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National Panthers Party mourns death of Fidel Castro

New Delhi: November 26, 2016. (PCP) The Founder & the Chief Patron of National Panthers Party expressed a shock on the death of one of the greatest revolutionaries of the world who fought all his life to defeat imperialism and exposed American colonialism with the might of the people and his honesty and sincerity towards the people of Cuba. He said that Fidel Castro was as good a revolutionary, as a communist yet an undaunted nationalist symbol of regional pride who wrote history of the world revolution against the US imperialism in other words against the ‘gringo’ super power.

NPP Supremo held an emergency meeting at his office in exile, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to pay homage to the one of the greatest revolutionaries in the world who confronted straight against the most powerful, mechanized and nuclear country, the United States of America. NPP Supremo said that the entire Imperial world was against the Cuban revolution. It was the then USSR which stood firm in friendship with the people of Cuba during the Cuban revolution. It was the greatest victory of Cuba under the leadership of Castro which cut the wings of greatest imperial power in the world called USA.

Prof.Bhim Singh reminded Panthers Party activists that it was in 1971 when he had experienced the great victory of the Cuban revolution during his (Bhim Singh) travel around the world when he happened to visit Cuba from Mexico. He said that all the suppressed countries in the world and younger generation all over have a lot to learn from the lives of great revoultionaries including Fidel Castro, Palestinian Hero, Yasir Arafat and several others whom NPP Supremo had experienced personally during his travels on motorcycle on peace mission around the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro had a great impact on the rise of revolutions in the Arab world particularly in the African continent. Prof.Bhim Singh also, in his message to the Cuban President, Mr. Raul Castro conveyed tributes on behalf of the people of India who has great appreciation for the glorious Hero of Cuban revolution. The NPP Supremo conveyed his sympathies to the people of Cuba on the sad and shocking demise of one of the greatest revolutionaries of the world, Fidel Castro.