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Syrian American Woman brings documentary Our Last Stand in IDC advocacy convention

Washington, DC: September 13, 2016. (PCP) Last Friday, September 9, In Defense of Christians (IDC) concluded its three day National Advocacy Convention with the premiere of In Altum Productions' documentary 'Our Last Stand', at the Heritage Foundation.

In order to support its advocacy work for Christians in the Middle East, IDC partnered with Our Last Stand Producer and Director Jordan Allott, to help raise awareness among the American public and media about the persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq.

Our Last Stand takes the audience on location to Syria and Iraq and shows them through the eyes of a Syrian American school teacher and activist Helma Adde, what the victims of the ISIS genocide are going through.

Helma’s journey takes her from refugee camps struggling to care for Christians who have fled ISIS in Northern Iraq; to the small militias helping to defend and retake villages from ISIS in the Nineveh Plains and Hasakah, Syria; to Helma’s family’s hometown of Quamishli in Northern Syria. During her trip, Helma uncovers both heart-breaking and heartwarming stories of grief, despair, persecution, courage and hope as she discovers what it means to sacrifice for her faith and community.

This first-of-its-kind documentary will inform Westerners, especially Americans, about the existence of these ancient Christian communities, the threats they face and the crucial role these communities play in the Middle East. By building awareness, Our Last Stand will help American citizens, policy makers and others stand in solidarity with the persecuted.