into the matter, said I am not surprised to hear as it is another manifestation of the extreme anti-Christian bigotry that pervades Pakistani society and culture as a whole, a state of extreme moral bankruptcy. Recently Christian MPA in Baluchistan is shot dead by his own security guard and Shahbaz Bhatti former Federal Minister for Minorities was assassinated in the capital of Pakistan but police concocted the story to aid the attackers, he added.

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