To win the war Prez Zelensky should request US-Christianity to question the discriminatory & irresponsible US-establishment. By Hem Raj Jain


What the US-establishment is doing to Ukrainians can be understood but the apathy of Zelensky towards the suffering of Ukrainians is unfathomable & condemnable (ii)- Prez Zelensky should try to make it an issue in 2024 US- General election in which the incumbents of the White House and US-congress would be elected (iii)- Prez Zelensky should also take help of Ukrainian Americans for the cause of UKraine 

Evidently the US-establishment (mainly the White House & US-Congress) thinks that the people of the USA are human beings (entitled for their human rights) but the Ukrainians are sub-human beings. That is the reason that the discriminatory & irresponsible US-establishment is doing this that post 9/11 (in which only adults were killed and injured in much less numbers)  the USA (with allies) led & COnducted on ground the war in Muslim Afghanistan  & Iraq but not against CHristian Russia in Ukraine [where much more people (including old people, women and children) have been killed, injured, displaced from home and even large number of women dishonored and their modesty breached even many were gang-raped].

Some people may say that on 9/11 the USA was invaded hence the USA (with allies) led & conducted on ground the war against Afghanistan (from where invaders allegedly came or were controlled) and now when Ukraine is invaded, naturally UKraine (and its Prez) Should lead & conduct the war on ground. But this is not that simple rather wrong because the USA led & Conducted the war on ground not only in Afghanistan [the war which was also ratified by the UN as pre United Nations Security Council resolution 1386,  where the Council authorized the establishment of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to assist the Afghan Interim Authority  in the maintenance of security in Kabul  and surrounding areas] but in Iraq too (allegedly to protect the rule based global order) . 

Moreover whenever a part of any country (a political order) is invaded by another country it is not merely the soldiers & other people from that part of the country but soldiers & others from the entire country fight the enemy. Similarly when a member of world order is invaded then the entire world should fight the invaders and it is absurd and unethical on the part of the USA to expect only UKraine alone to fight the invaders of the country. Instead the entire world (especially leader of free world and sponsor of global order of the UN, the USA) should fight to protect the rule based world order as it (with its allies)  did in Afghanistan & Iraq post 9/11.

This is the basic principle of any political order (global) and its laws including of the UN but it is surprising that the USA doesn’t understand such basic things & Laws that too when Prez BIden is in White House who has spent a long time in law-making US Congress than most other Congressmen in the USA. 

This irresponsibility of the USA is matched by the pussimilanity of Prez Zelensky towards the USA. . President Zelensky true to his traditional over obeisance & submission to the USA (as evident from and became happy when at Paris Prez BIden apologized for delay in U.S. weapons that let Russia make gains as reported at but Prez Zelensky is guilty of a serious sin against the people of UKraine (who are the real sufferers of Ukraine war)  because Zelensky is eroneously thinking that he will become hero if UKraine and he conduct UKraine war without realizing that he is allowing the US-establishment to get away from its responsibility to ensure victory in Ukraine war  which is possible only when the USA (signatory to Budapest Memorandam and sponsor of global order of the UN)  leads & conducts the Ukraine war on ground aginst Christian Russia as it (with its allies0 DID against Muslim Afghanistan & Iraq. 

Prez Zensky should also ask (through press conference) the USA to get a UNSC resolution for militarily removing Russia from Ukraine (including from Crimea).  If Russia or China tries to veto such UNSC resolution then Prez Zelensky  should ask the USA that the USA should work for the dissolution of the UN (by asking its all the member countries to vacate the soil of the USA within a period of one week) and for the launch of "new rule based participatory enforceable global order" (the NRBPEGO, as mentioned at )  where no country will have veto power and every member country of this new global body will have voting rights in its security council  commensurate with its contribution of men (including ,military), money and material (including military) and its record of human rights nationally & internationally. 

In every civilization religion is the custodian of the values of the society and every religion abhors & detest contradictions & discrimination in applying the basic principle of life. Hence US-Christianity [being followed by the majority (which matters in any democracy) of the people in the USA] should be embarrassed and concerned that the US-establishment is showing such discrimination towards beleaguered UKrainians (maybe because Afghanistan and Iraq were Muslim countries while Russia is a Christian country).

Also Prez Zelensky should try ( by commissioning Ukrainian Americans for this task) to make it an issue in the 2024 US- General election in which the incumbents of the White House and US-Congress would be elected.

Therefore even now Prez Zelensky should atone for his sins and should request (through press conference) the US-Christianity (of all denominations) to question  the discriminatory & irresponsible US-establishment - “why post 9/11 the USA (with allies) led & conducted on ground the war in Muslim Afghanistan & Iraq but not in Ukraine against Christian Russia” ?

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