Another Christian is killed by beaten brutally and forced to drink some acid or poison. By RS ROBERT


This is heartbreaking news about a young Christian mane Sagheer Masih 35years of age a Pakistani Christian auto raksha driver who was the only breadwinner for his family. He got 3 younger sisters and two brothers his parents have passed away already; he has no choice except hardworking and earns living for his brothers and sisters.

The prime reason behind his killing was, first of all, he was Christian, welcoming, witty, well-mannered down to earth never overcharge to anyone He was very committed hard-working young man providing every need of his family. He was decent, polite, loving and caring.

He was great sore of the eyes and the big problems for the Muslim auto raksha drivers at the raksha stand because most of the passengers like him very much due to his good behavior. If anyone used his auto raksha once second time he/ she prefers to hire him. He was very happy and satisfied with his job, he was doing all this with commitment and passion. He always came early and go back home late. He knew that he is the only one who can look after his younger brother and sisters after God.

Most of the Muslims auto drivers were having an argument with him every day but he never bothered them at all, he kept going on without indulging in any fight even Muslim auto Raksha drivers called him choora.(Insulting word for Christians in Pakistan)

Sadly, that terrible evening came what Muslim auto raksha drivers have planned, so thief came to steal kill and destroy. Three men and one woman are involved in his destruction. He has been working the whole day, and all the day earning was with him, while his Muslim enemies knew all this.  He was nearly finishing his day job and wishing to go home, four people came and said they want to go a bit far but they will pay some extra on top of the rent, he agreed to go with this hope will get some extra money,  they made him take them some remote area.

While they went out of city off the road, suddenly they asked to stop and let them alight there.  As he stopped one of the passengers put a knife on his neck and asked to give all the money he has, he gave him the whole money he earned that day without any resistance, and he begged them please let me go do not harm me physically. Sagheer mentioned, later on, he could recognize one of them, now they wanted to kill him they beat him brutally he was forced to drink some poison or acid, they left him un conscience as a dead man but when he became conscious, he drove home. Sagheer Masih died on 28 May 2019. He was told if you report to police or speak about this incident, we will kill your whole family we know where you live. He was so nervous and fearful, most of the time he looks towards the roof and walls of the room and says they are coming, they will kill all of us. He could not come out from the fear.

He could not eat and drink for seven consecutive days and turned into a skeleton. He was taken to different hospitals but no cure, he was throwing blood as when he vomiting. After several days Sagheer went to his maker.

Death of Sagheer Masih is the biggest disaster for his younger brother and sisters and this is all due to religious discrimination, grudge and jealousy at the workplace even he was doing his own work nothing to do with anybody.

While Sagheer was dying on his death bed, he was saying gripped with fear  please do not speak with anybody about this incident what happened with me, he also added they were saying if anyone saw us we will say  he said insulting word against our Prophet, in other words, they said he has committed blasphemy nobody can say anything to us. Pakistan is such a country where minorities are not saved.

After this horrible death of Sagheer Masih, his younger brother and sisters will be suffering from a terrible dilemma rest of their life.  whenever they would see something happened to any of auto raksha drivers they will definitely remember the unforgettable death of their brother. And they will also feel such perplex situation that their brother was dying in front of their eyes and they could do nothing.

When, I learned about this heartbreaking incident through the Pastor who performed  his funeral service (the name of the Pastor is not mentioned for security reasons), I was really shocked  and could not hold myself to share this horrendous story to everyone around the globe, so people can understand that there are persecution and discrimination arising in Pakistan on a daily basis. if someone says there is no discrimination and persecution in Pakistan he/she is a big fat lire. we are always available to be the voice for the voiceless.


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