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Punjab police arrest and torture sisters of fleeing Christian accused of blasphemy

Gujrat: July 10, 2016. (Qaisar Loudhi) The Sraey Alamgir Police in district Gujrat in Punjab province of Pakistan arrested two sisters named Najma and Samreen and tortured them to produce their brother James Nadeem who is wanted in a blasphemy case.

Today, the City Police of Sraey Alamgir registered a case against one Christian named James Nadeem on complain of Muslim clerics that he have defiled name Prophet Mohammad and raided home of James Nadeem.

James Nadeem has gone in hiding on fear of being killed by Muslims but police disrespected and abused his two sisters and arrested them.

Police have lodged case number 301/16 against James Nadeem under blasphemy charges of 295 C PPC on complain of local Muslims.

James Nadeem is resident of Father Colony in city of Sraey Alamgir and has some petty dispute with one Muslim in vicinity who alleged that he defiled name of Prophet Mohammad.

The Muslims clerics are announcing on mosque loudspeakers to gather and burn homes of Christians in Father Colony if James Nadeem is not produced in Police Station.

It is reported by sources that police is torturing two sisters of James Nadeem in Police station and pressing them to produce their brother for arrest under blasphemy case.