Nationalism and Racialism – series – 21: Tragedy of Peshawar School Attack. By Pastor FS Bhatti


I am forced to share about my grief and painful heart after seeing innocent children dead bodies and bitterly crying mothers for their beloved. In the whole world mother’s heart are full of pain and crying with grief after seeing this brutal attack on the little children of school that are going to be educated with light of education.
Nobody knows expect God, how child grow in mother’s womb? How she tries hard to educate her child? How much struggle she did for the children growth and education to make them good citizen, how much she had suffered pain for her children?
Now in this uncertainty, she doest know that when any selfish thought devour her children for other brutal desires and benefits. Only parent knows pain and suffering after losing their children. They become walking like dead people in the world because their happiness is in their children. Who were living to see their children?
Ignorant people had blown off those little lights with darkness of their hearts. These terrorist’ hearts and thoughts are full of darkness that doesn’t like light of education of this generation. The whole world is fallen in the thought about the brutal attack on the little children Army Public School Peshawar. What is ideology of terrorists who don’t have sympathy for little children? What was fault of children who were killed by these ignorant for someone’s cause, interest, politics, benefits, power or spread terror on the mind of new generation?
On the other hand, the blood of little children had reconciled political parties who had been fighting with each other to make better policies above personal parties fight. Blood of children had gathered them for national cause for betterment. The blood of innocent children had drawn attention of whole world toward Pakistan even if it had been happened Sandy Hook school in USA, when whole world’s mother heart had been crying with pain.
The whole world and especially Pakistan situation had become tale of women who weeps for sometime and then she smiles for sometime. The visitor asked her, oh lady, why you are weeping sometime and then why you are smiling for sometime. I don’t remember full story tale. What I have observed about conclusion. When she remembers her pain, she cried and when she see some hope, she smile. When she feels helplessness and hopelessness, she cried and when she sees that there is hope, she smiles for good days. People will forget after few hours and days but mother who had lost her children, she will never forget this loose.
If mothers are Pakistani, American, Israelite’s etc, they have same feeling for their children who loves their children sincerely. If terrorist are in Pakistan, USA, UK or Canada or anywhere etc, they have no heart of sympathy, compassion, pain or burden for human being. They just find their target, purpose and selfish desires benefits, power and self praise by killing. According to analysis and studies, for these terrorists-religion is only coverage that gets refuge under religion to use simple heart children and people with cunning traps, illusion and tricks to kill innocent for their personal fights, gains, benefits and politics.
In the beginning of world about the history of human being, God made Adam and Eve. Then Satan who was unhappy for creation of human by God, Satan came to tempt women/men (Eve and Adam) creating doubt in her heart with tricks.
When all religion and prophets are teaching love, peace, kindness, sympathy, equality and tolerance, then why people have no tolerance, love, sympathy, equality, peace in the hearts and minds. Love doest want its envy, Love doest magnify itself, and love wants betterment of all human being. Love doest pollute anyone, love doest spread evil rumors about someone but love takes cares.
As Pastor, teacher and disciple of Christ, I am inspired by the Holy Bible and especially verse of Gospel John 3: 16. God so loved the world, he sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ whosoever believe in HIM, shall not perish but have eternal life. This verse teaches all of us. God is not partial for one religion, specific people. But what is specific who trust in Christ. God loves them who are righteous and faithful in whole world.
Son of God should not be issue because it is spiritual term. We are all spiritual children of God, as I am saying about my self as Christian; I am spiritual son of God the heavenly Father, the most high, Elohim, creator of heaven and earth according to my Christian faith (John 1: 12)
Spirit of righteousness restores, but spirit of devil traps into illusion from beginning of the world. Because devil had been liar from the foundation of world who tempts women Eve, now from ages to ages, the spirit of righteousness and truth set free from bondage of darkness, thought of slavery, but spirit of wickedness always traps in personal politics, benefits to increase power money and power by manipulating simple hearts into complicated things to spread darkness. why i am Christian Pastor, teacher and leaner, I must find good things and writing for betterment and good without religious discrimination to do justice with my duty.
From ages to ages, human history had been changed with version of Books, but what is same thing that is good spirit had been lasted eternally. There is also parallel spirit of evil in this world. It is called spirit of worldly. Good and evil people are in every country and religion in the ages. An evil thought always traps to keep innocent, simple, decent people into the illusion, deception, bondage and darkness through tricks. Now what will be lasted forever that is truth and righteousness. Evil spirit stimulate fellow human being for doing wrong things and evil spirits argued people to make self – praise and worship.
Most of Scholars, Saints and intercessors are praying and working for peace of world, restoration from terrorism. There is great need for nationalism that every one should be sincere with his country and nation for betterment, peace, prosperity, spirit of tolerance, kindness and love to treat human on the humanity basic than religion, cast , color above all relationship. Then justice and truth will come in the world impartially. Religion is my personal matter; God can bless paradise to everyone according to acts and deeds without discrimination and prejudice of old or new version because God is eternal. He sent all Prophets and Holy books for guidance of people. He created all human.
I love my Lord Jesus Christ whose teaching for all of us that people may know you by your good work and character as disciple of Christ, now it is my personally matter. Do I have teaching of Christ in my heart and mind for love, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, equality and brotherly kindness; do I have spirit of learning? Because in the world there is all kind of teaching, nations, tribes, cast and colors.
I respect Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), there is written story about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaching about tolerance in text books. There was one old lady who always had been throwing scrap upon HIM. But Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always tolerated her attitude and mistakes. One day, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was going on that way, but she did not throw scrap. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went to see her house, she was sick. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) look after her, the teaching of tolerance and kindness changed her heart. This is great example of tolerance that can change hard heart into soften heart. Now these extremists are presenting different kind of picture to pollute image of Pakistan. Even they don’t forgive any one.
Christ Jesus said that you should deny yourself and follow Christ to get eternal crown of life. It is too much hard for human to be humble to follow spirit of righteous and truth. But it is easy to deny self to follow Christ’ teaching of righteousness, truth and good for eternal kingdom of God in heaven.

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