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Refugee Status for Pakistani Christian

Babu Jee

Dear Brohter/sir,

If you remember long time befor I sent you a concern/message about Pakistani Christians condition and you published that message securly and thanks for that one.

Now again the same thing repeating,as you know that day by day our servival is going to more worse over there.we all knows very well that no body will give us separate province in Pakistan, so why we are waisting the time on this way.we should stuggle on the alternate way that is "REFUGUEE STATUS FOR PAKISTANI CHRISTIANS" OR SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD OF THIS STATUS,I mean the Christian countries can limitize the requirements for pakistani christians for immigaration like this,

and what are the updates about that pettition which you have submitted last year for this status?


Christ Bless you.


Babu Jee


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