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Doctors and staff kill Christian man on demand of treatment for his sister

Lahore: March 27, 2018. (PCP) In a hospital run by Punjab government doctors, staff members and security guards attacked three Christian men and killed one who brought their sister for medical checkup in gynecologist ward.

According to some other Muslim visiting patients told Pakistan Christian Post that one Christian woman wanted her check up by lady doctor who was busy in chatting on her smart asked one nurse to check up her on which Christian woman patient protest but doctor started slapping her.

Dr. Saira shouted “You Chorri woman, how you dared to talk with me in such a manner and asked me to touch you and treat you”. The derogatory word “Chorra” is used by Muslims in Punjab to express hate on religion.

When brothers of Kiran Saleem came to rescue her from attack of Dr. Saira then Muslim Doctors, Medical Staff and security guards attacked them and started beating them with medical equipment’s, chairs and iron rods on which Sunil Saleem, Kasif Robin and Raza Guddo became seriously injured.

The Muslim Doctors instead of treating injured Christian visitors for medical assistance of their sister, locked them in one room for two hours where Sunil Saleem died without any medical support.

When dead body of Sunil Saleem was brought to his residence in Khyber Colony in Cantonment area of Lahore, there were cries and fear among Christians and family members.

More than 50 Muslim doctors, Security Guards and medical staff was ruthlessly beating three Christians in Services Hospital but Shadman Police registered FIR of one Security guard that he was attacked by Christians and injured.

The police also registered FIR against medical staff on application of Anil Masih and initiated investigation.