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Letter To Editor

Reasoned Respectability

Arturo Ramo García.

Dear Editor,

Lately it has come into fashion education without authority in teaching methods and is proving to be a real failure. It was confirmed by the same people who promoted it.

Love, example and words are not enough to educate, but it is necessary to exert the authority and always explain the reasons that lead us to advise and order a certain behavior. Therefore, authority cannot be based on phrases such as: "I am your Father, do as I command" or "when you are older you will understand". This has to be based on the reasoning, demonstration, and respect. Parents and teachers who have to order pupils need to have authority and be respected. Due to it is very difficult educate without respect, educators who do not have the authority will have to learn.

It is well known that fear have never formed the personality of guys. The continuous use of punishment, anger and constant threat produce rebelliousness of children, inhibition of initiatives and weakens the personality.

The mission of educators is to enrich and do not destroy the personality of each child, fostering creativity, opening the intelligence and helping them to be free.

When we have to order something, it is better to use short sentences than long harangues. It is preferable to say: "that jersey", "the dishes", because the guy can say: "what happens with the jersey? Oh, yes! I know hang it on the hanger. Now I clear it". In this way we are giving him the opportunity to exercise his own initiative and intelligence.

Some parents complain that their children do not listen them and the reason is that they speak too much. A boy said: "When my mother is in the second sentence, I have already forgotten the first".

The child needs authority and somehow he requested it but it is hard to admit it. A boy said: "my parents do not want me and do not worry' me because they let me do whatever I want."

Some educators maintain constant concession attitudes by own convenience or fear of losing the appreciation of the guys. This will be very harmful to the students because they will grow up without appropriate conduct patterns and habits to always do what they have to do with own voluntary.

Arturo Ramo García.

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